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serious question: should I make a list of bad concepts and post a thread of them to be accessed easily without digging through the concepts board?



My favorite Strategy Game, especially the one with Morth.


Looks like Water Crest’s already been done…
hey I forgot to reply last time let me fix that


God damn it, some cunt’s wasting my title on a shitty paint recolour.



imblying you don’t like bat Hector

The only issue there is that his portrait is a shitty Zeiss recolor



Apparently Kent with a beard == Obi-Wan Kenobi


Where Nickt hair started.
Knew I’d find it eventually.


So thats what you meant by grass


One of my favorite examples


Huh, using an infinite-use promotion item to spend a turn turning into or back from Lycan could be interesting…



so I take first picture honours by posting dumb fe4 thing

don’t forget your mutes


Can I borrow this for my hack FE5.6?


preserving A Thing for posterity

[1:57 PM] Colors of the Cinnamon Rolls: so few classes
[1:57 PM] Colors of the Cinnamon Rolls: I have like 11 hour wednesdays
[1:58 PM] Colors of the Cinnamon Rolls: 9am to 8pm
[1:58 PM] InvdrZim13: mfw 8am
[1:58 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: tbh I thought you were talking about FE classes until I clicked the image
[1:58 PM] InvdrZim13: got that 3 day weekend tho
[1:59 PM] InvdrZim13: thursdays also suck
[1:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): you’ve got to plan your fe class schedule carefully
[2:00 PM] bk (bonkey kong): sure you could take extra credit hours as a cavalier because it’s a blowoff class
[2:00 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but how do you expect to learn anything if you’re not slogging through knight class time
[2:03 PM] InvdrZim13: I have few classes because I don’t have that many left to take
[2:03 PM] Black Mage: AH CIRCUITS
[2:03 PM] Black Mage: IT BURNS
[2:03 PM] Black Mage: GET AWAY
[2:03 PM] Black Mage: GET AWAY
[2:03 PM] InvdrZim13: at most after this I have 2 semesters if I don’t double major or probably 3 if I do
[2:04 PM] Black Mage: Just don’t commit the same mistake I once did and try to take Berserker and Shaman on the same period
[2:04 PM] Black Mage: That semester was a total miss
[2:04 PM] InvdrZim13: 3 more classes for an EE major is tempting
[2:04 PM] Black Mage: You don’t need to make a final project to graduate?
[2:05 PM] Black Mage: One that you expend like a year developing
[2:05 PM] InvdrZim13: I think it can be taken with other shit
[2:05 PM] InvdrZim13: idk I’ll find out when I go for advising for next year
[2:05 PM] Black Mage: Good luck
[2:09 PM] bk (bonkey kong): remember, major in staff studies!
[2:10 PM] Archibald: Meh
[2:10 PM] Black Mage: Staff studies doesn’t help much when every job day is a defend chapter
[2:10 PM] Black Mage: Until 5 pm
[2:10 PM] Black Mage: You can’t even cheese it with warp
[2:18 PM] bk (bonkey kong): even so it’s an extremely popular major
[2:18 PM] bk (bonkey kong): people who’ve never even been to the faculty of magic have picked up staves as the secondary half of a nice double major
[2:19 PM] bk (bonkey kong): it’s pretty easy to learn and you never know when it’ll come in handy
[2:19 PM] bk (bonkey kong): nice solid filler elective
[2:19 PM] Circles: ugh staff majors
[2:20 PM] Camdar: more people should major in knives
[2:20 PM] Camdar: lockpicking is such an underrated skill
[2:20 PM] Circles: with their damn status staves
[2:20 PM] bk (bonkey kong): what, and learn how to make your meat taste more shitty every time you cut it?
[2:20 PM] Circles: it makes me so :erin:
[2:20 PM] Sentry: need more people in the college of spearplay
[2:20 PM] Sentry: everyone wants to sign up for sword classes because “it’s a sign of nobility”
[2:20 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i’m just glad they’re finally putting some funding into the axe faculty
[2:21 PM] Sentry: pompus shits don’t know a spear will run them through before they can get a swing in
[2:21 PM] bk (bonkey kong): kaga’s turn as vice-chancellor did not do them any favours
[2:29 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: what, and learn how to make your meat taste more shitty every time you cut it?
[2:29 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: mutton
[2:29 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: enough said
[2:31 PM] bk (bonkey kong): there’s still room to go down with mutton
[2:31 PM] bk (bonkey kong): you think it’s shite now
[2:31 PM] Black Mage: Well
[2:32 PM] bk (bonkey kong): wait until you debuff it
[2:32 PM] Black Mage: Things are good if you enjoy axes
[2:32 PM] Black Mage: But it still saddens me that they had to cut two whole magic faculties because of budget issues
[2:33 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: I was going to joke about fe13 here and then i realized fe11 did that first
[2:33 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: ;~;
[2:34 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: apparently, the newest class has to pay their tuition in two additional chunks after their first payment?
[2:34 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: … pfff
[2:34 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: that’s messed up, yo
[2:34 PM] Camdar: can we talk about how they turned dragonstones from just one elective to an entire department
[2:34 PM] Camdar: like
[2:34 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: UGH RIGHT?
[2:34 PM] Camdar: i didn’t know they had enough teachers for that
[2:34 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: I was SO happy I would never have to take dragonstones again after high school
[2:34 PM] bk (bonkey kong): it’s an understandable streamlining of the faculty, yet it has the unfortunate side effect of ensuring that students have a far less indepth grasp of the nuances of separate schools than they were previously getting
[2:34 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: how many people could possibly need it badly enough to warrant a dept
[2:34 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: but BAM! now it’s general ed
[2:35 PM] bk (bonkey kong): sure mages had more coursework beforehand but they were more successful and employable for it
[2:35 PM] Black Mage: The real joke is how Elder still is counted as a whole course
[2:35 PM] Black Mage: When there’s literally ONE CLASS
[2:35 PM] Black Mage: ONE
[2:35 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and even then budget cards have done a hard number on it
[2:35 PM] Black Mage: If that’s not some scheme to get money
[2:35 PM] Black Mage: I don’t know what it is
[2:35 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: don’t forget about the trust fund babies whose rich parents bought them Shadowgift
[2:36 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: if you threw an old mage up to a new one now, even when they were fresh out of class, the new one would lose every time owO
[2:36 PM] bk (bonkey kong): it’s been years since they’ve had competent professors for elder
[2:36 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: haven’t they all died of Acts of God though
[2:36 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: nowdays it seems like dark magic is more of an anatomy class(edited)
[2:36 PM] Black Mage: Yeah
[2:36 PM] Black Mage: I’ll never forget that winter
[2:36 PM] Zane “Teraspark” Avernathy: When’s the final for ‘How to survive a blizzard’?
[2:36 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: Suddenly; obviously
[2:36 PM] Zane “Teraspark” Avernathy: Oh, cool
[2:37 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: Isn’t much of a good test if you know it’s coming
[2:37 PM] bk (bonkey kong): in this pared-back form they also favour simple rhyming incantations far too mcuh
[2:37 PM] bk (bonkey kong): sure they’re easy to teach and appealing to a wider audience
[2:37 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but there’s only so much mileage you can get out of “tit for tat become a cat”
[2:37 PM] bk (bonkey kong): when is that ever going to be useful
[2:38 PM] bk (bonkey kong): the spell lacks the complexity and power necessary in this competitive magic market
[2:38 PM] Zane “Teraspark” Avernathy: They must’ve practiced on an entire tribe
[2:38 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: these days, it’s all about good looks anyway
[2:38 PM] bk (bonkey kong): put that on your resume and you’ll be laughed out of the fuckin interview
[2:38 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: just wear a thong to your interview, mention your school, and you’re practically hired
[2:39 PM] Black Mage: Dunno, man
[2:39 PM] Badess: I heard the professor quit took all the good textbooks and moved to the middle of a desert(edited)
[2:39 PM] Black Mage: I know this guy
[2:39 PM] Black Mage: Who, despite being graduated as a swords major
[2:39 PM] Black Mage: Decided to study again in Elder
[2:39 PM] Black Mage: His whole career is a joke after he graduated at that
[2:40 PM] Black Mage: He got hired, but he couldn’t do jack on his first day of job
[2:40 PM] Black Mage: They don’t teach what you need to know
[2:40 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i hear he tried to push his daughter into that degree after he graduated
[2:40 PM] bk (bonkey kong): poor girl
[2:40 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: remember when some people managed to take almost every single class?
[2:40 PM] Black Mage: Thankfully she’s naturally gifted
[2:40 PM] bk (bonkey kong): she should’ve been allowed to take after her grandmother(edited)
[2:40 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: how did they survive O:
[2:40 PM] Camdar: i mean
[2:40 PM] Circles: let’s not bring up the time turner fiasco
[2:41 PM] Camdar: they would just show up for one lecture of zerker
[2:41 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: apparently, with enough drugs, you can keep changing majors until you’ve mastered all of the classes
[2:41 PM] Camdar: one lecture of hero
[2:41 PM] Camdar: apparetly there’s enough overlap
[2:41 PM] Camdar: you can just learn the shared material
[2:41 PM] Black Mage: I miss warrior classes
[2:41 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: I never found a reliable second seal-dealer, though
[2:41 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: not sure if I’m better or worse off for it
[2:41 PM] bk (bonkey kong): both i’d say
[2:41 PM] Camdar: oh right, you started needing those
[2:41 PM] Black Mage: Are we even allowed to talk about that here?
[2:41 PM] bk (bonkey kong): there’s no high like that of a second seal
[2:41 PM] bk (bonkey kong): yeah i did second seals once
[2:41 PM] Zane “Teraspark” Avernathy: I’d hate to be a sword major. I couldn’t sit through professor Kelik rambling on about weight and how edges are fundimentally better than swords.
[2:42 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i was young and bold and cavalier
[2:42 PM] Camdar: i remember when you could just transfer with no strings attached
[2:42 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: the faculty doesn’t exactly enforce against it
[2:42 PM] Sentry: oh god
[2:42 PM] Camdar: wait wait
[2:42 PM] bk (bonkey kong): no really i was cavalier for far too long thanks to second seals
[2:42 PM] bk (bonkey kong): never again
[2:42 PM] Camdar: they got legalized
[2:42 PM] Sentry: >professor kelik
[2:42 PM] Camdar: we’re supposed to call them
[2:42 PM] Camdar: “heart seals”
[2:42 PM] Camdar: now
[2:42 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: what.
[2:42 PM] Camdar: and they’re regulated up the butt
[2:42 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: wow
[2:42 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i hear that’s a government ploy to reduce addiction rates
[2:42 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: this is as dumb as when they started trying to pawn off dragonstones as “beast stones”
[2:42 PM] Black Mage: I heard they don’t fuck you up anymore, though
[2:43 PM] bk (bonkey kong): give them a cheesier name and people will be less interested
[2:45 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: I just feel bad for all the ballistician-major baby boomers out there(edited)
[2:45 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: no wonder they complain about being out of a job
[2:45 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i hear they’re commissioning all sorts of initiatives to bring back the ballista
[2:45 PM] bk (bonkey kong): there are very few openings but it’s something at least
[2:46 PM] Black Mage: At least there are ballisticians again
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: Wait wait wait, what’s this about second seals not messing you up
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: that’s unpossible
[2:46 PM] Black Mage: A few years ago and even veteran ones ran out of a job
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: wasn’t that their entire point?
[2:46 PM] Alusq :bread::heartpulse:: cruel as it sounds, I just don’t see the merit in bringing back an obviously dead industry
[2:46 PM] bk (bonkey kong): (fe14’s second seal replacements don’t reset your level)
[2:46 PM] bk (bonkey kong): (game is marginally less grindy as a result)
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: (i’m aware)
[2:46 PM] bk (bonkey kong): (oh)
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: (ahhhhh i see)
[2:46 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: (i didn’t know that part fully)
[2:46 PM] Black Mage: (Which is great)
[2:47 PM] Darrman likes FE4: (we’re all oocing)
[2:47 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but of course once the second seal dealers had their territory stomped on by legalisation
[2:47 PM] bk (bonkey kong): a new syndicate moved in
[2:47 PM] Darrman likes FE4: (yeah i’ve been watching this)
[2:47 PM] bk (bonkey kong): eternal seals
[2:47 PM] bk (bonkey kong): diabolical tablets structured specifically to ensure you can never graduate
[2:47 PM] bk (bonkey kong): because there’s always just a bit more! you have to do
[2:47 PM] Darrman likes FE4: One of those and it feels like you’re stuck in the study for hours.
[2:48 PM] Darrman likes FE4: What a waste of hours.
[2:48 PM] bk (bonkey kong): they might be hard to get ahold of but there’s no denying the ravages they inflict on the young adult body
[2:48 PM] bk (bonkey kong): they feed into one’s perfectionist tendencies
[2:48 PM] bk (bonkey kong): suddenly having straight-as just isn’t good enough for you
[2:49 PM] bk (bonkey kong): you have to try again
[2:49 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and again
[2:49 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and again
[2:49 PM] bk (bonkey kong): until you get that damn a+ in the study of resisting magic
[2:49 PM] Darrman likes FE4: and again until you get 100% which is never
[2:49 PM] Black Mage: Worst part is that you’re made fun of
[2:49 PM] Darrman likes FE4: now where’s that secret shop
[2:49 PM] Black Mage: If you needed Eternal Seals to graduate
[2:49 PM] Black Mage: It’s a humiliating experience to need them either way
[2:50 PM] Darrman likes FE4: is it even a thing these days
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): you obsess over and over about the imperfections on your paper transcript
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): that you completely forget how to apply this knowledge to real life
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): you think an a+ is the answer!
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): it has to be!
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): there is no other way than to fill out your grades!
[2:50 PM] Black Mage: I’m pretty sure all secret shops have been closed
[2:50 PM] bk (bonkey kong): which is of course bullshit
[2:50 PM] Black Mage: Haven’t seen one since the last two reforms
[2:50 PM] Darrman likes FE4: dammit
[2:51 PM] Darrman likes FE4: that’s where those secret grade-improvers lived
[2:51 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i’ve heard rumours that their former proprieter is now a student herself
[2:51 PM] bk (bonkey kong): apparently she denies it and insists she has twin sisters who ran the secret shops
[2:51 PM] Darrman likes FE4: why would she go back
[2:51 PM] Black Mage: Even veteran merchants are needing to learn new stuff
[2:51 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but that doesn’t make any sense at all now does it
[2:51 PM] Darrman likes FE4: what would they even take
[2:52 PM] Darrman likes FE4: the art of making silver cards?
[2:52 PM] Darrman likes FE4: oh wait weren’t they discontinued
[2:52 PM] bk (bonkey kong): last i heard she was in professor niles’s roguery class
[2:52 PM] Darrman likes FE4: oh geez
[2:52 PM] bk (bonkey kong): how the mighty have fallen
[2:52 PM] Black Mage: Silver cards are just as shitty as anything silver nowadays
[2:53 PM] Black Mage: But at least you can sell your silver axes
[2:53 PM] Black Mage: A silver card is useless
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): listen listen
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): a while back i snuck into one of the staff lounges in the brigand faculty
[2:53 PM] Black Mage: That secret shop lady is a mean drunk, too
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i really really needed to relieve myself and it was the closest lavatory nearby
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): so i went in there
[2:53 PM] Darrman likes FE4: And…?
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and guess what was on the toilet paper roll
[2:53 PM] bk (bonkey kong): silver cards
[2:54 PM] bk (bonkey kong): that’s how worthless they are now
[2:54 PM] Darrman likes FE4: So much for half price on everything.
[2:54 PM] Black Mage: Last time I talked with her on a bar and she was going on and on about her boyfriend
[2:54 PM] bk (bonkey kong): grim sign that it’s a rough economy
[2:54 PM] Black Mage: Saying he pioneered the whole class change thing
[2:54 PM] bk (bonkey kong): twenty years ago a friend of mine met her
[2:54 PM] Black Mage: That he managed to be a pirate after being a ballistician or something crazy like that
[2:54 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and got this weird-ass sword from her
[2:54 PM] Black Mage: I mean, pirates?
[2:55 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i think it was a big practical joke, she was a dance major
[2:55 PM] Black Mage: What’s next, ninjas?
[2:55 PM] Darrman likes FE4: I heard a ninja class started up recently.
[2:55 PM] Darrman likes FE4: But it’s nothing but transfer students there!
[2:55 PM] Black Mage: What
[2:55 PM] bk (bonkey kong): that explains all the naruto running i’ve seen on campus lately
[2:56 PM] Black Mage: This explains so much
[2:56 PM] Black Mage: What’s next, male pegasi?
[2:56 PM] Black Mage: This generation is doomed
[2:56 PM] Black Mage: I tell you
[2:56 PM] Badess: I like tnose
[2:57 PM] Badess: those
[2:57 PM] Black Mage: No respect to morals
[2:57 PM] Badess: big
[2:57 PM] Badess: birds
[2:57 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Aye. Some fella on the street told me he was trying for male pegasus knightness.
[2:57 PM] Black Mage: Or any concept of personal space
[2:57 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Why?!
[2:57 PM] Black Mage: Have you seen the new dragonstone teacher, who’s apparently in some transfer program?
[2:57 PM] bk (bonkey kong): y’know who i feel sorry for
[2:57 PM] bk (bonkey kong): zoology students
[2:57 PM] bk (bonkey kong): not all that long ago there was all this hype about the importance of studying griffons
[2:58 PM] bk (bonkey kong): they were the future of cavalry and people wanted in on that goldmine
[2:58 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but then for some reason
[2:58 PM] Darrman likes FE4: The program there keeps changing. First its cats, then bird things,
[2:58 PM] bk (bonkey kong): griffons were just completely dropped from the curriculum
[2:58 PM] Darrman likes FE4: now it’s dogs?
[2:58 PM] Black Mage: I know this couple who invested all their fortune on a courier company with gryphon based technology
[2:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): maybe i’ll pan out like the wyvern scare of 1991
[2:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): those suddenly disappeared from the curriculum as well for three years
[2:59 PM] Black Mage: There’s this huge monopoly on wyvern delivery, they couldn’t stand a chance
[2:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): thankfully they were rewritten in in 1994
[2:59 PM] Darrman likes FE4: But they always come around at least.
[2:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): and the curriculum was greatly expanded in 1996
[2:59 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Can’t go wrong with pegs or dragons.
[2:59 PM] bk (bonkey kong): we can only hope griffons are so lucky
[2:59 PM] Black Mage: Even though their services were far cheaper and faster
[2:59 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Anything else…
[3:00 PM] Black Mage: All I can say is
[3:00 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i’ve heard rumours griffons were axed so they could afford to educate knight students about these kinshi things
[3:00 PM] Black Mage: Don’t ever mess with that Haar dude
[3:00 PM] Bediwanimal☆Blue [Eli/Wan/2WB]: Aren’t they not even calling pegasi pegasi anymore??
[3:00 PM] Black Mage: He owns the postal system
[3:00 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i think it’s the same deal as the introduction of that shinobi major
[3:00 PM] Black Mage: Yeah, they’re “tenma” now
[3:00 PM] bk (bonkey kong): japanophilia is so popular now and they want to cash in
[3:00 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Pah.
[3:00 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Where’s my trusty spraypaint again?
[3:01 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i’d wager the bubble will burst in a matter of years
[3:01 PM] Black Mage: Hey, those kinshi things look rad, though
[3:01 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Oh, it will.
[3:01 PM] bk (bonkey kong): oh sure they’re neat and all
[3:01 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but i don’t like the look of their future
[3:01 PM] Black Mage: Though the lady who teaches that class is bipolar or some shit
[3:01 PM] Fist of the North Letha: Can I paint flames on my pegasus to make it go faster
[3:01 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Some new flying thing will show up and leave those kinshis obsolete.
[3:01 PM] Black Mage: Hah, you wish
[3:01 PM] Fist of the North Letha: Or add a spoiler to its butt
[3:01 PM] Black Mage: It’s all an illusion
[3:01 PM] Black Mage: Wyverns rule the market
[3:02 PM] Black Mage: New things come and go
[3:02 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i see we have an axefighter student sitting in for a couple of chuckles
[3:02 PM] Black Mage: Just to look like there’s competition
[3:02 PM] Fist of the North Letha: Dude
[3:02 PM] Darrman likes FE4: One of those crazy weeb games have weird flying things on pegasi,
[3:02 PM] Fist of the North Letha: Pegasus axe fighters
[3:02 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Wyverns already have the market cornered on flying axe things.
[3:02 PM] Fist of the North Letha: I want
[3:02 PM] Black Mage: Still, kinshis are too good to be true
[3:03 PM] Black Mage: I mean, they’re on water powered cars tier of good
[3:03 PM] Black Mage: A flier that can wield bows?
[3:03 PM] Black Mage: They’ll axe this thing
[3:03 PM] bk (bonkey kong): on paper it’s the sort of thing that ought to obsolute entire majors
[3:03 PM] Black Mage: Can’t let anything ruin the glorious wyvern industry
[3:03 PM] bk (bonkey kong): but will it hold up?
[3:03 PM] Darrman likes FE4: The dragons will just buy it out.
[3:03 PM] bk (bonkey kong): even if you don’t take meddling from Big Pegasus into account
[3:03 PM] Fist of the North Letha: I wanna be a berserker on a flying horse
[3:03 PM] Darrman likes FE4: How long until those weird zombie dragons go away?
[3:04 PM] Fist of the North Letha: Revolutionize the industry
[3:04 PM] Black Mage: The pegasus industry just survives out of legacy
[3:04 PM] Fist of the North Letha: One killer axe at a time
[3:04 PM] bk (bonkey kong): those zombie dragons are really quite fascinating
[3:04 PM] Black Mage: They seem to ignore that all the famous pegasi were good first, pegasi second
[3:04 PM] bk (bonkey kong): they’ve been trying to establihs curricula around them for decades now but it’s never taken
[3:04 PM] Black Mage: All part of this fake market employed by the wyverns
[3:05 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i guess they figure it’s more profitable if they sell them as mounts than if they’re just part of manakete studies
[3:05 PM] Black Mage: I heard that despite their look
[3:05 PM] Darrman likes FE4: They say that the best pegasi are secretly hired by the wyverns.
[3:05 PM] bk (bonkey kong): i don’t even want to think about what this implies with respect to the dragons themselves
[3:05 PM] Black Mage: Zombie dragons are so soft and moisty you can ride them on your underwear
[3:05 PM] Black Mage: And get no chaffing
[3:05 PM] Black Mage: Maybe there’s some future in studying the composition of their skin
[3:06 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Certainly would explain the professor’s attire.
[3:06 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Can’t excuse her personality though.
[3:06 PM] Black Mage: How else would people believe her tale?
[3:07 PM] Darrman likes FE4: Beats me.
[3:07 PM] Darrman likes FE4: I’m just glad I’m not the guy she stalks all the time.


One year ago, I “hoped I’d do something.” Now a year has passed. I’ve done a good amount of hacking in FE1 and I created Barhara Revisited, my what-if of the BBQ getting cancelled. Also dumb fanfics. This year… Oh, I don’t do new year’s resolutions. I did link a dumb FE joke, though! So I guess I’ll link me playing weeaboo trash TMS or something.

Happy new year, everyone. (well, in ten minutes for me but meh)


##things i did in 2016

  • Move display for stationary enemies
  • Danger Zone
  • Ruby animation
  • Weapon copier
  • CG fading fix
  • Untradeable items
  • Pair Up
  • L toggle animations
  • Negative stat boost display
  • Pair Up bonus display
  • HP bars
  • Effective weapon warning
  • Talk notification
  • Talk/Support don’t end turn
  • Statscreen palette changes based on allegiance
  • AI emblem
  • Custom epilogues
  • TMX2EA
  • Animation Assembler
  • Text processor
  • S2EA
  • CUPS
  • Skill Animation creator
  • Spell Animation creator
  • MAKEHACK.cmd
  • other stuff i forgot