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I updated my version.


The mini looks squished. Make sure you’re selecting a 64x64 area and halving it


You don’t know how much I wanted this animation in specific. Thank you.


Oh yeesss, thank you for actually editing this.


Thanks but i’m done for now.


Is there some chance of getting a magic animation without the staff? I was just thinking it’d be useful if someone wanted to make a class similar to Basara or Oni Chieftain with magix + axes (but no staff). Maybe replace the staff with an ornamental axe?


I actually had plans to do a proper Oni Chieftain like class at some point.


To be honest, I am not quite sure, and currently I am working on Linus. Having one good of a hell time with the posing and the crit.

Besides, I would end up in Vilkland if I get too creative with an unarmed magic animation involving the Shinku Hadouken :tm:


Goop Zombies



Requires C48 hack

EDIT: fixed early C06


Now make their critical a massive, violent vomit animation and we’ll be golden.


Here’s the female FE10 soldier. Includes map sprite and class card.


Also a bunch of other things.

Armored brigand

Brigand%20(Armored%20Alt)%20M%20M Brigand%20(Armored%20Alt)%20M%20S
Since one of the armored brigand’s map sprites was messed up, I fixed it and made a set of moving map sprites for it.

Mercenary%20Improved%20F%20M Mercenary%20Improved%20F%20S Mercenary%20Improved%20M%20M Mercenary%20Improved%20M%20S
Improved mercenary map sprites.

FE10 Armor Knight

%5BCAV%5D%20Cavalier%20(F)%20Axe %5BCAV%5D%20Cavalier%20(F)%20Lance %5BCAV%5D%20Cavalier%20(F)%20Sword
Female SALVAGED cavalier class cards (credit to RobertFPY for the original ones)

Armor%20Knight%20M%20M Armor%20Knight%20M%20S
FE10 armor map sprites in the style of the vanilla armor knight. (Credit to Nuramon for the original armor map sprites)

That’s all. I’ll be making the female dragon lord soon.


Really good stuff, Flasuban. :ok_hand:
I dig the FE10 Knight class card xD

I made the animations and the map sprites.

Well I also have something to share today.
It was exactly 1 year and 1 day ago when I posted my first animations here in the topic and on FEU as a whole!

The first three anims I ever posted where my first horrific attempt on recreating Zelgius, the FE10 Knight, an edited sniper and the General with a shield. Most of these three already received an overhaul some time ago. So I figured it’s time to revisit the General animations.

So here is he:

The General with Shield:

Now available with and without a cape as well!

without cape

Sword Axe
Lance Axe
Handaxe Magic

with cape

Sword Axe
Lance Axe
Handaxe Magic

Credit: Nuramon, The Blind Archer (for the alternativ Axe animation) and DerTheVaporeon (for the magic animation)

All of this in one package!

That’s all for the moment. Have fun!


My Friend you can made base of you map sprites of male mercenaris one armored versión please


Wow it’s wonderful! The cape does add a lot to the general :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the class card, any hopes for a sword and axe knight class card as well?


Amazing work - a true GBA Baron/General.


I’ll probably do a sword and axe armor knight eventually, but it won’t be high on my priority list.


Small edit of Pikmin, Maiser, Ukelele, and SD9k’s Repalette of Temp, Black Mage, and Wan’s F!Rogue, help from Pikmin on the ears




EDIT: Moved tail in dodge frames for consistency



speedy rogue does a dodge

whoosh whoosh whoosh

Actual critique: The staff anim is a little weird. The way she raises it and makes her arm perfectly straight looks unnatural.


The Cape is such a wonderful addition to the general. So I’m wondering does this use the general repalette colors or the vanilla general colors?