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Is that a fairly common rule of thumb? @Greentea makes FE7 characters, Luerock makes characters from other games, and Cipher Lee makes… uh… has he made anything?

Now nothing is credited to Cipher Lee.


According to greentea he made Greil.


Oh, right. Cipher Lee made Greil. I somehow skipped that option.


And Morva, I guess?


Hm can we get confirmation about who made Morva then?

I’d rather not take any chances.

Edit: @Greentea this Erk Sage yours?


I’ve finished the bow animation for the Grand Paladin.

Additionally I fixed a few things in the scripts of the other anims as well.
The package is now complete!

I’ve also finished the map sprites for the FE10 Knight / Lieutenant and added them to the package.


Much less exciting, but my blinking Sue had a skin pixel in her hair for blinking frame 1 exactly as planned. Please replace with this unborked version in the folder. You’ve also got a few of my very bad aged up custom fe7 mugs in there that I don’t care if people use but they don’t quite fit with the rest (Jaffar, Kent, Nino).


Yes,I made Erk.


I just came from scripting Erk and Nino by Greentea, by the way.

Erk T2

Nino T2

Praise Greentea mostly. Also learned that GG just beat Usenti in many things.


I just added what you gave me.

I’ve also added all weapon icons from the Weapon Icon Repository, all the animations shown up to this point, and hopefully corrected all the japanese animations in the Repo that I was confused about, Re: Greentea/Cipher Lee/Luerock’s works.


damn that’s slick

Edit: I lowkey hope Staff of Ages uses this for Silver Knights.


I know! And I appreciate all you’ve done pulling all this together, don’t get the wrong idea. Just pointing it out in case anyone looks in there and is confused or if you wanted it accurate to fe6 only. I’ve got no time for critiquing you about a) stuff that doesn’t matter and b) is due to my own laziness.


I went ahead and removed the FE7 mugs, thanks for letting me know man.

We’ve got another new animation. @Frostlax made a Neimi Sniper alternate critical for Kenpuhu’s animation.


Frostlax’s new one:

Additionally, he made an alternate disarmed dodge animation.



You can find both in the Japanese hacks<Yggdra section.


Klok can you change it to the bow classes folder? i dont have a problem with sharing the credit or japaneses, it just that having them on that folder that have the word dump and be hidden around in a folder of arkward looking animations make me fell like that ppl wont botter to look at it cuz is on that folder.


It’s an edit of an existing animation. That animation is part of the series of animations made for the Yggdra patch. All the Yggdra animations are inside the Yggdra folder, just as FE7if animations are and FEgirls animations are in their respective folder.

A better debate is whether I should merge all the Japanese folders into the main folders, but I’m saving that for a big eventual revamp of the filestructure that I don’t have time for at the moment.

A better use of time would be finishing up this credit list, which is getting close to complete!


Time to do a sailor!

Credit goes to Greentea for the Dart-styled Berserker sprites!


Added Der’s Berserker, as well as Nuramon’s new General with Shield’s mega lightning crit to the repo.


The credit goes to @DerTheVaporeon :wink:


Oh, you didn’t make the shield general lightning thing?


I only added the shild to Der’s magic general :wink: