TLP with Updated Animations

oh no,the resource respiratory.

go to the fire emblem resource respiratory,423 you will find it.

I didn’t find anything, maybe you are referring to this animation?

can you make a fixed growths patch please my levels ups suck ass

For any animation edits you want, you are able to use FEBuilder to insert animations and create character palettes for them. Also I like helmets and Kelik’s original animations are iconic. And for the fixed growths, FEBuilder has the option of applying a fixed growths patch onto a rom. Click on Advanced Editors to open a new window and type “fixed growths” in the searchbar, it should be the first patch displayed at the bottom, in a rectangle.

yeah bout that I um…font really have…febuilder or I would’ve just done it by myself.(but I totally understand if you dont want to also stay safe and thank you for the reply).

Change Noah’s color palette, is incosistent with her portrait

Is it possible you can activate the support conversations in the post game? Since in the post game of the latest version of The Last Promise the conversations did not appear in the post game and I want to read them lol

When Shon or Siegfried uses the angelic wing the game crash and Siegfried palette without weapons looks strange (Like old Leon’s palette)

I’ve fixed Siegfried’s unarmed animation’s palette order, and I’ll see what I can do about the Angelic Wing, but I might not bother myself with it if I can’t figure out what’s causing it to crash. Is it able to work on other units?

I see, well take your time to fix it. :smile:

I completed this game recently and currently in post-game and I must say that the changes made in this patch is significantly positive.

By the way, Is there Siegfried (Champion), Leon, Holton, Louis and more importantly Galagar in the post game ? They had exclusive classes. If we could use them in post-game, it would be great.

you can only unlock galagar in the post game

You mean in the tower of choosen ? Or in the post-game army of player ?

Only in tower of chosen

I used the angelic wing in Liquid but when I going to see their bases the game crash and the game crash when I tried to use him

Hello is the paired endings in this hack fixed?
Also the little changes you made in this is awesome.

Yes, they are included.

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Yes! Thank you for fixing it finally I can now cross it of my bucket list.

Man I like the vanilla paladin animations😥.
Salvaged Paladin sword animations is kinda dumb in my opinion.How come a sword is that flexible.