Velvet's (Spritey) Kritter Kompendium

…Any relation to DKC Kritters is totally unintentional! Probably. See I named it that because of the ‘K’ in the name. And Critter because yes, I’m obsessed with fluffy things.

Anyways, may as well do something like this here if I’m going to be scribbling stuff abysmally! Now you all get to suffer at my ineptitude too!

Things are all likely free to use as you will if they’re here (That includes edits and whatever else my brain can’t think of)

'PME' GBA Arranged Portraits

AkiyamaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaeHelmetlessPME (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaePMEAmarantPME (VelvetKitsune)AndrielPME (VelvetKitsune)ChasePME (VelvetKitsune)ChaseV1PME (VelvetKitsune)KanoralynPME (VelvetKitsune)KeithV1PME (VelvetKitsune)KiyiyaPME (VelvetKitsune)LeightonPME (VelvetKitsune)MimiV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ShizukaPME (VelvetKitsune)ShizukaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ShureiPME (VelvetKitsune)YuePME (VelvetKitsune)YueV1PME (VelvetKitsune)ZetaV1PME (VelvetKitsune)AjaxPMEHypasiaPME (VelvetKitsune)IantoPME (VelvetKitsune)JaredPME (VelvetKitsune)JingyiPME (VelvetKitsune)LennaPME (VelvetKitsune)LindseyPME (VelvetKitsune)MaisonPME (VelvetKitsune)RenaPME (VelvetKitsune)RichardPME (VelvetKitsune)

'Original' GBA Arranged Portraits

Akiyama (VelvetKitsune)AkiyamaAngry (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFae (VelvetKitsune)AlinaFaeHelmetless (VelvetKitsune)Amarant (VelvetKitsune)Andriel (VelvetKitsune)Chase (VelvetKitsune)Kanoralyn (VelvetKitsune)Kiyiya (VelvetKitsune)KiyiyaSleeping (VelvetKitsune)Leighton (VelvetKitsune)Shizuka (VelvetKitsune)Shurei (VelvetKitsune)Yue (VelvetKitsune)Aiyana (VelvetKitsune)Ajax (VelvetKitsune)Chris (VelvetKitsune)Hypasia (VelvetKitsune)Ianto (VelvetKitsune)Jared (VelvetKitsune)JingyiLenna (VelvetKitsune)Lindsey (VelvetKitsune)Maison (VelvetKitsune)Rena (VelvetKitsune)Richard (VelvetKitsune)Tafel (VelvetKitsune)Thorgas (VelvetKitsune)Valentina (VelvetKitsune)

Newer Portraits


Older Portraits

BeowulfSpriteEirwenSpriteJieLinAutumnSpritesYamiSpriteShureiAkiyamaLillianLennaYurenaShizukaSeongMinLithSpriteHuotouSpriteSnarlmaneLucisHarldonLyreNottSpriteYanbingXieSpriteFE Nue MugsAzukiiroJuniEtzaLeviathanFredSprite

AI-Flavoured Portraits

Starting up I’m just going to toss the resprited AI things since they’re the most recent. I was curious and wanted to see how it’d go to use AI as a ‘base’ portrait to resprite using that as a design. You’re free to do what you will with these things.
VelvetKitsune - EloiseVelvetKitsune - RowenaVelvetKitsune - Sionnach



FE Saoirse Bersagliere Spritesheet

Random Battle Sprite stuff

Aaand a Wolf Knight battle sprite. My absolute favourite new class of Engage. 100%.
Right now the person is basically ranger, will maybe edit that later and hopefully maybe will possibly potentially sheet/animate it. Perhaps.
Wolf Knight animation like Lyn attack? Slash straight through? Critical is a spinning buzzsaw into the enemy, followed by landing and slashing through again? I dunno, just a quick thought to drop here so I don’t forget.

I absolutely suck at battle sprites, but maybe having this here will get me to try to learn to do better.

And it’s a bit late, so I’ll probably try to expand on this with more stuff tomorrow.

Edit: I’ve decided I shall be lazy and only add what is new from here on, except for this… beautiful tragedy I managed to dig up. It’s from… Radiant Dawn-ish release time?
Excuse me while I go and die from embarrassment right over there. Enjoy.


I think I’ve about settled on a look for the Wolf Knight. Before I go ahead and attempt sheet it are there any suggestions? Perhaps any interest in adding a bow or something? I dunno.
The dagger animation there depends on my level of laziness, it’ll either be its own animation, or just an alternate sword ranged attack instead of a magic sword.

For basic palette overview, the hair and wolf fur are separate from everything, the skin colour is shared with the leather gloves/boots/belt and weapon handles/shafts, the sharp part of weapons is shared with the wolf fangs/claws, fur collar thing and trousers, and the blue tunic is only really shared with wolf eye colour.

Tad tempted to add the fluffy tail but I might keep that a separate version or something I dunno. Anyways, hopefully everyone’s doing well enough!


Not sure how long it’d take, but I’d be down to make the dagger anims. I’m no nura but I am that dagger dude on discord so… lmao

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that Ashnard battle still is pretty badass though, any other wyvern rider/lord would be outmatched in terms of posture and imposing presence.

if you managed to edit that stuff on your own, be proud of it.
while it might eventually require some polish on the blade’s tip, the sprite overall came out pretty good and makes up for a nice concept artwork :+1:


never!! Ranged attacks are the only ones I can be lazy on!!.. …Just kidding, hehehe. If you’d like to go ahead.

Oh! Uhm, as noted that whole bit is old, really old. 2009 old. I just thought it’d be fun, and also to show that everyone starts somewhere, that sort of thing!

Ah, right, for some reason I also did a uh… Fox Knight up quickly.
No reason other than me just being … me. If this does happen it’ll be a reskinned animation and not a totally new thing.


Some sort of update. I s’pose anyways!
The Wolf… …is done! What happened to the Knight? The wolf ate her, duh.
May as well up it separately since I was doing this for the Wolf Knight anyways, hehehe. Might script later but I dunno. As usual do as you want if you’d like to, having a variant of the Mauthe Doog that looks like a normal critter and not a monster might still be nice.

If anyone wants to play around with animating certain parts or even just posing or something, a bit of a random sheet of ‘stuff’ I’m going to be using when I unlazy next.

I might get distracted and sprite up portraits of these two so people who don’t have their own portraits could still have something to use as maybe a placeholder or something. Who knows!


Give that wolf a transformation animation, and boom, beast unit for your beast unit needs.


Well here are the two. Since I’m still fascinated with AI stuff that’s what these two are made from again-- i’ll probably get bored of that soon enough. Anyways!
Fox Knight and Wolf Knight! The names I gave 'em are Sionnach and Rowena respectively, but whenever I do them up for insertion just do what you want with them, that’ll probably happen when (if?) the animations are done up.

And for the 'originals'


help i can’t stop spriting cute foxgirls.

Technically another AI generation, but this time I used it more as a ‘suggestion’ than just respriting it as is

…Maybe I should do something unique for once. That’s it I just need to sprite up cute foxboys next!


Already tossed these at the mugging blitz, but to reiterate, you’re free to do with these three as you will.
VelvetKitsune - EloiseVelvetKitsune - RowenaVelvetKitsune - Sionnach


Wolf Laguz ver 1



Ooh, fantastic!
at times like this i wish i was actually patient enough to try battle sprites from scratch.

…you’re not the only one who can steal others’ spritesheets for alternative takes! …wait.
Hehehe, Just thought it’d be really cool to have a lance variant of RedBean’s really awesome Fir Swordmaster.

…if uhm… if it wasn’t clear, I’m not actually taking credit for the base sprite, this is just to expand on options. Grounded sword/lance users are rare as heck! Still need to figure out what to do with the ranged version. How can I make it look cool with the least effort possible…


More distractions? More distractions.
…I think I’m going to spoiler this one, I dunno if it’s ‘too naughty’ or something, sorry i’m not someone bothered by skin so i dunno ;_;
if it makes you less uncomfortable just pretend she’s a doll or something?

Slightly revealing halfbody ahead?

You know the drill-- AI is still fascinating to me. I’m not sure how this happened, but I thought the design looked really really cool. I think this is the first time I’ve done wings…?

Along with that an update to the puppy, I seem to have been missing a few sprites.


Brain says update and I comply. There have been other puppy-flavoured updates recently and I will follow the trend.
…Uhhh… Been doing mostly ranged things for the Wolf Knight. If I can make things look decent or neat with the least effort possible it will be done! …would be nice if i could effort more.

Along with that a portrait for a particular purpose, will maybe update. Or I’ll forget before properly tossing it at people that’s possible too.


For the battle sprite mounted things I always found were hard because theres always subtle movements that mount makes to make them self look alive, even if they themselves don’t do much in the actual attack. Otherwise I think the attacks of the rider look fine so far.

I don’t know if you’re done with the portrait, but the eyes are spaced out a bit strange. They’re looking outwards like (<__>). Also for the angle of the head the mismatch of eye height also looks a little off. If you move the left (our POV) eye up one pixel and the right eye down one pixel and then the pupil and iris of the the right eye left one pixel, it would look cleaner. Heres a quick edit and diagram to kind of show what I mean.
and the edit:

Also the lack of a dark shade (either border or similar) makes their clothes kind of mesh together as well as into their hair.


good point, might wanna have the wolf lower their body a bit or borrow some of the early attacking frames


but i’m just following the laziness of a bunch of ranged animations not having much movement (Like Cavaliers) so if anything it’s IS’ fault. …Hehehe, I might roll back through it to pretty it up a bit, just want to get a general movement up for it before I forget. Thank you!

Generally doing a portrait I leave it for a bit then continue playing with it another day to see if anything is changed or fixed… But most of the time not since I am also a derp. Still! I always seem to make such silly mistakes and don’t notice it. Hopefully I’ll get around to fixing it up a bit!

…My, that’s another silly mistake. Danke again!

Update…ish? Now the ranged attacks have something for all of them. …can i just be lazy and leave the Wolf Knight as ranged only and say it’s done.

I do indeed like things that are spinny. Spinnyspinnyspinny.


Erm… +1 puppy update? There are now melee animations. yaaaay.
Sword is scripted, I’m not yet sure if I’ll make the knight do more weapon spinnies for critical, but progress is nice. Annoyingly my brain’s at the point of ‘finish it soon or you’ll get bored and drop it’, so that ‘Fox Knight’ thing may not be happening-- at least not for a billion years anyway.

I’ll be putting up the entire (current?) spritesheet up in the first post in a bit unless I get distracted immediately.


I think some of the motion could flow better, in the normal attack for example the trajectory of the arm doesn’t make it look like they’re really slashing downwards but more like a half hearted quick wack up and down. The crit spin motion also doesn’t seem to flow well into the slash, since if they’re spinning then the slash should be downwards maybe it also has to do with the spin frames being very short and low to the ground. It looks more like they go into ball mode and then exit ball mode and enter normal attack. you could probably have the rider raise the sword and their arm up while the wolf is charging the attack to have the motion flow more naturally and might wanna have more non blur frames in there. Though i understand most of this is still WIP


Aye, absolutely! Hopefully I can make them looks quite prettier and a whole lot more proper for a version …2? 1.5? whenever I can get back to them mentally.

So while I’m here, while digging around at old files as I do, I found these… beautiful creatures.
Someone… please help. Put them out of their misery.
I’m sure they’re from the same year as the previous set of tragedies seeing as Radiant Dawn was just released and everyone else was spriting things from it.

I’m going to go and be sick right over there.
If anyone wants me dig up other old monstrosities and see me suffer emotionally I’ll see what else I can dig up. i haven’t improved all that much in 14 years huh.