The Communal To-Do List


Should be fairly simplistic. I can write a asm routine that checks if the active unit has a certain item in their inventory. I can also write a companion routine that can remove said item from an inventory.


I implemented this so go test it out and tell me it doesn’t work/is bugged.

Edit: I implemented it for FE7 too. Go test it for either version guys.


:smiley: I’ll test it sometime today. Thanks a bunch, man!


Sort of bump, I added two more kind of strange conditions to the OP


Adding more things, I guess.


There’s one built in! Nintenlord has it in his notes(For the give all command of course); I’ll dig it out for you tomorrow. Then maybe a bit of work for me to interface it and just(I assume) dispose of the items if the storage is full?


I’d be interested in an FE8 version of this, if possible! :slight_smile:

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I made the have-a-character-give-all-items-to-the-merchant for FE8.

[fe8 source][1]
[fe8 dump][2]

Could you please test these out for me? I tried testing them out myself, I really did! But I couldn’t get the EA to agree with my “LOU1 Units1” or something… I can’t event for FE8 :frowning:.
Anyway, you’ll see that the 3rd and 4th bytes are 01 20. Change the 01 into the character ID of the character you want to have them give all items.


Thank you very much, you’re such a boss! :smiley:

However, calling the ASM hack freezes the game. :frowning:

Question: what happens if the convoy is full?
Question2: Say that Faratrass isn’t available for a chapter. The Supply command won’t be available either (and all items get tossed instead). What happens if I use the ASMC under those circumstances? Will it still send it to the convoy? I could test this by myself but I’m really busy atm, so if you know the answer please let me know. Otherwise I’ll test it in a few days

Also, use _LOAD1 0x1 label


Answer: It would keep the items in her inventory, since I’m just calling the built-in give all command. I’ll make a version that clears out the inventory.

Answer2: It should still work (if it did work in the first place :P)


That’s because there’s no such thing as LOU1 for FE8! There’s three varieties of LOAD commands, which all do slightly different things, plus a fourth type reserved for cutscene-only units.


Then @Arch needs to update his guide to chapter construction with some more notes on FE8… unless I missed them…


Lol! I just made a typo when typing in the offset of the built in routine. It should be fixed now, and I tested it to work.

Edit: Ported to FE7. Now to make inventory clearing versions. I’ll do that later; I really ought to figure out what to do next for modular battle.

Edit2: Added the inventory clearing versions.


I did this. I’ll be adding it to my dump of asm crap.


Adding three more to the list:

  • Map the prototype’s “danger” command to the select button.
  • Make the visit command work on any tile (like seize).
  • Change Animation 1 & 2 to both display backgrounds. 1 is normal animations, 2 is animations on player phase only. Nintenlord has documentation on hacking these options for The Last Promise’s DS backgrounds.


That shouldn’t be too difficult, I could probably knock that out in a few hours total. Probably.


Added this one after I realised that the game will only do hard mode bonuses if it’s in HHM, which is no good if you’ve done your hack in Eliwood mode…