The Under


Kent is a Kunt, wow doods.

(Actually maybe this is why he’s the smarter Cavalier)


Playing fe4 again
Pls gib pairings
No fury pairings since I’m using Hawk


furyxgrave. or maybe lewyn/erin, you didn’t block all possible names. hah.


Alec x Raquesis. Do it (for the pursuit skill).


What do you guys listen to while you do wizard things?




Get comfy lads


FE15 soon?


Fire Emblem 15: Waifu Wars
where the final battle will be against your waifu and the final battlefield is the bedroom


I’ll forgive the waifus if FE15 goes for a steampunk motif.


Codename Steam Emblem


Fire emblem mobile will actually be an FE-themed slots game called Thracia 777


That reminds me, it’s supposed to come out in a month, and we still haven’t seen gameplay.


Considering what I’ve experienced with Thracia RNG, I’m not sure if I would play a slots game based on it.


nono they’re clearly announcing a game that gives fe5 a sorely-needed upgrade to the series’ modern ethos

Fire Emblem: Thracia 69


FE15 new features:

  • Polygamous relationships
  • Hentai cutscenes when units reach S-rank support
  • 5 different routes for the price of $49.95 a piece
  • Secret incest marriages unlocked after beating all 5 routes

It’ll sell MILLIONS of copies!

P.S. We’re getting perilously close to 1,000 posts on this topic…


Whoever posts the thousandths post gets a signed physical copy of Corrupt Theocracy.


just at s-rank? yeesh, why can’t you prudes stop ruining our favourite vidya


Pitch those ideas to IntSys, and I’m sure they’d hire you in a heartbeat.