Teraspark's Spriting Thread


You should have worked in FE8, why did they not hire you?
This animation looks cooler than the CRAPPY recolor from FE8


I always assumed they planned to add actual promoted animations at some point, (the promoted animations are actually present in the game as their own animation, and not handled by the game’s palette system) but FE8 always felt a bit thrown to the side in favor of FE9 in development, as whoever did FE8’s new animations was clearly competent :P. They rightly prioritized animations for the new playable classes.

Though, maybe it’s a bit too late for me to be commenting on it, but on the walking to/back from the enemy frames, the shield shifts back and forth by 1 pixel, though it might just be following a hand motion of the original game… (watch the shield’s outline in relation to the skelton’s visible elbow)


Yes the arms do move slightly as the it walks.
Does it like alright as is or should i try to make the shield not move at all?
Since i still have to go back in and add generic palettes later i could fix it one time.


Well, FE9 was in development before FE8, and I’ve always professed that FE8 felt a bit like a “B Team” was in charge of it while the main team was still working on FE9.

@Teraspark I didn’t even notice the motion on the shield when I didn’t have my face close up to my screen, so it’s probably fine to the general eye. Plus, since it’s in motion, it should be moving too (even the sword lifts a little bit up off of the ground as its moving backwards (as it should)). It does look a little “jittery”/“stuttery” right as it gets close to the enemy though, so that specific frame might need a slight tweak (be it a minor repositioning, a frame in between, or maybe a blur to show change between frames)?


The Lance animation is in progress


The normal lance attack animation is pretty much finished

Now I need to figure out the crit


I’ve fixed up the lance attack animation and done the ranged animations as well

I’ll be able to script it once i finish the normal crit


I made a spell animation today


It’s beautiful


Very Nice, you are using the fire from the intro Right?


Yes I am, I ripped the entire thing with vba except that one frame I missed, but I don’t feel like sitting through that again to find it


That looks awful and disgusting. How do I insert it into my hack FE6.5?


I’ve been neglecting this thread a bit so here’s a small update

I’ve fixed the generic palettes a bit for T2 skeletons and the axe animation is in the making.
I’m also trying to fix that weird shoulder thing i messed up in the sword animation that oddly no one complained about

I’m also considering making another animation for promoted monsters once i finish this; I’ll probably try the gargoyle next unless somebody has a request or something.


Well i actually had a Request for Female Fighter/Warrior on the OP, sooo…Could you do it please? I love your sprites, i tried to do it, but making a too manly class female enough has proved too hard for me.


iirc somebody else was already doing a female fighter and it was planned to be released later this year so i never tried to do it myself.
Also I worded my previous comment badly and was actually asking if there were requests on which monster animation i would try to make next


Promoted Minotaur?


I agree, that will be awesome, the promoted Minoraur will be good Tera.


what with like armour and shit? maybe a variant weapon of some kind…


It seems difficult to really build on something like the normal Minotaur animation.


nah just give it armour. maybe more flair on the attack animation idk