Vilk's sprites and animations


149 crit.

Hector has surpassed Rutger in ability to crit.


Is Hector about to do an Armads crit in a Santa suit with a giant Thanksgiving chicken leg?


the hot wing of death is the weapon that will surpass Metal Gear - No doubt about it.


Speaking of Armads


he saves it for people who have been extra naughty.


I am so glad this exists.


Oh boy! I wonder what’s in that present!

You’re doing god’s work vilk. Keep it up! Heh


Extra naughty you say?

I’m ready for my early Christmas present.


I bring you Punchelgard.


Because this might actually become a thing in FE16. Which clearly means that I have to do it first.


Shouldn’t that techniically be fist+foot? :wink:



It is all fists.


Of course! The true secret of the empire is their monkey feet…

Oh yeah, also very smooth and epic as usual.


ya know, thinking about it i really hope its possible in three houses to get armour knights to punch people to death. then the true spirit of hector can live on.


you have to do a mounted unit with the punch weapon. that’s something you can do first too XD


Great and I have an idea my if she got back after the last hit to the axe and slashed her in half with a spin like a Warrior will look great just saying…


no i will not horses are gross

Maybe after she promotes.


Roy’s hair is red
Ninian’s is blue


Omae wa mou shindeiru.


Tfw that pretty dancing sash is actually a two-ton weight. I mean, if it worked for Goku…


A true work of art :ok_hand:


My reaction is basically the bandit, when I saw it.


This is why Ninian is the best waifu