Teraspark's Spriting Thread

I figured I’ve made enough stuff to warrant having my own thread

Here's some of the stuff I've made so far

I also make palettes

And here's some of the stuff I'm working on now


I’ll also put my to do list here as well

List of Animations to do

Eirika Lord with Lances (WIP)
Eirika Lord using Magic (WIP)
Great Lord Ephraim with Swords
Great Lord Eirika with Lances
Manakete Fae Recolor (from FE6)
Mage Knight [Swords]
Dark Knight [Swords + Axes]
Magic Skeletons [Magic + Staves] (WIP)
Great Lord Eirika [Magic, maybe Staves] (Staff animation already released)

Give new animations to T2 monsters that are just recolors (Arch Mogall, Hellbone (WIP), Tarvos, etc.)
Try revising soldier animation
Look at dancer animations and figure out why the game hangs when they try to double attack
Eventually try making something new from scratch

Put any animation Requests for me here, I’ll get to them eventually

Requests Section

Great Lord Eirika [Magic]
Update Trainees, add T2
Tactician (swords and thunder magic, request by ukulelej)
Female Warrior and Fighter (Request by Marlon)
Axe Soldier (Soldier Wielding Halberd)

I need to learn more discourse commands to make this look fancier


Here’s a couple for your Todo list that would be nice to finally have.

-Eirika T2 with Magic.
-Journeyman promo to T1 and T2 that is ‘older/buffer’ looking.
-Pupil T1/T2 upgrades. Bonus if he ages in such a way as to gain some facial hair and transition looks-wise into Athos.
-Recruit T1/2, same deal.

Dark Knight would be more interesting with Axes, IMO, but that’s just a thought.

I like what you’ve done so far though! Big fan!

Does anyone know how to make it so that anyone can edit my post?
I want to let my to do list be open so that anyone can edit it and give me requests

I think I made it a wiki post (I’m a babby, I think I did it right lol)


babby’s first mod action


I’ve been practicing making item icons
Here’s some of what I’ve made so far


We can request animations?

I swear this exists somewhere, I just don’t remember where.

Yes, The second post is a wiki to let people add requests
I just put requests as its own section to make it a bit more orderly
maybe consider leaving your username by the request as well so i can know who wants what

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Aaah Spiders

Finished the frames for my palette mod of the normal animation so now I just need to figure out the ranged animation

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cool men look awesome

Generic Rainbow Spiders

Also got the ranged animation working

The gif lags a bit because i suck at recording them


I like to pretend there’s ominous doom music playing as the fighter realizes the end has come. Time slows down as he thinks about the things he’s done in his life, people he’ll never meet. His life flashes before his eyes as the terrifying abomination casts its wicked magical spell, all the while staring into the very depths of his soul with its cruel, calculating eyes. The eyes of a beast. The eyes of an inhuman monster.

Slowly, the magic creeps its way across the ground. “Daddy” says a faint memory from the past. Fighter blinks back tears as he remembers the little girl he left back home. He’ll never get to see her grow up. He left her with an aunt as his wife died during childbirth. His daughter is all he has left in this world. Still, the terrifying Godzilla-fied arachnid glares at him with unblinking eyes.

It’s here now. He feels the warm, yet icy chill of darkness enveloping his body. Any second now, it will all be over. His organs will be crushed and liquified, his bones shattered into a million fragments. There won’t be enough of him for them to identify the body. His daughter will never know what happened to her father. Will she hate him? Will she hope that he is still alive? Maybe she will blame him for leaving her alone. A tear streaks down his cheek, as death comes and the final bell tolls.


I’m getting into making battle frames now


Melikes, awesome work, Tera!

I’m trying to make monks with staves

I just need to change the color scheme up a bit and figure out what size the Lucius female version should be

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Took me awhile but I’ve got the design down for the monks.

Now I can start working on the animations


I’m making progress on T2 skeletons

its still a WIP though


Sword animation is finished

I’m planning to do the lance next