The Under


Pretty sure that just grows your ROM’s dick in THREE WEEKS
How? Just watch the free video…


One day, a group of wizards (:Zahlman: :Teq: :cam: :Arch: :ArchMini: :Colorz:) from :FEU: went to make a romhack using :EA:. However, :IntSys: decided that was stupid, and sent an army of annoying guys with :donate: signs to annoy the wizards. After throwing them to :yourwaifu:, everyone said :Noyce:. Unfortunately, the :yourwaifu: showed up again and started a waifu war, forcing people to choose from :Florina: :Elise: :Lilina: :betaoona:. However, two kids nearby :marf: :roi: saw this and decided to make a :BBQ: for the waifu war. :roi:'s family was with him and they went :Eliwood: :Elbert: to this mess. The :FEU: chat collectively sighed at them.






I miss when this thread was active. RIP The Under, killed by Discord.


Well, we’ll make it to 1000 sooner or later… maybe.


Post #994. It’s only a few shitposts away, everybody!


I promised to gift something to whoever makes the thousandth post, just as this thread dies.
This was my plan all along


Come on guys! Only a few left!


reply soon


replies Two to go.


Alright, I set this one up for y’all. Don’t disappoint!

(999 is cooler than 1000 anyway)


GOT IT! bad discourse


So which reply is #1000?




I’m holding you to my signed physical copy of Corrupt Theocracy, you know. Reply soon with the proof.


I need to have it sent to my house so I can sign it, then send it to you.


replied soon


i think discourse is either a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle confused or it’s trying to pull an oprah giveaway

oh wait, maybe deleted posts make up the difference here? idk


We’ve been trying to understand it. I say Darrman got the official first one