The Under


I made a box wider and put some stuff on it. Good times.


things i did in 2016: jack shit with a side of fuck-all


what i did in 2016

  • ephraim with swords animation
  • dark knight animation
  • T2 skeleton animation
  • ranged monster animations
  • female monk animation
  • Became a wizard
  • item effect revamp
  • item effect revamp update
  • item effect revamp reupdate
  • item effects: The revamping
  • revamp effects: item ai
  • effect ai: Items, Revamped
  • ignoring most of the animation requests


What I did in 2016…?
I have no idea. Though I do know that at least I remade a set of cursors!


Things I did this year

-maps for Zim

-nothing else


·BL stuff
·SoA stuff
·other stuff
·an anim
·not enough
·fuk u

Ĝojan novjaron!


2016 for Nickt.
Made more money doing non-pixel and non-sprite graphics.
Top kek.


2017 to-do list:

  • Finish EN
  • Finish EN
  • Finish EN
  • Finish EN



I mean good luck. Hopefully ya can finally lay that beast to rest.


I’ve got a similar list for myself this year:

  • Finish TRTR
  • Finish TRTR
  • Finish TRTR
  • Chill after I finish TRTR


2017 todo list:

  • Do school things
  • Finish SoA act 2 (only 14.5 chapters to go)
  • Don’t think about how much work finishing act 2 will be
  • Sleep


Things I did in 2016:

-Voted a meme into office
-Worked a shitty retail job
-Got a fat raise and gloated about it, only to find out it was because of the min wage hike in washington and I actually got less of a raise than the cashiers that work here
-Ate humble pie
-Accidentally made more money than 80% of the people here by somehow becoming a popular writer
-Somehow became the best ASM hacker here in only two weeks (I’m so good you haven’t even heard of me)
-Started updating the randomizer for FE8
-Stopped working on the randomizer for FE8
-Started two hacks for FE8
-Stopped two hacks for FE8
-Lost my virginity
-Just kidding haha
-Voted a meme into office
-Hail Hydra


I give life to the under



Discord, the Under killer, is broken! RETURN OF THE UNDER


rip FEU discord, the dancing zombie shall mourn

Edit: the mourning dance is now celebration because its back again
that was fast
Another edit: back to the mourning dance, this time every discord server I’m on is down


it’s down again



(and fuck you discourse i’m a mod i should be able to post whatever i want)


Let’s fucking go
Return Of Under


When will we be free from this endless cycle of despair?
How many times has discord crashed today? 4 times now?