Weapon Icon repository


Yoo these are free to use right? i may use them in The Sacred War


Yeah of course! I just have fun experimenting around and making whatever. You don’t have to give me credit or anything and you can edit them or do whatever you want with them. I also just finished bringing over some 3DS and console title weapons as well, here they are,

Beloved Zofia:
Alm’s Falchion:
Hauteclere Heroes/DS version :
Vague Katti:
Mercurius DS version:
Mercurius Awakening version:
The Binding Blade:

And I’m currently working on Jaffar’s heroes dagger, some other Echoes weapons, and Siegfried. I may do Vidofnir as well and I plan on doing further work on Parthia, Armads, and Vague Katti since I’m not 100% pleased with them yet.


Here, have some more random weapons!

Includes some weapons from FE4, some from FE14, Radiant Dawn swords and knives, Ragnell, Rex tomes, Golden Dagger and Master Sword from LoZ.


I went through and added all the icons in this thread to the Repo, however the link for these FE5 icons is dead. Does anyone have a copy?


This is over a month late but I was sorting through some old stuff and noticed I had the FE5 icons downloaded from a long time ago so here’s a mirror.


I actually made some effort on my part of editing FE9/10 weapons!

They are quite the challenge and they are my first time making an actual weapon icon for the GBA but they were worth it.

(I think I made the closest imitation of the Amiti)
(Yeah I know, GBA doesn’t have pink but the handle and hilt come close)
(Not sure how accurate it looks on shape wise but I did my best)
Tempest Blade:
(Let me tell ya’ll, I did not made it from scratch)
Venin Edge:
(Again the palatte color but the hilt and handle works great)

You’re probably wondering, did I made these from scratch? No.
I legit grabbed the FE10 Weapon Icons and just crop out the weapons I wanted, which is what you can see up there. (A bit difficult to get the size of crop right on these weapons but was worth it.)
Resize them to the GBA’s 16x16 size, insert them, save them and by this guide right here http://feuniverse.us/t/basic-weapon-icon-editing-and-insertion/ for me to use the right tools for FE8’s weapon colors. I picked the colors that somewhat matched and inserted them for the Amiti, Florete, Stiletto and Venin Edge (as best as I see fit from the colors given).
Surprisingly, Tempest Blade actually worked just fine minus the little mess of colors it gave off. All I had to do for it was clean off those unnecessary colors and it just works like a charm, so if you like them use them. Course if anybody here who is skilled are welcome to polish up Amiti and the others.


I divided the image of the icon icon of Weapon Icons (All F2U) of Animation Repository into 16x16 so that it can be imported into FEBuilderGBA.
//Those which are too different in format are not transplanted.
//convert -crop 16x16 foo.png icon_%03d.png