Teq's Minor Assembly Shenanigans


Good catch. I forgot to update a pointer (didn’t realize there was another function calling the same proc).

Also included a fix so that obtaining an item on enemy phase doesn’t say “Item stolen” and play the sad noise, courtesy of SquareRootOfPi (thanks @Onmi for bringing it to my attention).


Here’s a patch containing a series of QoL hacks for FE7, bundled together. Some of them exist in some form or another, but I’ve collated them all for your convenience, and ported a few from FE8.

Download here.

Danger zone
Move and Con getters (includes Show – Mov if in Guard Mode hack)
Show hp healed to target when using a staff
L-toggle (toggles animations on/off when starting combat)
Hp bars and warnings
Display battle stats with animations off
Display growths with Select (doesn’t change the stat name colors based on growth, sorry)

(EA) Help with patching Teq's FE7 QoL hacks

Enemies showing growth rates can also be displayed, but cannot be switched.


Thanks for catching that. Fixed.

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Any chance this can be made to work with your str/mag split?

I applied this to a rom that had the split already applied and I get a black screen when I try to open the statscreen. I assume it’s the display growths part of the patch that is causing it because it’s trying to edit the statscreen but it has already been altered by the str/mag patch.

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That’s planned, yes, but for now you should just comment it out the #include Display Growths line (or whatever it’s called) in the installer. It’s not super high on my priority list, sorry.


speaking of the str/mag split, fe8 when


@Kirb has one for FE8. I’m not sure what stage it’s at; it might still have some glitches.


his version replaces Res with Mag entirely rather than yours, which splits Str and is much more useful/interesting to me


He has an actual str/mag split for his gba FE1 remake, whose name escapes me at this moment.


gfe1r? yeah, i know, unfortunately he hasn’t made it avail for anyone else to use, and based on the progress of gfe1r it doesn’t look like i’ll be able to get it for a while


I would hope that he would release it before gfe1r is complete (which is partially my reasoning for pinging him here). However, it may require the skill system; I’m not sure. At any rate, I don’t intend to make my own, since that one already exists.

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Gotcha, I’ll do that for now.


thanks for the clarification, all i can do now is hope that @Kirb comes thru


Most of my hacks can be used either standalone or included as part of a project. Usually, you’ll see a

#ifndef FreeSpace
    #define FreeSpace 0xB2B000

to allow this. I used to use Free_Space when I started hacking, but switched to FreeSpace after noticing other hackers preferred that variable. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gone back and updated my old hacks to switch from Free_Space to FreeSpace, which caused me to spend an hour debugging a rom and figure out this was a problem.

So I’ve gone back and updated all the stuff in my folder. If you’ve used the following hacks and need to update them, take heed; the variable has changed.
FE7-Str/mag split
FE8-Battle stats with animations off
FE8-Growths rework
FE8-Move and Con getters
FE8-Display growths/Talk
FE8-Show weapon rank level achieved

NOTE: You can avoid the entire issue by adding “#define Free_Space FreeSpace” (or the other way around, if you use Free_Space instead) to your definitions.


No problem with the hack. It works just fine.

Just make sure your emulators are either
VisualBoyAdvance v1.8.0 and above
No$GBA v2.8 and above


I know this is old, but I’m trying to recreate Latona on FE7, seems impossible, It only works to an extent…I used FF for total range, but as the common fortify uses MP/2 for range, it stacks to that, it heals everybody, but only if one injured unit is in range of the MP/2 healer…So it would require an entire new asm hack to actually do a full Latona isn’t?


I don’t know if this is the best place to post this or if this is still active, but I found a bug with capturing. If a blue unit is surrounded by an enemy with low enough con to capture and also enemies that have too much con to capture, the default option for capturing will be the bottom enemy, regardless of which one can actually be captured. You also can’t change the target in this situation. The battle forecast displays the correct enemy but, if confirmed, the bottom enemy will be fought and captured instead.


I have a problem with the show weapon rank upon increase hack. When a weapon breaks, I no longer get the pop-up window that says [weapon] broke, the sound effect is missing as well. I tested this with another rom that didn’t have this hack, and that rom didn’t have this issue. I’m using EA ver.11.1.3 if that matters. I installed this hack by using FEBuilder (I let it define a free area for me). Did I do something wrong?

Edit: I forgot to mention that when battle animation are off, the [weapon] broke pop-up window shows normally. When battle animations are on, that’s when it doesn’t show.