The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises


Finally someone acknowledges it, thank you.


I kind of liked them though…


Go FE4A and give everybody one of the minimugs that the game has for generic units.


Why not just have various emojis for the minimugs. Think of all the personality they’ll let you express!

I vote poop emoji for the main character.


bringing tlp2 and rom hacking to the mainstream, i like


when do you guys think the game will be ready to play :thinking:


soon :tm:


How soon?


soon :tm:*

*this trademark has been registered by Valve


How soon?

Never. It’s just a concept riding off the coattails of TLP. Nothing at FEE3, no screenshots since the thread was created, and the thread was created a bit too close to April the 1st to rule out it being a giant joke. Nobody would have paid an ounce of attention otherwise.


so never then. :cry:


Update coming eventually. I’m hard at work but ultimately as a low experience hacker with a job and a life this shit takes time. The game will come when it comes.


I’m sorry, you’re doing a great job :thumbsup:


Jesus dude chill


I’ve seen this before


It’s reverse psychology. Now they’ll release sooner to prove him wrong


Great optimism you’ve got there. You should reply that to all of the project discussions. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it, and a huge burst of motivation to boost.

Don’t be a twat.


hoping this is not a joke :slight_smile:


Sheesh…Could you be a bit less harsh? Not everyone will just have something to present at a certain time. Besides, it’s probably doing better than half of the “concepts” out there anyway.


Is it being harsh, or being truthful? Frankly, I would like to see some screenshots, or drawings, or anything. Otherwise, it just an empty promise