Unlikely Heroes, blessed units, and dynamic stories from your FE runs

Sup guys, Donlot here. Over the course of my many Ironman runs i had lots of unlikely Heroes, and stories that happened through gameplay. I just wanted to share them here and see what everyone else has to tell.


FE11 Macellan

This happened during my Shadow Dragon H5 No Wolfgar, Xane, Warpskip, Ballista Ironman up on Youtube. Note this has spoilers for the lets play should you want to watch it. Dolph is a really underappreciated Unit if you reclass him, unfortunately he ended up dying pretty early to the Pegasi Reinforcements in Gra. I distinctly remember me and my co commentator going “Macellan is like dolph but just worse, he really sucks”. Well Dolph was dead now, and my unit count was going down at an alarming rate so i decided to give Mac a try. Turning him into a hunter and getting him a few Levels as with a forged Iron Bow called Shotgun.
He quickly became an asset in my team, and eventually promoted and reclassed into a Warrior, and then got the nickname “Shogun Mac” because my friend misread the Shotgun’s name.

Shortly after he died to a brave sword due to his not so big bulk.
However it would appear this was not the end for Macellan. I was quickly approaching the finale, and was worried about not being able to beat Medeus, and wanted to get as many people as possible who had a chance against him.
Who had lots of speed, strength, and could get lots of HP levels? You guessed it, Shogun Mac. One Aumstaff later, and Macellan was back, and determined to help Marth defeat the Dark Dragon at all cost, for the sake of all that died, and those that are still alive. This was now his one goal in Life.

Incase you aren’t aware, there are a LOT of Manakete reinforcements in Chapter 24, and its not that easy if not warpskipped.

While Ogma held back half of the entire enemy forces, everybody else kept the eastern reinforcements at bay, and thus Macellan’s training montage begun, from level 1 to level 10, what must’ve been a hundred dead dragons behind him.
Finally, Marth’s forces arrived at the Medeus’ hideout

But not all went according to plan. A few bad moves and slowly but surely almost everybody was wiped out. The only Squad still remaining was the southern one, which included Vyland, Marth, Merric, Horseman Macellan, and Nagi.
I was seriously considering that i could lose the Ironman here, and thought about how to beat it as much as possible. We eventually came to the conclusion that Vyland who took almost no damage from the Mage Dragon, was able to tank for long enough so that the Mage Stone broke, which gave Macellan the ability to slowly kill everyone behind the Manakete. Finally the group advanced toward Medeus. Marth would be ORKO’d, Nagi would die but do lots of Damage, Vyland was unable to do much damage, and would get doubled as a Paladin, Merric only had Vulneraries to Heal Himself. Horseman Macellan was the only one able to Defeat the Dark Dragon, but i was running out of staves and Parthia uses. Nagi sacrificed herself to deal a lot of damage, and then Macellan dealt the final blow with Parthia. His goal fulfilled. He was now known as Ghenghis Mac. Proving not only to me, my friends, the enemies, and death himself, that he was not to be messed with.

My personal head cannon is that he founded a Military Organisation tasked with finding and eliminating all of Gharnef’s disciples, and allies of Medeus, with an unwavering spirit.

These were his end stats
mac end

Me and @Bwan ended up making a proper GBA portrait for Ghenghis Mac, which i added to the Repo


FE11 Curate Vyland

In the same run i had another Hero, probably even more unlikely. Abel and Cain died pretty early on, and i kinda wanted to give Vyland and Roshea a try, after all just using Hardin would be boring.
vy cav

Well Vyland’s biggest issue early on is his 6 base speed as a Cav, which is 1 point short of not getting doubled by most enemies. What’s an easy way to level up a unit in FE11? Well, making them a curate of course!
Vy curate
Atleast it should work for getting him a speed level or two right? Otherwise his other stats may suffer.
He did get those levels, and C staves pretty quickly, Wrys was dead, Wendell a Sniperpope, and Lena alive. All until i reached the bridge at the end of Caesar and Radd’s joining chapter.
Well, as it turns out Luck really is the best stat, and since Wendell didn’t have any of it, he was crit to death, with Lena standing behind him.
Thumbnailno title
Suddenly i was out of staff users. Anybody else would have E or D rank if reclassed, and i really wanted physic for the next few chapters. So Vyland was stuck with healer duty.

This is how he looked at the end
And these should be his averages
As you may be able to tell he was insanely RES blessed, in a game where nobody has res. Sure his STR, SKL, DEF, and HP kinda sucked, but he would double everything and barely take magic damage after promo.
And promo he did, using either my first or second Master Seal.
Thumbnail no title
He legitimately carried my run from mid to lategame. he eventually got some STR levels and a few Energy drops to patch up his damage output. Then went on to face both Gharnef
Thumbnail no title
and Camus
Thumbnail no Title
with little to no difficulty
These were his end stats.
vy end


FE9 Brom

This is more of a “Hey, this guy isn’t actually that bad” than a proper story like the other two, probably due to the nature of recording the FE11 playthrough.
brom por
I really like Brom and find him to be pretty relateable in some areas. So i wanted to give him a try. I attempted to beat PoR Maniac mode Ironman 3 times so far, with varying degrees of success, but always with Brom. First two times Gatrie was stat screwed, and Brom better by the time Gatrie returned. The third time i just didn’t manage to get Astrid, and by that extent, Gatrie. Jill died in all runs, Marcia was either dead or stat screwed to hell, so i was getting a bit worried about clash, and the other lategame chapters.
Don’t have any pics of the first Brom.

Second Brom

Nothing really ever came close to killing him, or so i thought

A Story told in 3 Pictures. This truly was a run ender, i didn’t even end up getting to clash, eveything fell apart after Brom died.
Now comes the Brom the Third, without a Knight ward.

Brom clash
And with a Draco shield and Angelic robe given to him as he was a bit DEF screwed and i wanted him to cap DEF and HP for transfers. This man, with the help of a few Physic uses, took on half the enemies in Clash, while the Earth Affinity Brigade took on the other half. He even would’ve survived a hit from the Burger King, who did 21x2 damage to him.
He Had provoke and Adept on him, which really helped him do his job of tanking and obliterating enemies.

Enter the Brom in the end he had provoke and adept on him, and i would’ve given him Resolve too, if it wasn’t for the fact that i forgot to bring restore staves, which led to half my team being slept, and Brom being killed by siege tomes. effectively killing my run. It might’ve not been a Physical game over, but it sure was a mental one.

After my experiences with Brom, he has been dubbed the RNG God of Tellius, treat him well, and you shall be rewarded with good levels, and hit/dodge rolls. Treat him badly and so will your run be.

I have a few other units, aswell as their stories, to tell you about, but i have written so much already. Will probably add onto it as time goes on. Let me know what stories you guys have!


One of my best stories was that of my first FE6 LTC Draft and first draft ever. I drafted Wolt as a meme pick and was thinking he wouldn’t do much. However I was not used to playing at such a fast speed and so I didn’t play super optimally. This however let Wolt become a god in an LTC team where I somehow got Percival and Miledy. Wolt ended up capping str and speed with absurdly blessed level ups. He was my best unit vs Zephial and also killed Idun. Ever since then, Wolt has been my favorite unit in the entire series and I use him every FE6 playthrough and draft him every time I can.


I like Micaiah and always try to use her but the last time i played FE10 hard i was able to get her Completely capped except for strength using bonus xp. The reason is she got really lucky with skill growths and would get one nearly every level, and she had above average spd too.

The highlight was having it where she was able to solo Levails side of Rebirth 2 by standing on a cover tile and using nosferatu.


I remember in a SOYO LTC I got the majesty that was Sniper!Vyland. He was actually somewhat important in some clears.


The last time I played FE7, I had a strength screwed Hector and a strength blessed Lyn, to the point that Lyn had more strength than Hector for most of the game. There were several times when Hector was cowering behind Lyn acting as a support bot while she rampaged.

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I iron maned Sacred Stones once and Garcia was really good. Promoting him to hero made him really strong and he got enough speed to double some enemies while never getting doubled.
Playing Thracia recently, Leif got con blessed to the point of barely losing speed when using the Light Brand. With some good speed thanks to both the RNG and later the Ced Scroll, he was doubling lots of enemies and being really useful in the Manster Arc. Haven’t finished this run yet but I think he’s going to be at least decent in the late game (I never finished Thracia before).

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I had a similar situation, but with a bonus in speed and skill that made her a literal sword minigun, by midgame she was able to double everything

The crazy thing about Garcia is, you can actually get 5x5 fire support if you support Ross and Neimi with him. Just to put that into perspective, that’s +5 damage +25 hit, +25 avoid, +25 crit for Garcia. Coupled with the fact that he’s really not that bad it can make him insanely strong in theory.


So supports plus Hero’s high skill cap (although Warrior got pretty high skill too) and his good skill growth can make Garcia a killing machine.

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I had a strength blessed shanna before reached 20 str when entering ilia and that was the most fun playthrough I’ve ever had.

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