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I made a Juna Fruit item for FE7
So…can someone test it for me?
I’m still working on it but it should work and actually print out how many levels get subtracted

here’s source if you want

Oh, I can test it. How do I add it ingame, and how do I choose how many levels to subtract?

It appears to be coded to subtract a random amount (1d5) right now.

It also appears not to have a check for level requirements (unless item code does that somewhere else?), and I don’t see how it actually prints the message (although it’s clearly loading a character for the level number to some magic IRAM location)…

also >using swi division straight out

there are stdlib function calls or actual native div functions to use

The check and print out are done separately. I figured you could use the condition for the promotion item and the game natively loads separate code to print the text when the item is used. 0x3000080 is the address the game uses to hold the ASCII value for gold so you can use the [G] command to load the prandom number. Yeah it’s kinda weird, but I can’t think of a better way to display the levels.
Suggestions are welcome if anyone has any

@Klok – do this:

pick an item to sacrifice (ideally a stat boost item)
paste [this][1] somewhere in your ROM.
go to the item’s location in the item use table and put in the new pointer
go to the item’s location in the condition table and put a pointer from one of the promotion items
in feditor, choose a text slot to sacrifice and put “[G] levels lost” there
paste [this][2] into some free space and change the 50 07 to the text ID you used
go to the item’s spot in the text table and put in the new pointer

dynamically generate text and have a test slot in the pointer table point to a spot in ram. I’ve done it before.

that sounds needlessly complicated when I just need one character to be dynamic

I’m experiencing technical difficulties. Don’t test it yet, I fucked up the code >_>

Not even, since promotion items require certain classes.

word? I thought it just checked levels
well that’s not difficult to do anyway so it’s OK
The item functions just fine but I can’t get the random number to print properly >_<

Come to think of it, using the [G] code is actually a good idea, because you don’t want to hard-code the corresponding text in the code. I bet there’s an actual existing number-to-string code you should be calling instead though. And I bet it null-terminates the string, which I bet is what you’re missing

yeah that was the idea because the number is a prandom number. Well there is one that converts the gold value into the proper ASCII characters but the way I’m doing it, I’m directly storing the ASCII characters so I don’t know. It’s too bad I can’t concatenate strings, I could have one slot to point to an address in RAM and one hardcoded to be added to the end (saying like “Levels lost” or something). I looks like the game uses separate functions to load the gold value and just putting the [G] command isn’t enough; at least not in this context. I’m starting to think using the [Item] command might be easier but I don’t know the RAM address associated with it.
I guess I could cope out and not make it print the levels out but I ain’t no quitter
this is still easier than the arms scroll though
so it looks like NONE of the commands display right, not even [Tact]
I’m actually legitimately stumped

Yeah uh, you said it best.

too hard?

It sounds like a lot of things that could go wrong, plus I don’t want to overwrite any stat booster items as I’m already using all of them.

repoint the tables and add it as a new item then
if you want help you can PM me but I tested it already and it looks like it’s working fine

I’m not crazy


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Thanks, it actually wasn’t too hard, my notes and source code from the Arms Scroll helped a lot

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