The Fall of Thabes release

Oooh, interesting!
I’ll have to put it on the backlog due to IRL circumstances, but this does seem interesting!

Hope you enjoy it when you do get around to it.

​New chapter of the let’s play/walkthrough. I’ve discovered for some inexplicable reason, uploading long videos to youtube is much more reliable on a phone than on a laptop.

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Enjoying the hack so far, are there any plans to improve on the character palettes though? They look a bit bland when compared to the great mugs you made :slight_smile:

Oh I can’t take any credit for making the mugs. My artistic skills are severely lacking. The closest credit I can get in that department is ripping some of the dragon mugs from other games and converting them to GBA formats.

By palettes do you mean the palettes used during battle? No plans to edit any of them, except the ones that were off coloured referenced earlier in this thread (which have since been fixed, if you’re using an older version). Like the mugs it’s not something my talents lend towards, and for the most part I’m okay since the combat animations themselves look good, even if a lot of them don’t look like the characters in question (Belerephon’s battle model is clearly female, and actually not coloured the best, so I might consider fixing that one). But if anyone who does work with palettes wants to take a hand at them the help would be welcomed. I did do some work to try and make different coloured dragons, but my eye for this type of design just isn’t great, so the Dagons are the only one of my original creations that made it in with me finding more professional combat animations for the other dragons.

Last two chapters in terms of gameplay have been uploaded.

In addition I’ve managed to get a pretty sweet Grima battle animation from the same guy who made the Duma animation

Check him out, he does some really great stuff.

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I haven’t played it yet, but I expect to see Forneus here

Of course. He’s the final boss…sort of.

Finally had the chance to end the game and I have to say… Wow. Very, VERY good game. The only problem would be some bugs I found that were easy to avoid. I’ve noticed that no dragon, apart from the bosses, move during the final battle and they won’t attack you as long as you don’t enter their range. Now, here’s my question: is there anyway to actually survive the final battle and defeat Duma, even though he won’t die because, you know, Valentia? Because Tychon has the word “Macedon” included in his name, I figured he should be an ancestor of Iote, Michalis and the rest of Macedon’s royal family.

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No, there’s no legitimate way to defeat Duma in the final battle. Though, for some weird reason his stats do lower if you reset and reload a suspend point, but it should still be reasonable impossible. It’s no intended one way or another. The last chapter is basically an interactive cutscene. I did intend to do some post game trial maps however, fighting the various famous character from it, but I could never figure out a way to restrict and return Archeon’s movement in a way that would actually let you use his promoted class in trial maps but also functionally isolate him for the final map.

Very happy you enjoyed it, I don’t think many people have managed to complete it! I think I made the difficulty a tad bit unreasonable. But hey, massive difficulty does suit the theme of the plot. Since you enjoyed it, you might be interested in my current project in development. Pyrathi 609 (though if you liked Fall of Thabes sky high difficulty, you might be disappointed as this game is significantly easier).

Also set in the Valentia-Archanea universe, but sequel to Mystery of the Emblem, rather than a distant prequel. So far about 7 chapters are available, but I plan on dropping an update soon making up to chapter 13 available. I have been a bit distracted with Engage for the last month, however.

Anyway, really happy you enjoyed the game. I put a tonne of work into it, glad to see some people are playing it.


Well I did play in casual mode, just in case the game was infernal. I mean, I managed to beat Thracia with no casualties and no elite mode (yes, I’m that kind of psyco), but I smelled this game might be too much and I was right. That said, I was always interested in Thabes (specially after going down there in Echoes) and that’s why I loved the game. I expect good things from your next game.

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The thing is, you CAN actually defeat Duma at the cost of sacrificing some units. The problem are the other 4 boss dragons. I wonder if the game would bug if I manage to defeat all of them, and then crush the unmoving dragons.

You would just be left there in the empty map.

Well, we were both wrong. The moment I defeat that one last dragon, the game will be back to Day 2: rest, just like it does after the credits.

Ah, that’s probably the original Sacred Stones code for that map activating. Well done, how did you manage to pull it off? If you did it with legitimate strats than I might make it so all the dragons rush you if you manage to kill Duma.

I did it with legitimate stats. You must be sure to make your characters’ speed an Hp as high as possible, specially Hermione’s since she’ll be essential. You’ll want all your characters to have at least one elixir with its 3 uses intact AND the recover staff, I managed to stay with 4 uses. Also: pray. Pray hard so you miss no hits against the dragon generals in your first turn because if you do, you’re fucked.

First step is to kill the 4 dragon generals. The mage dragon goes first, as he can’t attack in close range. A combination of Xerxes + dragon lance and Hestia + dragon Axe will do.

The dagon goes next, you can either go with Hermione + wyrmslayer or Isskrates + dragon lance, because they’re most likely to one hit KO with a crit. Hermione’s will surely crit the dagon and that is fundamental, if she doesn’t she’ll be severely hurt and Duma might kill her next.

As for the fire dragon, he’s the most dangerous of them all. You’ll have to use Fimbulvetr with Kisara (and her magic stat to the max, if possible) against him, then Paeon + Dragon axe. And it HAS to be in that order, because you will want Paeon at full force.

The ice dragon should be done easy. Crit him with Than + Luna, it shouldn’t be hard if you dedicated him time to maximize his luck and speed as much as I did. If you don’t, Tychon + Parthia should seal the deal.

And finally, it’s Duma’s time. If everything went as planned, he’ll immediately kill Xerxes and then Hestia, since they’re the easiest victims. Don’t panic. Do panic if Duma moves to attack them from a pillar, however, because then you’ll have to go to the northwestern corner of the map and kill the dragons there only so you can attract him to the center of the map (this is why you need the elixirs).

You’ll want to keep Than away to try and heavily hurt Duma with Luna, but you’ll have to be lucky to pull that off. Hestia died, yes, but Duma left the pillar to finish her, so now he’s at your mercy. You’ll have to surround him with Paeon, Hermione, Isskrates and Tychon, alll of them with antidragon weapons (wyrmslayer in Tychon’s case) and full HP. Again, be sure to keep Than and Kisara out of Duma’s range (should be easier now that he’s surrounded).
If your stats are like this, Duma won’t be able to double anyone. In fact, both Hermione and Tychon will double him:

I also had to kill those dragons on the left, but it wasn’t that difficult thanks to Duma enjoying Hestia’s blood. After that, just attack him with Hermione until you kill him, you should be able to make it thanks to the recover stuff and her great stats. In his following turns Duma will attack any of your characters (except for Than and Kisara) but as previously stated they’ll be fast and healthy enough to resist him. You’ll eventually kill him and rout all the remaining dragons.

I must say it was fun to create a strategy like this, it’s been some time since I found a challenge like this. The only other hard challenge I can remember is… Well, all of Fire Emblem Inheritance, but lets not count that game since it’s simply unfair.

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Oh wow. I’m so impressed I think I might just leave things as it is. Good job. You averted the events of Shadows of Valentia XD


Must say a great game. Harder at times then I expected. And definitely worth the time and effort. A great story and a solid idea

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With all that talk of the final chapter, I just realized I never actually posted the final chapter here on this thread even though it was recorded over a year ago. Well, I doubt anyone is eagerly waiting to see the conclusion via this thread’s embedded videos, but for the sake of completion I might as well post it here.

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