Vision quest units?

I…yeah…I still haven’t played vision quest despite it being here for a long while and I decided to play it so I was gonna ask which units you guy’s personally recommend?

Crowd in unison: Honeydew



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so like usefulness wise or personality wise?

I find Tien from part 2 to be good for a while, also train Sigrid (from part 4) if you like Est type characters, i think she is worth it

ok neat.

Use the units you 1) like and 2) get blessed by the RNG.

Be safe and have fun.


I pretty much just spam mages no matter what game I’m playing. The only non prepromote magic user who wasn’t in my final team was the old man mage from Part 3.

VQ can feel like it takes awhile to get a second offensive spellcaster after Lera, so my playthrough had her carrying the army for all but Part 3.


You’re forgetting about Osane, who promotes into Sage just like Lera and also is just as strong. Also, Dewi who promotes into a Valkyrie but their offensive ability sucks. There’s at least 3 magic users, including Lera in part 1

Tien, Vernon and Malle for part 2

Tien has great magic potential and Vernon is eh. Never have used Malle

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I’m talking about base classes. Osane was good when she promoted but that didn’t happen until Part 2. The second offensive spellcaster you get is Titus in the second half of Part 1. I say Lera carried because she pulled ahead of the pack because being the only mage for so long gives her an edge because she’s effective against more enemies than most and was usually the best against bosses. And she stayed strong the rest of the game.

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Ah, you didn’t state anything about base classes so I didn’t know

Titus is a given since, you’re practically required to use him

Yes, Lera over everything but there’s definitely a good amount of decent spell casters, as you call them

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Vagelis (like many other units) has a medicore start but evolved into a very useful unit for me. I think he can be considered to use. Definitely a good early game archer. Bows in this game are good. You’ll get a prepromote archer later on like usual if you don’t feel the need to use him.

Radoslav was unironically one of the best early promotion options imo. He gets access to Nosferatu and Staves. Both things you really wanna have during his joining time. Recruting can be a bit difficult though.

Duck is a personal favorite of mine but probably not the best option out there. The cavaliers in this games are all pretty balanced and he, being an axe cavalier, becomes a great knight. Regardless a cool character who I enjoyed using.

Honeydew. Use Honeydew.

And lastly the wyvern riders are all petty good. Especially Onderdonk. But be careful of bows. (I experienced their power first hand. The enemy archer have gotten stronger too.)

Edit: Oh and consider bringing a thief.

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Obligatory :LeraWirhGoodRng:


This, I benched lera pretty early because she would not level up any speed. I carried her to level 10 and she had atrocious speed where she was not doubling and getting doubled by most everything.

use stoltzki


Nazar, Duck, and Zoya are all great on hard mode. Cashew is funny. Onisim and Nazar are a great duo. Also Onisim’s funny cause:


ayo it’s pandan! also I will take your advice.

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oh yeah…anout that my lera is has only gotten like 1 stat in each level up,but don’t worry I’m still gonna train her nonetheless.(hope she gets good level ups).

1.oh yeah vagelis is pretty good got many neat level ups im considering to use him


3.will give him a shot.

4.ofc I’m gonna use her lol.(when I get her). mind telling me which is the best option?(for a theif)