The Communal To-Do List


How’s the addition coming along, @Venno?


Is there such an option? Arch, do you mind sending me a rom or something of the prototype so I can look for where the danger thing is?


I haven’t gotten around to messing with the Solo option yet; adding an option or two in place of it is fairly simple, but I don’t know how to set up the menu to remove the A-button prompt on Solo or the solo menu, nor adding fifth option on the menu. UI isn’t my area of expertise. Plus I’ve been occupied with other things (like figuring out what the AI bytes do!)


i should probably mention that i’ve actually been sitting on the “unit surrounded” conditional for a while; the only reason i haven’t released it is because i’m too busy obsessing over my new patching format


I added a silly theory idea to the list, I got the idea from all of this weapon modifications I’ve been seeing around these parts :o


Well, here’s the thing, I intended to do something like this, but it would have just resulted in waaaaaaaay too many pointer tables (I have enough as it is). Though if you just want one specific class modded, I could do that for you, but to incorporate in a general manner would be unwieldy.


@Venno, are you still doing this, or should I take care of it?


I mentioned the general manner more or less for the community, but I did have specific classes in mind and not a table for my own project. Should I take this to pm’s or…?


Yeah, go ahead. Just stating my issues with making it a general thing. Tooooo many tables :(.


Oh yeah, I’ve finished that thing. You can find a link to the download here. FE7 only, but I can port it to FE8 if anybody wants.


AI Modifications:

  • Being able to define usable healing items (they currently only recognize Vulnerary and Elixir’s item IDs). ~@Arch
  • Addressing this question/request about seize throne AI. ~@Arch
  • Teaching enemies to handle cavaliers moving after attack. ~@Arch

Added a new section to the list.


Pruned the list a bit.


Added this. Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.


idk I thought of this last night in my internetless room


Has this been solved already? I was trying to see if I could use this as well.


Should be relatively easy if I can find where it calcs level ups.


i have a routine that ups stats and shit but you should probably do the whole text box thing for yourself


I think I have this figured out – it is just a 2-D array, but it’s fairly simple if we just access it through, like, the actual pointers? Rather than trying to index it ourselves. It’s just that it seems to allocate the space in a weird way, but I think the pointers are fairly straightfoward. (Or at least, the FoW 2d array is simple and I may be misremembering the unit map… but I think it’s doable)


Totally done, or at least we know which bytes to change. [FE7] The Official AI Documentation Thread


i have been done with this for months, it’s just that i wrote it with my new assembly patcher specs and i haven’t gotten around to writing the patcher

doc link

there’s a plugin for modular battle that makes use of this, and you could probably screw with the “finder_func” that exists somewhere else in that doc to finish up the event command


I did this.


I finished the arms scroll for FE7