The Under

I’m serious


i like how they just don’t talk about what it actually is and treat it like a completely normal fire emblem game


Best Fire Emblem game the series has seen in years.


I’ll infiltrate them, earn their trust, and destroy Maeda’s influence from within…


Up next, Elibean Waifus


Why would you pay someone money for a physical copy of CT




Which, when you think about it, ain’t too far from the reason why people bought the newer games.


why can’t I like this more than once


the same reason anyone would pay for winrar


So you can say “we have a winrar”


I’d pay for winrar before paying for CT


Yo Vestaria Saga dropped today


It’s amazing how “RPGmaker” it looks.


I beat the first chapter then got annoyed in the second chapter when the ally unit south of my units randomly walked up and killed one of my dudes.


Uhh, rude.


@MCProductions are you still in the discord?


My computer’s a shit, so when it crashed, I lost most of the Discord servers I was in.

Once I finish transitioning to my laptop, I’ll rejoin


Words N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G N E C R O P O S T I N G


when you don’t want to include your hex dump because you know it has a virus