Valkyrie Profile X Fire Emblem

Is it possible to make Valkyrie Lenneth, Hrist, and Silmeria sprites, portraits, and battle animations?

I don’t think that anyone has attempted to make a Valkyrie profile game using FE6, FE7, or FE8 as engine. I think that FE8 as the engine fits since FE8 has creatures, monsters, and dragons. Valkyrie profile games has all sorts of monsters so it fits.

If you consider Valkyrie profile characters, you’ll see that their classes are easily translatable to FE classes. For instance, Arngrim = mercenary, Jelanda = mage, Jun myrmidon, Lawfer = soldier, Lezard Valeth = shaman, Llewelyn = archer, Lucian = cavalier or knight, etcetera… You get the idea.

Is there a Valkyrie Profile fan in here that could make this concept into a project?

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So I can see that a Valkyrie can use a sword as well as a spear. But are there anyother weapon that she can use? An axe, a bow or any knid of magic?

The Valkyrie primarily use swords or bows. Nibelung Valesti is a super move that uses lances but, they only use lances for that attack

You could just make Lenneth a sword/bow unit, and have Nibelung Valesti as her crit animation.

Of course it’s possible. The real question is ‘how much work will it be’. If you want fully custom animations for all of them, the answer is ‘a large amount’. If you really want Valkyrie Emblem to be a thing, you’ll have to either:
A. Learn to sprite and get working.
B. Start making the hack with placeholder mugs/animations. Use whatever has the biggest sword in the repo for Arngrim, make Lenneth a Lyn Bladelord, (etc), then change the palettes to match. Make something impressive and well done enough and maybe people will want to contribute, who knows?
C. Some of both.

Silmeria can use bows, Lenneth uses swords, and Hrist uses polearms and halberds (which could be either considered lances or axes).

Thanks for all your comments and feedback.

Another fact to note is that Valkyrie profile Lenneth is broken down into periods which can translate into FE style chapters.

Yes it’s possible, but if you really want it to move forward from an idea into a full project, the best candidate to put the effort in is yourself. Good luck and give it a try!

Cool project indeed, however I lack the expertise of creating sprites/animations and maps.

I just know how to do certain things in FE builder.
in fact I created a re-imagined FE6 hack that you should consider playing sometime.
I created it with FE fans in mind.

Here’s the link to my FE6 hack

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

You’re pretty capable then?

If you follow what Zeta said on B, (if you use placeholders and make a promising demo, show what the story and gameplay would be) I might be down to sprucing things up and providing some portraits.

Cool, I recommend this website for cropping images, creating gifs, splitting gifs into individual frames, etc.

Here’s Valkyrie Profile’s full OST

P.S. In each period Lenneth recruits another einherjar. Therefore in an FE version of Valkyrie Profile she can recruit 1 or a few einherjars each chapter.

Here’s a direct link to my FE6 hack here in FE Universe:


Attacks seem translatable to Fire Emblem standards.