The ZessDynamite Zone

Hey everyone, I’m Zess. Sometimes I make a thing. Here is a thread containing some things I have made.
I work in the Lex Talionis engine so some of the F2U stuff may not be immediately GBA insertable, but feel free to edit anything you want to use to make it work.
(real talk this thread only exists because I made a Funky Kong mug and needed a place to put it lol)



JessAW ColinFF9 RubyFunky KongVivianRick Astley (Portrait)
I invite you to add a new funky mode to your project.

Mugs not in an insertable format:
AdamanSir Topham HattQ

Old Splices:
DrakePortraitFritzPortraitGenevievePortraitOldCesarPortraitOldJeremyPortraitOldMitziPortraitOldRafaelPortraitOldRaulPortraitOldReesePortraitOldWolframPortraitRaymondPortraitWesleyPortraitLeilaniPortraitOldHoratioPortraitOldIrisPortraitMiles (Full Portrait)Puck (FullPortrait)Skarloey (FullPortrait)Heather (Full Portrait)Lianna (Full Portrait)Olympia (FullPortrait)Skoll (Full Portrait)

From my Project, Absolution (Not F2U/F2E)

There are others but this is just a sample of the stuff I’m most proud of:
Anja (Fullportrait)Cesar (FullPortrait)Creighton (FullPortrait)DayoPortraitDelilah (FullPortrait)Diego (FullPortrait)Esteban (FullPortrait)Fabrice (FullPortrait)Femi (FullPortrait)Horatio (FullPortrait)Jeremy (FullPortrait)Luciano (FullPortrait)Mackenzie (FullPortrait) (new)Mackenzie (FullPortrait) (no glasses)Marceau (FullPortrait)Rafael (FullPortrait) (new)Raul (FullPortrait)RhapsodyPortraitTchaka (Convoy) (FullPortrait)Toussainte (FullPortrait)Trudy (FullPortrait)Tybalt (FullPortrait)Victor (fullportrait) (new)Yewande (FullPortrait)Thelma (FullPortrait)Cyrus (Full Portrait)Enceladus (FullPortrait) (new)Imelda (FullPortrait)LexusPortraitQuercus (FullPortrait)Hati (FullPortrait) (new)Jean (FullPortrait) (New)Jean (FullPortrait) (NoGlasses)Yvonne (FullPortrait)Kayin (Full Portrait)Nadia (FullPortrait)Nym (FullPortrait)GarlandPortraitAgnesPortrait (2) (1)

Full Bodies (F2U/F2E)

BaikenSusatoCount Bleck
Rick AstleyScathachDudleyCasino LuigiIbuki Mioda

ShebaTatShadow Queen PeachLegionRouge the BatIron MothSlither WingVolcaronaKing

Item Icons (All F2U/F2E)

My project has a cooking system, so I made a lot of food icons (many are pixel art conversions of items from Bug Fables and Mario RPGs):
Item Icons (Food)

Item Icons Grid

Music is my main passion so I make some tunes from time to time. I focus on orchestral stuff, I guess. Here’s a sample:

That last track is from my project, Absolution, which has a full custom soundtrack. Here’s a link to the playlist:
~~ Absolution Soundtrack ~~
Any future music I create may also appear on my Youtube channel.

Didn’t know where to put this but I made so it should probably go here. This is the world map for my project:

Well, that’s it. Thanks for checking out my stuff!
SFA3 Character Select (Ibuki and Makoto)


Those laughing animations are legit. What did you use to make your own world map? Was it just alot of copy pasting and editing the edges out?

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I didn’t do anything too special for the world map; I mostly just tried to emulate the style of the map of Magvel. Most of the mountains, forests, and lakes were copy-pasted but a few are custom.

In-depth Process

I started by drawing an outline of my world like this, using this specific color.

Then I made the outline on the bottom thicker than anywhere else to give the land masses a sort-of 3D depth.

Then I filled in the land with the lightest shade of yellow I saw on Magvel.

For oceans, anything far away from a land mass was just a white noise pattern.

As I got closer to land, I made concentric “rings” following the edges of the continent starting with a somewhat darker seafoam green for the outer ring, a blue for the middle ring, and a kind of orangey color for the inner ring. I made the inner ring most visible on the bottom edge of the continents, again to add a sense of depth. MS Paint’s spray can tool works well for making the rings seem blended together naturally.

Finally, I added some streaks of varying colors to simulate waves.

Then I began texturizing the land with darker shades. I used a more or less random noise pattern for texturizing. The more “rough” I wanted the terrain of a region to look, the more coarse noise and darker shades I used. I found it best to add noise in big splotches/patches.

For custom mountains, I made a warped triangle shape using a dark color and made the right side yellow and the left orange. I gave some texture to the right side using some darker yellow shades and added some shading to the left side using the darker green colors.

Rivers were simple to make custom since they’re just glorified dark lines.

Then I just copied forest, lake, and mountain elements from FE8’s world map and pasted them on top.

And voila! A world map.


Thats actually an extremely cool process. Follow-up question: would you take money to do this for other people; if so what details would you need( aside from access to the inside of their mind)

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Not at the moment, no. I’d be open to doing unpaid requests for FE8-style world maps in the future when I have a free moment though, if there’s interest. I’ll update the thread If I ever do that.

It depends. If someone already made a hand-drawn map of their world or used some other tool to make a map, all I’d really need to know is what the general terrain of each region is like and if there are any notable geological features. If someone only has a vague idea of how their world connects, I’d probably have to work with them to make a map shape they liked.

Thanks for asking!


The ZessDynamite Zone is epic.

Your character designs are dope. Really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing them here.


You have entered The ZessDynamite Zone

But yeah can I just say I love the character design in Absolution


Crisbee Bug Fables
Make donut


Here’s Ruby from Final Fantasy 9! F2U/F2E.
FF9 Ruby


Advance Wars lives!! Here’s my personal favorite CO, Jess:


ZD over here being a person of true culture.


Sheesh Ruby she looks like I remember from all those years ago. Very nice.


tfw one of the youngest and most inexperienced commanding officers in the world is also one of the most powerful due to the sheer power of his inherited wealth. Here’s Colin from Advance Wars! F2U/F2E
AW Colin

And while I’m here, here are some portraits I recently made for the project :tm:
Not F2U
Imelda (FullPortrait)Cyrus (Full Portrait)Enceladus (FullPortrait) (new)Lexus (Full Portrait)Quercus (FullPortrait)


I used to hate colin until i understood the :moneybag: $power of money$ :moneybag:


When you live in a world full of superhuman gears, unimaginably powerful magic-users, and beings born of another dimension, sometimes the most awesome thing you can be is a regular human holding their own against the sheer absurdity of the universe.
Here’s Baiken from Guilty Gear!
This was my first attempt at a full-body portrait, and while it’s rough around some edges I’m proud of how it turned out!


It looks so smooth and clean. Excellent job.

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Wow i do have interest in that

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Please play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles or else you will find yourself the victim of a Susato Toss.
Here’s Susato Mikotoba!


Have two F2U/F2E portraits!
You may recognize the second one from the Make More Blind People Portraits Thread.

And while I’m here, here are some more portraits I’ve made for The Project :tm:
Not F2U
Hati (FullPortrait) (new)Jean (FullPortrait) (New)Jean (FullPortrait) (NoGlasses)Yvonne (FullPortrait)


She is going to knock some heads with that sword.

Glasses and not glasses looking good.

Purple hat is nice. What role is she? A noble of some sort?

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