The King's Last Wish [COMPLETE] (V3.0 - New Chapters and Playable Units)

Big update (v2.7):

A new recruitable character has been added to the game. He can be recruited on chapter 12, and this is what he looks like at base:

John also has a linked death with his father (Nicholas) in that if one of them dies, the other will leave your party (or Nicholas will not join if John has died before he is recruited), similar to Pent and Louise in FE7. The story reason for this is that Nicholas doesn’t want both of them to be on the battlefield to ensure that the bloodline does not die out (“There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” type thing).

Note that John does not currently have any support conversations, but I may add some in a future update.

He was previously a minor story-only character, but now he is recruitable on chapter 12. The decision between recruited Renley, Starla or Nixon is now between just him and Renley. Starla and Nixon are now recruitable at different points in the game. This means that the total number of recruitable characters is now 27 (from 26), and the maximum recruitable in one playthrough is 26 (from 24), hopefully this will have the added benefit of making the game more ironman friendly as well.

Starla now starts as an enemy unit in chapter 9 that can be recruited by Monty or Osborn. She starts as an unpromoted level 9 archer with B rank in bows and a brave bow in her starting inventory. This should allow for an easier time dealing with all of the wyverns in chapter 10 as an added benefit. Here are her base stats (growths remain the same):

As for Nixon, he is now an enemy unit that is recruited on chapter 13. His recruitment is a little complicated, so see the recruitment guide in the OP for details (although his recruitment method is hinted at the beginning of the chapter). He is mostly the same stat-wise, except his base level is now 3 (from 1), his hp is 2 higher, his defence and resistance is 1 lower, and his resistance growth is 5% lower. He also joins will a brand new weapon:

The devil sword works just like the devil axe and grants the 8x wexp. Hopefully this will allow sword users that would previously struggle to reach S rank (namely Charlotte) reach it more realistically.

Chapter 12 has also received a slight aesthetic improvement and a secret shop has been added on the top right tile:

2023-05-25 (3)

Those are the most major changes, but here are a few other changes that I did not mention:

Other changes
  • Andy now joins with the member card, which will be required to access the 3 secret shops.

  • Nicholas no longer gives you the armourslayer or the battle axe in chapter 15. Instead, the armourslayer has replaced the silver blade in Nicholas’ starting inventory and the silver blade and battle axe have been moved to John’s starting inventory.

  • Nicholas now has A rank swords rather than S rank.

  • Renley now also joins with a recover staff.

  • Some minor story changes to accomodate some character’s changed recruitment times.

  • Osborn can now only receive lances on promotion to differentiate him from the new unit and to offer uniqueness in being a lance infantry when there are many axe infantry characters.

  • Devil axe has received -10 crit (now 0) and -5 hit. Hopefully this makes it less risky to use the devil axe to increase axe rank without having to worry about a crit-backfire.

  • Slightly buffed the paladins in the final chapter.

  • Nixon no longer shows up in chapter 5 for story reasons. Instead, a group of bandits will show up.

Please note that this patch is not compatible with old saves beyond chapter 8.


A hero named John…

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Is there a hero called John in another hack or something? If so, it is entirely a coincidence.

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v2.71 patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you fought with Piper’s animations on.

  • Fixed an issue where Edith had the male druid walking map sprite.

  • Fixed an issue where druids gave the player double experience.

  • The new character, John, now has a support with Nicholas.

  • Shelly and Madison now join with vulneraries.

  • Balance changes (see below).

Balance changes

Playable characters:

  • Helgen: -1 base magic, -1 base skill, - 2 base hp, -2 base defence, -10% hp growth, -5% skill growth.

  • Nicholas: -1 base defence, -5% defence growth, +5% hp growth.

  • Wesley: -2 base hp, -3 base defence, +4 base resistance, -10% hp growth, -10% defence growth, -5% resistance growth.

  • Renley: -5% defence growth, +5% skill growth.

  • Charlotte: base level increase to 3 (from 1).

  • Grant: base level increased to 7 (from 6).

  • Linda: base level increase to 8 (from 7).

  • Edison: base level increased to 9 (from 8).

  • Starla: base level increase to 11 (from 9).

  • Augustus: base level increased to 12 (from 9).


  • Raychester: -4 hp, -1 strength, -1 defence.
  • Alfred: -5 hp, -1 resistance.
  • Ramin: -2 hp, -3 defence.

v2.8 patch notes:

This is the new map for the prologue and chapter 1:

2023-06-03 (2)

Here is what it looked like before for reference:


2023-06-03 (1)

Along with the visual improvement, the way they play has also been reworked. Here are the details:

  • Prologue:

Rather than a defend map, it is now an escape map with Osborn and the 2 cavaliers trying to escape from Alfred’s attack. The end cutscene sequences are now integrated into the map FE4 style. This was quite complicated to code, so if you notice any issues, let me know and I’ll fix them asap. Also thanks to @Vesly for his new tile event call asm. It made coding the events so much easier.

  • Chapter 1:

Quite similar to the original, but Piper now joins in this chapter and it can approached in 2 different ways. You can either opt to stealth the chapter or fight the enemy head on. If you avoid the attack range of enemies inside the castle, they will not move, allowing Piper to sneak to the chest room while other units sneak to the breakable wall.

The chests contain the secret book (formerly available in the prologue), and the longbow (formerly obtained from a chest in chapter 2). There are also 2 houses off to the far right that yield a pure water and a steel lance.

As a knock-on effect from these changes, I have also made some other changes (see below).

Other changes
  • Royce is now a green unit in the prologue with a silver axe and an elixir. When recruited in chapter 2, he has been stripped of his inventory. The silver axe and elixir can now be found in the chests on chapter 2.

  • Since the thunder tome is no longer in the chest on chapter 2, they are now buyable from the chapter 3 vendor.

  • Some minor changes to the story to account for the changes to the first 2 chapters.

  • Hale now joins with a javelin instead of an iron lance.

  • Gregory’s base level has been raised to 3 (from 1) to make up for the fact that he’s no longer available for the prologue.

  • Monty base level increased to 2 (from 1).

  • Since Piper could now potentially be dead for chapter 2, Shelly now joins with a door key.


v2.8.1 patch notes

This patch fixes some issues caused by v2.8 that I didn’t notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would be given double gold.

  • If you finish the prologue early (turn 3 or turn 4), the missed events will be shown afterwards instead. I hadn’t considered that a player may beat the map that quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where the boss of the prologue received hard mode bonuses.

  • Fixed an issue where the bosses of the prologue and chapter 1 got mixed up causing issues with battle quotes and death quotes.

  • Fixed an issue where a cavalier on the prologue could potentially spawn without full hp.

  • The hard-mode exclusive archer on chapter 1 has been moved from the chest room to the northern corridor to prevent him from blocking the player from reaching the chests.


v2.8.2 patch notes:

  • Chapter 2 has been reworked. I have made visual improvements to the map to make it look more in line stylistically with the prologue/chapter 1 map. Here is what the map looks like now:


Here is what it looked like before for reference:


2023-06-07 (2)

Here is what has been changed gameplay wise:

  • Royce now starts as a green unit and you must talk to him with Osborn to recruit him before moving to the arrive point. Royce will also move to recruit himself after the door is open.

  • The boss has been moved from the right side of the map to the left side of the map near the arrive point.

  • The green armour knight that is slowly being chipped by a soldier has been moved from the middle right to the top left (where the boss used to be).

  • I have added a broken wall to prevent players who have lost Piper from being softlocked.

  • The green armour knights now move to escape if you open their cell doors. This is not required for the reward (they only need to be alive), but I felt it made sense narratively.

  • Chapter 3 has also been reworked. Here is what it looks like now:

2023-06-07 (1)

Here is what it used to look like before for reference:


2023-06-07 (3)

Here is how it has changed gameplay wise:

  • Reinforcements are no longer infinite, but they are slightly weaker, more varied, and come a turn earlier. First, cavaliers will spawn from the south, then armour knights will spawn from the east. There will be 4 total waves.

  • The arena and shops have been moved to the north. This will allow the player to actual use the arena and use the gold in the shops as the reinforcements no longer spawn right next to the shops.

  • There are now 3 arrive tiles rather than 1, and the armour knight has been removed. This will prevent the player from potentially being blocked by the armour knight.

Other changes:

  • The arrive and escape commands now appear at the top of the command list like sieze.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could softlock themselves if they chose to wait instead of breaking the wall in the prologue. The wait command is now temporarily disabled at that moment to prevent this.

Edit: just dropped a hotfix fixing an issue where some of the brigands in chapter 3 could not move.


v2.8.3 patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue where Andy would display the female thief battle animations.

  • Fixed an issue where the road tiles on chapter 10 would display the sea background.

  • Removed the green units from chapter 9. I felt it was too rng dependent whether or not they survived as the longbow archers had around 65 hit, which could easily go either way. Instead, they are ecountered after the battle and will give the orion’s bolt to Monty if he is still alive. The killer bow has been moved into a chest.

  • Following on from the last point, to ensure there is still an incentive to push forward rather than hold the chockpoints, thieves will now appear on turn 8 after the cavalier reinforcements have stopped.

  • The chapter 5 brave lance pegasus is now exclusive to normal/hard and doesn’t appear on easy mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the great knight on ch6 would not move. Instead, he has been entirely replaced with a falcoknight. The reason for this is that it could get very stally at the bridge with both the hero and the great knight being healed by the bishop.

  • The chapter 9 secret shop now sells poison weapons. The reaver weapons have been moved to the chapter 12 secret shop. The price is halfway between iron and steel weapons.

  • Other minor changes.

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I’d just like to mention that I’m currently working on v3.0 and have been for a while now. This will be a big update with new chapters, units and even classes. A few other things I am considering:

  • Increasing deployment slots. A few people have said to me that they feel as if deployment slots are too tight and they can’t bring all of the units they’d like to bring. With new units being added as well, I could see increasing deployment slots. Perhaps less deployment slots on hard mode like in FE7?

  • Potentially moving the desert map to later in the game as a desert map could be unreasonable at chapter 5.

  • Smoothing out the level curve. At the moment, enemy levels spike quickly in the early game and stabilize later on.

  • Reworking chapter 7 to be a more normal chapter rather than facing pre-promotes. This chapter can be very difficult if you don’t have the tools/units to deal with it. The biggest example is if you’ve lost Royce (your Jaigen), which makes the map considerably more difficult.

  • Potentially widening the difficulty gap between difficulties. Normal and hard may be too similar as the gap between enemy strength is relatively small. The main difference coming from reinforcements arriving earlier and less gold.

  • Considering addibg MMB.

Note that these changes are not definite and are subject to change. If anyone has any input regarding these changes or any other general feedback for me to take into account for the update, please let me know either here or in dms.

As for progress so far, here’s a new map and a new unit (not linked):


Character portrait by @NICKT


V3.0 is now available! Featuring new chapters, playable units and more. Here are the details:

New Chapters

The new chapter 5:


A map focused on splitting your forces to effectively deal with the enemy while also reaching the village to the north before it’s destroyed by bandits.

The new chapter 6:

2023-07-05 (1)

A map focused on reaching the gate to the north in a timely manner to save a group of green units that are being attacked while also juggling the shops and villages.

The new chapter 8:

2023-07-05 (3)

A nomad chapter with multiple different ways to reach the boss.

The new chapter 18:

2023-07-05 (5)

Classic lategame wyvern chapter, but with a twist. The chapter is significantly downsized compared to how they tend to be in vanilla. This places a greater emphasis on good positioning to defend against the initial waves of wyverns while still reaching the village on time before it gets destroyed.

Reworks of Existing Chapters


2023-07-05 (18)

Chapter 1:

2023-07-05 (19)

Chapter 7:


A rework of the old chapter 7 but without all the scary pre-promotes this time. Losing your Jeigan made this chapter brutal before, but should be much more manageable now. It is now a defeat boss chapter
with a village to disincentivise you from rushing down the boss.

Chapter 12:

2023-07-05 (4)

A rework of the old desert chapter (formerly chapter 5). It is no longer just an open space but still keeps the feeling of requiring solid positioning to take on the pegasus knights before advancing. I felt chapter 12 was more fitting as the player has many more tools to deal with the desert by then.

New Playable Characters

Lyanna the troubadour:

A troubadour that joins on chapter 5 to address the lack of earlygame healers. Before you would only receive 1 if you didn’t promote your mage. Balanced by her lower magic growth.

Harvey the mage:

A backup earlygame magic user that is more focused on balanced stats, including hp and defence. Joins on chapter 6.

Marshal the paladin:

A backup Jeigan that joins on chapter 8. Serves a similar role to Jerrot from FE6. He has slightly higher growths than Royce to compensate for his worse availability.

Harley the nomad:

A backup bow user who joins on chapter 8. Balanced by his lower strength and defence.

Trisha the swordmaster:

A former enemy-only unit who can now be recruited on chapter 17. Her powerful stats are balanced by her steep recruitment cost.

Gavyn the berserker:

A class not previously seen in the game. He is recruitable on chapter 18 and focuses primarily on strength and is balanced by his low stats in most other areas.

  • The chapter that was formerly chapter 6 (“Heart of Corruption”) has been removed from the game.

  • A few new story threads to account for the new chapters, but nothing that changes the major plot.

  • Stealing is now available. There are many stealable items dotted throughout the game. This should help thieves and assassins feel more viable.

  • At the end of chapter 12 (desert chapter), there will now be an event where you can choose to give a certain amount of money and be rewarded depending on how generous you are. You will receive the following rewards:

0 gold - no reward
2500 gold - sleep staff
5000 gold - sleep staff + warp staff
10,000 gold - sleep staff + warp staff + silver card.

  • Lessened the turn requirements for the second playthrough rewards to account for the additional chapters. They are all now 40 turns more lenient.

  • Slightly increased gold on hard mode. I felt it was a little too strict before and now there are a few
    events that require gold, I thought increasing it was reasonable.

  • Truman is now recruitable on chapter 3 (from 4).

  • Harper is now recruitable on chapter 4 (from 5).

  • Support bonuses for the new berserker class are strength and crit.

  • Added a breakable wall at the bottom of chapter 21 (“Father and Son”) to allow the units on the outer sides of the wall to help against the boss.

  • Fixed an issue where the sleep icon was incorrect.

  • Many other changes that I likely did not remember to include.


First time commenting, enjoying the game so far. Major bug found, apologies if someone previously pointed it out but game freezes after chapter 2. Right after speaking to uncle I cannot continue, played the game on normal and then easy, both times and had all the knights escape (acquired dracoshield) and both time game freezes as soon as finished with uncle.

TLDR Game freezes after chapter 2

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Thank you for letting me know about this. It seems the glitch was caused when you escaped with all other player units before escaping with Osborn. I never did this during testing, which is why I didn’t find the bug. I have updated the patch to v3.0.1, so please redownload the patch. Let me know if the fix works.

As well as fixing the bug, I have also fixed the following in v3.0.1:

  • Fixed an issue where the hammer and heavy spear were not effective against the armour knights in chapter 2.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could potentially get the dracoshield even if some green units died. The only requirement before was that you open the doors. Now, they actually have to escape the map for you to receive the reward.

  • Fixed an issue where the brigands would attempt to destroy the braces on chapter 3.

  • Fixed an issue where Druids were immune to status staves.

  • Replaced the horseslayer chest in ch17 with a berserk staff (as originally intended).

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Chapter 11 just kicked my ass, the moment I lost shelly everything went downhill :'D. I enjoyed that dialogue does change depending on who is alive or dead in your party.

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I have just updated the patch to v3.0.2.

The reason for this is that moving the desert chapter from chapter 5 to chapter 12 caused some minor story discrepancies in a few supports and character endings. To remedy this, I have:

  • Removed the support between Edison and Grant. It has now been replaced with a support between Edison and Harley.
  • Changed Harper and Augustus’ A support and paired ending.
  • Changed a few support building speeds to be unlocked at a more appropriate time in the story.
  • Slightly changed the ending.

In addition to this, I have also done the following:

  • Added a support between Harvey and Gavyn.
  • Harvey now reacts at the end of chapter 6 if Lyanna has died.
  • Added a talk conversation between Harvey and Helgen on chapter 20.
  • Other minor changes.

Hey one issue i’m running into. I just unlocked Harvey and he doesn’t move at all. Like he’s lock on the next chapter in one spot. Tried rescue moving him too and no good.

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Thank you for reporting this. It seems this problem was caused if you recruited Harvey by keeping him alive rather than talking to him with Lyanna. I always talked to him with Lyanna during testing so I didn’t encounter this bug. I have updated the patch to v3.0.3 which has fixed this bug. However, on your current save file, the bug will only be fixed if you go back to chapter 6. If you can’t go back to chapter 6, feel free to send me a copy of your .sav file and I will fix the problem and send the .sav file back to you.

In addition to fixing this bug, in v3.0.3, I have made a few other changes.

Other changes
  • Nerfed the hard-mode exclusive reinforcements of chapter 16.

  • Reduced Alfred’s stats slightly to reduce the risk of players getting stuck (-5 hp and -1 defence).

  • Replaced the druids on chapter 20 with sages.

  • Helgen -1 base speed.

  • Other minor changes

Hey, started playing your hack yesterday, pretty fun so far, the story is very barebones, but that’s fine, at least there’s nothing jarringly juvenile like so many try to do. I like the gameplay even though the characters are a bit too plain.

I’m playing on hard mode and the difficult ebbs and flows, I’m at chapter 7 and I have the 3.0.2 version. I see that you are often updating the hack and I’d like to know a bit more of these “minor changes”, cause I’m not sure if updating all the time for minor stuff would be super relevant for me.

thank you for the fun game.

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I just use “other minor changes” as a catch all phrase for small things that I either forgot to mention or are so insignificant that they aren’t worth mentioning (typos for example). Usually I’d say it’s fine to ignore a new version as changes are usually pretty minor. The exception to this would be if you encountered a bug of some sort, in which case I would update to the latest version. Or if that doesn’t work, report it.

I know that most creators tend to only release a patch when they have a significant amount of material to warrant it, but my thought process is that if I’ve made a change that positively impacts the experience, there’s no point in me waiting to release it (especially in regards to bugs).


I finished chapter 7 and only now I noticed that Osborn doesn’t have the supply option available to him. That’s a bit of a bummer, cause it limits some of the player options imo.

Also, the deployment slots are so few, 9 max so far, which is also a bit of a bummer for me, i’d like to have more slots to actually have the chance to play with the new units that come around, I’d rather have more enemy density with more deployment slots than fewer enemies with so few available units to play.

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The reason I decided to make deployment slots low is because I find that it puts a much greater emphasis on positioning and utilising each unit’s action effectively. Whenever I’m playing a game with high deployment slots like fe6, I always find that I use some of my units but the rest are just stuck walking at the back of the pack.

It also has the added benefit of making the game more ironman friendly as the maps are designed to be beaten with fewer units, so you don’t need as many trained units to be successful. Deployment slots do increase later in the game however. They will gradually increase and peak at 12.