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Hello. Umm… I’ll post my music stuff here. Mostly stuff from other games, but also original compositions if I can come up with them.

These all use Alusq’s custom sample patch, but the .s files I upload have been modified to work with the base game’s samples too.

Music Box (F2U/F2E)

Saturos Battle Theme - Golden Sun

.s file
A track so good, they used it twice. I ripped the MIDI from the first game.

Land of Frozen Forest - Albert Odyssey 2

.s file
I heard this in a Final Fantasy 6 romhack once and loved it. Probably a good song for an ice level.

More to come! Probably. I hope I don’t forget about this topic.

If anyone knows how to properly rip MP3 music from sappy… please tell me?


You can use a program like Audacity and change the input to system audio then hit record? (You will need the LAME MP3 plugin if you want to export to MP3 though, I think)

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Tearing Shadows - FE12

I was waiting outside in a bus stop during a rainy day a few weeks ago. The bus stop had a huge glass pane that was bigger than I am ( an important detail I promise ). There was also a large puddle in front of the window pane. Anyways I decided to hide in the bus stop because of the rain, and this huge 12 wheeler came by and splashed the whole pane with water. Good god that scared me. Fortunately since I was behind the pane I wasn’t splashed ( though my jeans did get a little wet ) :slight_smile:

No download link yet because it’s unfinished. Sorry.


Yo, it’s been six years. Any sign of that download link?

I’m going to be honest… I was super busy these last few weeks and forgot about this thread. But I’m free now, so I’ll probably finish this soon

Oh it’s only been a few weeks XD I thought Mar 16 meant it was from 2016. Still, looking forward to some Tearing Shadows.

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Whoa that is amazing, sounds different from the original but in a good way.

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Not dead. Sorry for not updating. I was going to do so today, but my internet has been acting up because of all the smoke. But maybe I’ll do something later. I hope.

Tearing Shadows .s file

This was REALLY difficult. I’m tired. Have a good night everyone.