Weapon level display experiment

Crazy :grin:


Looks neat.
Bu-but where do supports go?

That looks really good. I like how each one is slanted.

TBH FE8 Girls made more sense. They had that all aligned to the left, with supports on the right side.

that was the green patch

The green patch had poor spacing with the border tho.

Slants are cool (I think it’s maybe only for demonstration purposes), having them all in a line down the row would be optimal then you have room for support levels and possibly skill displays?

i think the green patch had the right idea with skill displays, they put them in a horizontal row at the bottom of the stat screen where the BWL numbers were

GP had really clean looking ASM. It all just kinda made sense. You didn’t see something and say “That doesn’t make sense in vanilla FE8”, you generally said “Wow, I wish that had been in vanilla FE8!”

trust me, the jap assembly is not clean if you look at it

Dude Bloodlines has classes that use weapon and magic. Is this doable in fe7?

I’d like to get a similar port to the english FE8 so I can have Seraph Knights with wlvls properly displaying tbh.

Didn’t nintenlord’s broken str/mag patch display all weapon levels on a page (in FE7)? Maybe we can isolate just the part that does that.

Something like this?

i mean displaying all weapon levels in the screen

i think nintenlord has source for that somewhere

edit: I think its this

no idea what to do with that

assemble it

oh so you mean do the thing with the thing right and you’ll get the thing right???


I guess I can try to make a patch for the folks

For English version of FE8:
Routine determining these graphics is located at 8784C, and most of the routine just consists of feeding coordinates and weapon into something else that displays the weapon ranks. There are eight blocks of stuff similar to:

08087868 2001     mov     r0,#0x1
0808786A 2101     mov     r1,#0x1 //x coordinate
0808786C 2203     mov     r2,#0x3 //y coordinate
0808786E 2306     mov     r3,#0x6 //weapon type
08087870 F7FFFF8A bl      #0x8087788