Velvet's (Spritey) Kritter Kompendium



Nothing too huge, but y’know, I never make sense when I get bored.
Poppy’s jacket is now more like a parka. I just had the urge to add fur lining to the hood for some reason.

…What else can I just randomly toss to make this less empty, uhhh…
I haven’t tossed up fox grandma yet, so that’s something! fear the fluffy ears!

Aaand uhhhhh… Ah!
Tiny robot. Juni is adorable. …I haven’t actually clarified technology in my world too much have I? It’s near around where Xenoblade’s technology is, although, a particular difference is that the technology of the world had always been more focused more on innovation itself, medicines, prosthetics-- things that help people and all that, only more recently have they begun to explore different avenues for… spoiler reasons (that i’ll probably forget, hah), which is kind of why things like Iron/Steel/Silver weaponry exist alongside firearms, a rather new technology that only the ‘super technical’ nation really has as of yet.

…I dunno it’s probably bloody weird to spout this here instead of in the romhack thread where it matters, but again, I don’t do things that are logical.

What else… People like maids, right?
Fox maid. She says really stupid things that seem to make people think, maybe she’s secretly a genius?


May i know how is she a grandma looks in her 30s to me ngl


Grandmas can still look hot


A combination of her race aging like Saiyans, that is, they’re ‘fighting fit’ for longer as well as racial longevity.

Aaaaand creepy Eldritch creature. I adore cute things, but I also love the heck out of eldritch and creepy things. Yes, that is a third eye on her clavicle. This is a chapter boss. …Yep. One map. (Might change at some point but I don’t know). That’s it for now, laaaaaaaaazy.


Just popping in to say I’m astounded by the amazing work.
Was just looking around for some good ears/horns, and well, looks like I hit the jackpot.
Fantastic art, thanks for sharing it with us, can’t wait to see more.


Feel free to yoink parts of their sprites if you’d like to. Danke!


Soooo… it’s been a few months since I said I was going to toss portraits up ready for game use, and, uh… the fellows at the repo seem to be ignoring portraits, so I guess I’m tossing them here.

Two sets, one is the ‘PME’ set, which… well they’re just more standard for what people do, they’ll have blink frames and/or mini-mugs, depending on laziness. I’m not actually using them though, so I don’t really do them for everyone. The other set is just how I use them, no blink frames, and a little framed thingy for the minimug bit. People seem to hate it, but I rather like seeing the character’s face more than a minimug that it takes a second to recognise, but that might just be my eyes sucking.

AjaxPMEHypasiaPME (VelvetKitsune)IantoPME (VelvetKitsune)JaredPME (VelvetKitsune)JingyiPME (VelvetKitsune)LennaPME (VelvetKitsune)LindseyPME (VelvetKitsune)MaisonPME (VelvetKitsune)RenaPME (VelvetKitsune)RichardPME (VelvetKitsune)

Aiyana (VelvetKitsune)Ajax (VelvetKitsune)Chris (VelvetKitsune)Hypasia (VelvetKitsune)Ianto (VelvetKitsune)Jared (VelvetKitsune)JingyiLenna (VelvetKitsune)Lindsey (VelvetKitsune)Maison (VelvetKitsune)
Rena (VelvetKitsune)Richard (VelvetKitsune)Tafel (VelvetKitsune)Thorgas (VelvetKitsune)Valentina (VelvetKitsune)

No idea when I’ll do the next ones up, many distractions…


Yeah, it’s a bit weird some of the guys of the repo didn’t upload any new portraits there since months ago, especially since they still upload other things like battle animations, item icons, battle backgrounds, etc. It does look like they’re ignoring portraits lol.

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We have diff handlers for different part of the repo, so animations, portraits etc are uploaded by diff people


That would make a lot of sense, danke!


Most guys who manage repo are volunteering for it and are not obligated to do it so there may be delay or no one to do it all together. Its separated into 4 group i think animation music map and QoL


Slight unlazying.

Aria the Chaos Vocalist-- basically a Dancer, just + a wee bit of singing, sorta like Azura, I guess. Although her class uses Dark and can punch people in the face. Generally has the time of her life when dancing. And she’s pretty tall. I guess being half of a ‘demon’ does that.

Tol-Ren’jou, part of that race of battle maniacs, unscarred and scarred variants. No, you probably can’t ‘fix her’

Aaand older stuff I can dig up for today, uhhhh…
Leviathan, and, uh… Fred. …Yep. Very standard name, just Fred.

too lazy to write up more stuff for the two right now. Anyways. Back to obsessively working on my romhack, I guess? Don’t forget to potato, because potatoes are weird! Something like that I dunno.


Yaaay more stuff. Many done and… (hopefully properly) tested aaaand… still hundreds more to go. Great fun. And that’s just including the sprites of characters that already exist, who can say for those I still need to sprite up like Hathor or Grimhildr for PMEs. oof. Two sets as usual, the ones I’m using, the ones for PMEs or just old stuff I don’t use anymore. Few variants~

Akiyama (VelvetKitsune)AkiyamaAngry (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFae (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaeHelmetless (VelvetKitsune)Amarant (VelvetKitsune)Andriel (VelvetKitsune)Chase (VelvetKitsune)Kanoralyn (VelvetKitsune)Kiyiya (VelvetKitsune)KiyiyaSleeping (VelvetKitsune)Leighton (VelvetKitsune)Shizuka (VelvetKitsune)Shurei (VelvetKitsune)Yue (VelvetKitsune)

Second set~
AkiyamaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaeHelmetlessPME (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaePMEAmarantPME (VelvetKitsune)AndrielPME (VelvetKitsune)ChasePME (VelvetKitsune)ChaseV1PME (VelvetKitsune)KanoralynPME (VelvetKitsune)KeithV1PME (VelvetKitsune)KiyiyaPME (VelvetKitsune)LeightonPME (VelvetKitsune)MimiV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ShizukaPME (VelvetKitsune)ShizukaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ShureiPME (VelvetKitsune)YuePME (VelvetKitsune)YueV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ZetaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)


Why must you make good kitsunes and Neko (I think I got it right) Not that I’m complaining about it of course.


Obsession probably fits most here. I dunno if I’m good, but I do know that I’m obsessed!


Uhhhh… more ‘stuff’ time? Distractions, yay.
As with the last few times, a separation between the ‘proper’ frames (A varying amount of it at any rate), and…
AlicePME (VelvetKitsune)AmaterasuPME (VelvetKitsune)AmayaPME (VelvetKitsune)AmayaPMEExcited (VelvetKitsune)EvaPMEFeardorchaPMELillianV1PME (VelvetKitsune)LillithV1PME (VelvetKitsune)NaoisPME (VelvetKitsune)NeassaPME (VelvetKitsune)RozaliyaPMESybilPME (VelvetKitsune)XystV1PME (VelvetKitsune)

goodness they’re hideous!
…How I use them.
Amaterasu (VelvetKitsune)Amaya (VelvetKitsune)AmayaDisgusted (VelvetKitsune)AmayaExcited (VelvetKitsune)AshStaff (VelvetKitsune)AshV1 (VelvetKitsune)Feardorcha (VelvetKitsune)Lillian (VelvetKitsune)Lillith (VelvetKitsune)Naois (VelvetKitsune)Naois (VelvetKitsune)Neassa (VelvetKitsune)Nephtys (VelvetKitsune)NephtysYounger (VelvetKitsune)Rozaliya (VelvetKitsune)Sybil (VelvetKitsune)

Portrait variants are so fun when I bother doing them. Who knew the goth one was secretly so expressive! Is that a-- yes that’s a portrait entirely for a staff move along.


Neassa looking good
With this i got my respected badge thanks all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: tho i lost my regular as i was having diff in studies so