WAve's assorted creative outbursts

Below is all my various arty stuff. Everything is free to use - as the likely-hood that I’ll ever finish a project using these is pretty much zero! Just be sure to give credit, or Santa won’t bring you any presents this year.

I’ll attach links, so the palettes can be inserted via FEBuilder, periodically.

Map Palettes:

Water Temple (FE8-style)

Shrine of Seals (FE8-Style)

Ilian Castle (FE8-Style)

Ice Temple (FE8-Style)

Limestone Tower (FE8-Style) (OLD)

Red Sky Ruins (FE8-Style) (OLD)


Unnamed shore map

Some bandit hideout

A forest town

Devastated castle

A “revamped” FE6 - Chapter 3 (Old)

A “bridgeless” FE6 - Chapter 13 (Old)

Back in the day, I used to go by the name “SuperLuigi” - creative right… I was asked by Arch to create this gem for Elibian Nights. Looking back at it, the map is way too big and doesn’t have very good flow. However, I was proud that I managed to sneak the Durandal Cave entrance from FE7 into the design.
(This map is NOT free to use.)

FE6 Trail map recreation (OLD)


Older, bloodied Rath

Qasim, the thief

FE7/FE8 compatible FE6 Priest

Bloodied Flaer

Gandolf the Green

Elvis the Betrayer

Azel the Small

Ethlin the Unfinished

Midayle with resting bored face

FEBuilder Map Palettes:

Water Temple (FE8)

Shrine of Seals (FE8)

Western Isles (FE8)

Ice Temple (FE8 - No Fog)



I knew your style looked familiar but goddamn it I feel stupid I didn’t figure this out


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I love your work especially cassim cuz I’m an arab i love it but just want to let you now the correct spelling for his name is qasim
I believe it means divider I think

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Hey @Wave made the eight heroes and old hector and lyn too please

the correct spelling for his name is Qasim

Thanks. I must confess, back when I made it, I had no idea.

made the eight heroes and old Hector and Lyn too please

Sadly I didn’t make them, and sadly I probably won’t be making too much additional art either. The odd thing may come out when the mood hits me, however.

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I wish Elvis was the canon name now.

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Just a new free to use/edit map palette. The design is somewhat inspired by Feaw’s Green Castle.

To show the palette in action, I’ve created/edited two example maps. A lazy recolouring of chapter 21 and a revamp of FE6’s Chapter 3.

Example Maps



FEBuilder Insertable



Nice work! I was trying to make a similar teal castle, this will be helpful as I make some tweaks. Thank you!

The return of SuperLuigi! Long time no see, my man. Welcome back!


I challenged myself to recreate and re-imagine FE5’s maps with the GBA game’s stock assets - heavy procrastination can produce some interesting results. Here are the results of the first few chapters:

Chapter 1
FE5 - Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Here are a few more GBAified FE5 maps. It’s a fun challenge trying to translate some the details into the GBA art-style. I’ll post the palette alterations I had to make in a bit. Such as the FE8 style “FE6 village” and the alternative “FE8 temple” palette. Seeing as all the colours are lifted from other official palettes I feel like I’ve managed to stick to my original brief well.

Chapter 8
FE5 - Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Chapter 10
FE5 - Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Chapter 12
FE5 - Chapter 12


More FE5 shenanigans… We’ve got too far into this project, so I think I’ll try and finish all the maps off over the next few weeks. It’ll be nice to have a bank of “ported” maps for modders to use.

First up, here are the palette edits. All I’ve done is transfer pre-existing palettes to different tile-configs. I think that’s a fair compromise on my rules. Hope they’re useful.

Plains Edit
Plains 01 Edit
Temple Edit
Temple 01 Edit

And now for the new chapters. Some of these were surprisingly tricky, I may revisit chapter 14 and chapter 17a again in the future. I’m mostly happy with the results. However, artistically, I think they could be vastly improved.

Chapter 13
FE5 - Chapter 13
Chapter 14
FE5 - Chapter 14
Chapter 15
FE5 - Chapter 15
Chapter 16a

Chapter 16b
FE5 - Chapter 16b
Chapter 17a
FE5 - Chapter 17a


Do you plan on posting the tilesets with the palettes applied? For those who have no interest in inserting anything into gba


Here you go. I assume this is what you’re referring to.

FE8-style FE6 Village

Temple Edit

Plains Edit


A few more pieces in the FE5 puzzle. This exercise really gives you an appreciation of the level design in FE5 and how well they blended set-pieces, story-telling and game-play together.
The maps were all designed to be useable in GBA FE modding. As such, I needed to “trim” a little off the end of chapter 19… 4 tiles is no major loss really though.

Chapter 17b

Chapter 18

Chapter 19


Being stuck inside isn’t the most entertaining situation… But at least I can distract myself for an hour or so making maps/palette and other modding shenanigans.

More FE 5 maps - only four more to go and then on to the side-quests.
Not very impressed with Chapter 20. Once I’ve finished making these, I’m planning on creating a better castle-village tileset. The FE6 one is very restrictive.

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

As a small side project, I’m trying to build a bank of new battle backgrounds and battle platforms for hackers to use. Here’s a small preview of one inspired by Feaw’s “red sunset” plains tileset.
Chapter 4 - Screenshot Test


is it bad i was hoping chapter 20 would be a gif that has the walls broken lol

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A few of the battle backgrounds I’ve been making recently. All are free to use and free to edit.

FF5 - Castle
Castle 01 - Day - Reduced
FF2 - Castle
Castle 02 - Day - Reduced
FEH - Eerie Castle
Castle 03 - Day - Reduced
FF4 - Cave
Cave 01 - Day - Reduced
Foggy Plains
Fields 01 - Day - Reduced
FF5 - Plains
Fields 02 - Day - R**educed
FEH - Plains - Snow
Fields 03 - Snow - Reduced
FEH - Forest Snow
Forest 03 - Snow - Reduced
FEH Inspired - Thicket Snow
Thicket 03 - Snow - Reduced
FEH - Water Snow
Water 03 - Snow - Reduced
FF4 Inspired - Peak
Peak 01 - Day - Reduced
FF2 - Ruins
Ruins 01 - Day - Reduced
FF5 - Ruins
Ruins 02 - Day - Reduced


Those are the most well made backgrounds if have ever seen.

It’s insane with what people can do.

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I’ve now re-created all the main chapters of FE5 using default GBA graphics. I may move onto the side-quests at some point. Small confession - chapter 22 uses a custom FE8-style rainy palette.
I’ll probably look into creating GBA compatible custom tilesets next and then try to spice up a few of the less visually appealing maps in the collection.

Chapter 22
FE5 - Chapter 22
Chapter 23
FE5 - Chapter 23
Chapter 24

Chapter 25