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So these are mugs that I spliced up within the past 3 days

here’s my first splice - Prisinna
from Tana, La’ Rachel and Syrene(?)

here’s my second splice - name is pending
from beta kyle, and Carlyle(?)

have a cursed jhonny test version
keryu cursed

and for this last one, i tried my best to make josuke from jojo part 4
I did my best alright

this was the first time i tried splicing mugs and it was really fun!



After 1 year I made more mugs lol

Batch 1

Insertable versions:

sally mug

Odette mug

nikki new mug

hatsune miku mug

My favorite of the bunch is Odette!



some people have natural talent and some people natural mastery, this is such a good portrait, especially for a first!



Thank You!


Here is Batch 2!

Insertable Versions:

Starting now, I’ll be adding some character tidbits for these


Leena - she’s a one of my favorites from this batch because I made her with the “bangs splicing” i did


Rimuru’s Slime Form from the anime “That time I got reincarnated as a slime”. This is my very first mug that isn’t a splice and is made from scratch. I say it looks pretty alright knowing that I suck at making mugs from scratch.

issei kai

Issei - his full name is “Issei Kai” cuz when I was was making him I wanted him to look like a generic Isekai protagonist

gen eric mug v2

General Eric - Gen. Eric for short, as in generic because he’s a generic soldier fighting for his family

Mieru mug

Mieru - if she looks familliar that’s because she’s inspired by resident lyn simp’s OC (@/orimuru on twitter). I wanted to make a mug with two hair colors and here is the result.



This portrait is amazing, especially for one of your firsts. Some newbie spriters never reach this level, let alone this quickly. Great work!



Thank you! :bowing_man::bowing_man:

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Here is Batch 3 subtitled Fantasy (despite only 3/5 are fantasy themed)

After making Rimuru from batch 2, I thought fire emblem needs more fantasy races. What we have are dragons, dragonkin (manaketes/whatever corrin is), beastkin, demons, those monster things from fe8 and that’s about it.

So I made this batch was made with fantasy races in mind

Insertable versions:


Gorum mug

This one is just a recolor of that one boss woth a little tooth fang thing to make him look like an orc.


Yrene mug

Here’s a splice that is made to look like a night elf


Uldin mug

Here’s a troll. Side note the insertable looks a little different from the batch compilation because I had to make the eyes fit the frame

Some dude in a Ben 10 shirt:

ben 10 mug

A guy resembling ben from ben 10: omniverse

Prince(ss) Avarice

avarice mug

Born from a small kingdom that needed a prince, she is instructed to keep her gender a secret. The only people who know are the king, queen and a few trusted retainers.

So that’s Batch 3 - Fantasy

I quite like how Yrene turned out



sally mug

She’s cute! Great job! I like how you used a villager hair piece as a pony tail!

Thank you!!

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These are some pretty cool splices! Orc is probably my favorite

Thank you!

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Batch 4 of mugs I made!

This has been waiting to be uploaded for almost a month now, I was just pre occupied (more on that later)


Rayla mug

She was once a pegasus knight / paladin but she lost her steed in a battle once so she decided to become a mercenary instead



I got nothing lol


Turell Mug

A wanderer observing events that unfold

Here’s a robeless alt for those who want it
Turell Mug 2


albert mug

Camus archetype. The blinking frames don’t look good cuz I made em from scratch, the downside of using fe6 faces for splicing

Edit: I realized that i didn’t use an fe6 mug for the face instead that’s a beta face from fe8 sorry lol


calem mug

A flashy swordsman, not just flashy in swordfighting but also flashy in fashion


As for why this took so long to upload, I just got my very first 3ds like a month ago so I was busy playing that. Finished playing awakening around a month ago and finished playing birthrite like this morning


Haven’t seen your post earlier, and I’m really impressed by your talent based on these mugs. Thank you for sharing, are these represented in the repo as well? I immediately thought of a character in my hack that would fit very well with one of these :slight_smile:
Once again, great work!

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Thank you!!

I haven’t shared em in the repo yet, I will tho at a later time

Since half the keys on my keyboard broke and I’m too poor to buy another one, I’ll post these here instead

These are rips from the DS pokemon games with (terrible) blinking and mouth frames







Iris half body

nate half body




rosa halfbody

Some of the vs sprites don’t fit the fe mug template so I couldn’t format them into fe portraits

This isn’t all of them, there are still a few on my pc that I forgot to transfer to my phone (using phone to upload)

While here are some portraits from yugioh gx duel academy for the gba


best girl


(ps Alexis and the teacher has more than 16 color)

Some of the portraits from the yugioh game have crazy anime hair so they cant fit in the fe mug template


Would people be interested in a “mug splicing stream”?

Hey it’s me again back after being gone for probably a year.

Back to the question, so yeah I got a new laptop which I use to stream only problem is the monitor is busted (has like a green filter with pink lines) but it’s usable enough.

So yeah lemme know if you would like to see a “mug splicing stream”!


I got some more mugs from other games formatted to the fire emblem mugs

Child Gohan
child gohan

frieza complete


They’re all from a DS Dragon Ball Game titled “Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Goku Densetsu”

Can we take a moment to appreciate the sprite work on these portraits, they look very good! I’ve never played the game where they come from but looking through spriter’s resource and seeing the sprites for the characters are amazing!

Here’s some character from a yu yu hakusho game for the snes

some character from a yuyuhakusho nes game

Outing myself as someone who has never watched yu yu hakusho

mouth frames by me, also they don’t have blinking frames because their eyes are too big to fit the grid


Their eyes take up like 3 boxes lmao

I’m currently working on batch 5 of mug splices, here’s a sneak peek!

sneak peek

Oh and If you’re interested try checking out my streams on turzz_veggie - Twitch, I might stream making mug splices there!

I already mentioned it but these sprites were taken from spriter’s resource


frieza complete



Here it is fellas! Batch 5 of my fire emblem mug splices!



I really like how this one turned out. I imagine him as a mercenary type.


amanda temp

The eyes kinda look weird to me but that’s probably because I’ve been staring at it zoomed in for too long. This is the second time i’ve used lyn’s mug but the camera facing one.


lucile template

I really like how I did the hair here. The way I spliced the torso makes it look like she’s only wearing an apron, she’s not but :eyes:


leola template

Leola here looks like the enemy but questioning their side character (think olwen), yeah I lazied out on the chibi here (spoiler I lazied on almost all of them lmao). Also if her eyes look weird that’s because her left eye is from a different character (nun girl from fe 8 i dont remember her name lmao) with her right eye being from the base character of the splice (zephiel’s mom)


malick temo

I really like how mallick’s hair turned out here.

I made most of these on stream, so if you’re interested in seeing that check out my streams on turzz_veggie - Twitch

Also I’m sorry if the colors look weird because my monitor is kinda discolored

Like always F2U!