The Best FE Level Ever:

Just as the title says, FE Fans, I have two questions to ask you:

What do you consider the best level ever in Fire Emblem? And why?

Note: FE Romhacks count too for this.

The end of Fates: Conquest is amazing

I just love having all my units debuffed to infinity while reinforcements endlessly spawn and the boss attacks me from afar


Wall of Text with Profanity

It’s time for the worst chapter in the entire series, hell one of the worst video gaming experiences I’ve ever had period. Conquest endgame on lunatic!!! So like I said for chapter 24x of Thracia,


Where do I even begin. To start, let’s talk about the main gimmick of this chapter, which is takumis fuck you wave. Takumi shoots a wave of energy that brings everyone it hits down to half hp, and to avoid it you need to use the dragon vein and hide behind the barrier. The problem is for one there’s barely enough dragon veins to keep this up for very long, those barriers don’t go away. This means that you have to break certain ones if you want to move to certain spots. And because breaking barriers takes up a turn, very specific barriers are placed conveniently in enemies such as master ninjas range, who will probably one shot or at least severely damage that unit. And finally, there’s so much other shit going on that you might as well just take the hit. And speaking of that other shit.

The enemies are way too strong here. Seriously I get this is the final chapter but the spike in enemy stats is the most insane spike I’ve ever seen. Enemies are nearly capped out and even master ninjas who’s one redeeming quality was the low strength can now essentially one round most of your units. The worst of this are the 8 paired up paladins/dark knights that rush you, their stats being off the charts. Nowhere else in this game have you had to deal with 4 super units (8 paired up units) at the same time, who also could roast any of your units whether they are a res tank or a defense tank because of the dark knight paladin combo.

So what you think. Just wait for the paired units to come to you and tank them out, then move forward and slowly bait out all the stationary units that you need to be in range of for them to pursue you. The problem with this logic is that by turn 3, incredibly powerful faceless units with a skill that lets them self destruct and take half your hp start appearing, and once they catch up to you, you might as well just reset.

And speaking of resetting every time you fail this chapter you have to complete chapter 27 again. Granted chapter 27 is very easy but why!!! Why do I have to waste 15 minutes of my life every time I lose!!! Why has the simple act of trying again which has been present since the FIRST FUCKING GAME been taken away here. And no taking away a players ability to save the fucking game does not make a chapter more epic, more connected, more tense, whatever the hell they were going for.

And yet despite all of this, I haven’t even gotten to the worst part. The one aspect of this chapter that makes it the worst in the series. It all comes down to one enemy only skill that is lunatic exclusive that was not thought out at all.


I hate this one skill more than I hate literally anything in this entire series. To those who don’t know, inevitable end makes it so that debuffs stack. That’s broken enough, but to make matters worse so many enemies in this chapter has this skills. Master ninjas have it, faceless have it (they have seal skills along with this skill which is stupid), but worst of all is the fucking maids have it along with an enfeeble staff and staff savant. You need to kill as many maids as possible by like turn 2, or you’re fucked. Hell you could just get unlucky and be fucked by turn one. I’ve once had them all target Corrin on turn one giving him -12 in all stats and then he’d get killed by a basic oni cheftian. Heck I’ve had units get to the point where they’d have -24 in all their stats. That essentially brings them back to their bases IN ENDGAME!!! Wtf!!! At least the invisible warp tiles, as bullshit as they are, were introduced earlier in the game. Inevitable end just comes the fuck out of nowhere to screw you over.

So essentially you get into a pattern where no matter what you do you lose. Try and hold back, get killed by the faceless and the maids debuffs. Try to push forward, get destroyed by the paired up cavalry units. Try to have a balance of both, get hit by the fuck you wave. Try to use a dragon vein, get debuffed to death by the fucking maids. And keep in mind that every single time you fail you have to replay chapter 27. This will go on until eventually this cycle of insanity causes you to throw your 3ds out the window.

Even if you somehow manage to get to the boss, while his stats suck you can easily get screwed over by awakening pair up and vengeance. I can’t even describe how infuriating it is to finally get through all the bullshit just to get screwed over by an unlucky vengeance proc.

For context, when I first played conquest (yes starting on lunatic was a mistake) yes the game was hard, but pretty much every chapter was still fair. I was able to get to chapter 27 in about a month in a half. How long did this fucking chapter take me to beat? About 3 weeks!!! That’s right, half my conquest playtime was spent on this one fucking chapter. And this was well after the point where despite keeping everyone alive up to this point, I (regretfully) gave up on that, and still, just beating the chapter regardless of who died seemed an insurmountable task.

This chapter just breaks my heart. Up to this point conquest has been hard, but fair. Hell, I didn’t even mind the more controversial chapters like the ninja den, the kitsune one, and the wind tribe one. Yea they were gimmicky, but every chapter made you think about strategy in a different way. So I have no idea what the fuck happened with this chapter. It’s like the developers just gave up and threw a bunch of half thought out concepts together that would make the chapter insanely hard.

So yeah, fuck this chapter! Do not be an idiot like me, and please whatever you do save your rescue staves and cheese this chapter!

^ This is what someone wrote on the chapter

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The best level ever is when Sasuke finally confronts his brother Itachi in a one on one duel where all you do is park Sasuke on a pillar and end the turn constantly, hoping he’s not critted. Riveting gameplay.


I’m quite fond of Chapter 12x of Vestaria Saga. Introduces a lot of concepts at a natural but exciting pace. It’s just a shame you can cheese your way through the whole thing by pressing the skip button.

You know what, I totally agree with that statement.

You know what would make that Chapter so much easier?

A Warp Staff.

heck I can’t think of a #1 favorite so instead have my favorites from all games

FE1/11 - Endgame, The Chosen Ones
FE2/15 - Final Map
FE3/12 - Ch 20, Dark Emperor
FE4 - Endgame, The Final Holy War
FE5 - Most of the maps are pretty good tbh, I can’t think of a favorite
FE6 - Ch 22, The Neverending Dream
FE7 - Ch 17/18, Pirate Ship
FE8 - Ch 10 Ephraim, Turning Traitor
FE9 - tbh i don’t remember that much of FE9 maps
FE10 - Ch 2-E, Elincia’s Gambit
FE13 - Ch 6, Forseer
FE14B - Ch 9
FE14C - Ch 10, Unhappy Reunion
FE14R - Ch 17, Black Flames
FE16AM - Ch 21, Our Chosen Paths
FE16CF - Ch 17, Field of Revenge
FE16VW - Endgame, Fodlan’s New Dawn
FE16SS - Ch 20, The City Without Light
FE16CS - Ch 4, Danger in the Dark
TLP - Ch 25
VQ - Ch 1-10
SOTF - Ch 6


FE6 chapter 16 is my pick for the absolute best. There’s so much going on in that map, between the chests, two recruitable characters, multiple good stealable items, the secret shop (with the member card being on the opposite end of the map on a recruitable character), the looming threat of Douglas, all combined with FE6’s generally tough enemies. Fantastic use of space and side objectives, really pushes the player to use tools like rescue chains and the warp staff and to spread out their troops accordingly to get everything in an efficient manner.

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I’ll list out my favorites - my theory is that the early-midgame (in games where it makes sense, so like around Ch5-15 depending on the game) most often contains the best / most fun / most well-regarded maps

FE1/11: 14 - Land of Sorrow
FE2/15: Act 2 Celica - boat maps are iconic and using 4 magic units to kick off is fun
FE3/12: 8 - Soulful Bridge
FE4: Hard to say but I like the prologue.
FE5: MANSTER (Ch4 is probably my favorite, but all of them are great)
FE6: 11A - Hero of the West (Honorable mention to Ch7)
FE7: 19xx - A Glimspe in Time (Although pretty much everything from Whereabouts Unknown (Raven/Lucius chapter) through New Resolve (Ninian chapter) is solid, but 19 Dragon’s Gate is probably the best, 19xx is my fave tho)
FE8: 10 Ephraim - Turning Traitor (The Novala chapter is pretty good too)
FE9: 11 - Blood Runs Red
FE10: 3-9 Marauders (Although Part 2 is my favorite overall)
FE13: 5 - The Exalt and The King (Shoutout to Ch10 but that’s more for narrative/atmosphere than gameplay)
FE14: CQ12 - Bitter Intrigue (pots are a neat mechanic, remember having fun w/ this one)
FE16: Paralogue: Sword & Shield of Seiros (Most of the maps aren’t great but this one is pretty neat)

Would need to think about romhack chapters.

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I like the one that had the dragon in it.

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So I really liked the concept of the Nemesis’ chapter, Fodlan’s New Dawn. But it was kind of easy since Nemesis just kinda waited around until I killed his flunkies. I feel like it would’ve been a much more engaging situation if he was chasing you around the map and weakly attacking you until the Elites were dead.

But it’s still my favorite map in all of 3 Houses.

I personally agree; it would be interesting if Nemesis used tactics similar to that of the players (like actually coordinating his forces and being out there directly on the frontlines).

I’ll just each map that I liked the most from each game I’ve played because I don’t really have a concrete favorite.

FE4: For Whose Sake - Apart from the initial slog at the start, with having to recruit Hannibal and all, the end is what I really like. Arion coming out with a huge army of wyverns, and the fact that they split and invade your bases also made the map stand out to me the most.
FE5: Mother and Daughter - The Munster arc was one that I heavily enjoyed, with that heavy atmosphere of oppression and all, and the whole thing with Eyvel happening at the same time as Leif’s ragtag bunch of prisoners try to escape really give it a disheartening touch that I like.
FE6: The Binding Blade - I just really the idea of maps like these, with threatening enemies and hard bosses. The wyvern reinforcements took me by surprise, and they really made me remember this map quite often.
FE7: Victory or Death - I think I just like maps where you have to go from one corner of the map to the other with tons of enemies in the middle, especially in the lategame.
FE8: Scorched Sand - The idea of being squished between two (supposedly) intimidating generals and their armies is one that I really like, but one that I also wish was more well performed, as there’s so much leeway after the initial enemies die.
FE13: An Ill Presage - Having to fight the Deadlords who’re equipped with legendary and brave weapons really made an impression on me, especially among Awakening’s rather lackluster maps.
FE14BR: Camilla - Same reason as Victory or Death, but this isn’t as much a favorite as it is a map that I enjoyed among Birthright’s bland maps. The whole ‘‘Surprise! The stuff blocking your way suddenly blow up and the enemies sucker punch you!’’ really made me dislike the Dragon Veins.
FE14CQ: Possessed - I don’t really have much to say about this one as I didn’t really enjoy Conquest that much. It’s just one of the two maps that I found some enjoyment in.
FE14RE: A Lost Peace - This one is one that frustrates me because I really enjoy the idea behind it. Seeing Nohrians and Hoshidans fighting is an idea that I really like, but the fact that they just stand still and just have a staring contest while you have to slog through their forces and fight the random Vallite Berserker at the top of the map is just… dumb.

Generic answer but I really like chapter 10 of FE Conquest. There’s just a lot of stuff happening and not a single unit is wasted in the chapter. You’re also rewarded for using the capture skill on Haitaka and its just all around a fun chapter that (mostly) doesn’t require a lot of rng. I also like most of the Manster maps in FE5 a lot.

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This is absolutely my favourite map in the whole series because it marries gameplay and storytelling so well. Eyvel and Nanna’s situation feels genuinely desperate and you’re racing to catch up to them so you can help them.

Another one of my favourites is the map where Fiona joins you in FE10. I know Fiona is a bad unit but I just love the way that this map applies pressure on your units with the NPCs and the ballista and all that.

I also really like Crimson Flower’s final map. Between the music, the flames and having to kill BL kids, it’s another chapter where the map conveys the story really well.


Reinhardt’s chapter from Thracia. It’s that one chapter that will test your mastery of the game as a whole; you either be creative with your strategy on defeating The Reinhardt or suffer from trying to fight him fair and square. IMO, that’s peak level design.

Oh man, that chapter is so fun, not just to play regularly, but also to cheese. Thracia has the most fun cheese strats due to status effects never wearing off. Berserk Reinhardt slaughtering his own men after JUST telling Olwen he wouldn’t betray them is just too good

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I really like FE10 2-E (Elincia’s Gambit), as well as its Fates DLC remake. It’s been a while since I played it but I feel like its flow really fit my scrub self’s ability to play. It having excellent music also helps a lot.

Speaking of Fates DLC, honorable mention goes to the Fates Gold Grinding DLC chapter, which is probably a very weird one to like and I wouldn’t be able to explain why exactly just like that but I do remember enjoying it a lot.

Conquest Chapter 11 is a masterclass:

-You need to use your whole rooster(minus one). Everyone needs to contribute as much as possible to win.
-You can choose your own difficulty by being rather passive,controling the center,managing the flyers and pulling back or go after villages,commanders and Takumi.
-The flow changes a lot between Camila,the water flowing back and the last turn push.

I don’t really know what level I would consider the best. But personally I like the siege of zofia castle from FE2/15. What can I say? It’s a siege and I like sieges.

I also really like chapter 8 from FE4. I like how you can see basically half of Thracia 776’s events within this chapter. But gameplaywise it’s not anything too special to be honest.

I had to think a lot to figure out which one is my favorite chapter, but i think it could be the battle of grounder in threehouses after the timeskip, i like it because of the atmosphere of the chapter, it becomes even better if you dont recruit the students of the other houses, its very dramatic, oh, and the music!

But in gameplay terms, i guess my favourite kind of chapters are “the defend in a castle” ones, this might sound weird, but it becomes even better if you have some green units to protect (preferly soldiers), like the chapter in FE7 where you have to protect dart Wife.