Unit list in hacks

I’ve tried many hacks (I’ve gotten past the third chapter on almost none of them), and one constant around the new ones is how they leave the Unit menu (that is, the unit list that you can bring up in the map menu) completely unchanged. In hacks with a Str/Mag split, every stat is moved one column to the right, but when sorting units by stats, the stat used is the one that was on that column originally: so clicking on Mag sorts units by Skill, Def sorts by Res, and so on. Also, I don’t see anyone incorporating the Talk indicator into the Unit menu. This was a godsend in FE4 when you wanted to just look through the army and see who had conversations with who, so I’d like to see it be a part of the new hacks.

Thing is, since nobody does it, I imagine that it’s mostly uncharted ground in terms of hacking tools, and since I don’t hack myself I can’t imagine what kind of problems it might introduce.

i dunno how to start a conversation but could we talk about this? xD

I don’t know about editing the stat sorter, but I’m sure someone could do it if they haven’t already. But the Talk indicator already exists on the status screen AND shows up as a bubble on the field. It’s not as good as the list in FE4, but that’s because GBAFE has one for Supports instead. You could probably retool it to show conversations for the current map instead, but I don’t think there’s much demand for it when there’s already other remedies as shown below.

Speech Bubble

I think @Sme fixed this in SkillSys master on github in the past year. I don’t think the febuilder patch would necessarily have merged this fix in yet.
I don’t recall a talk indicator being added to the unit list. But like most people, I give that menu very little thought. Personally, I mostly only use it to check which unit(s) are the lowest level so I can balance that out if desired when playing.

The mag sort thing was fixed a while ago ye. Unit list is a neat menu but 90%+ of people (myself included) never use it during actual gameplay so it tends to get neglected. Adding Talk as an entry would first require finding somewhere to put it within the menu (adding Mag requires removing another item there in vanilla to make room), and then just a matter of handling the getter for what to draw & the sort function, which could largely be copied from the support stuff

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