[FE7] Recluiting a team for a Rebalance (and maybe ReSkin too?)

Good day everyone! My name is Gero and I am pretty new to this world of Romhacking, so I want to start with a small project first with one of the least worked gba FEs of all.

But because of my lack of experience of how FEBuilder works I’ll be using a patched version of the game using FE7 Enhancement patch by Mkol as a base for the hack.

I would small team of people for help in the balancing part for all the units, including the enemy units that you’ll encounter, also if possible making a ReSkin work for it.

If you seem interested to join me, you can send me a PM or comment over here to be in contact!

Thanks for Mkol for making the FE Enhanced edition and Tequila for the original QoL patch for FE7.

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I recommend that you watch this video.
It will be difficult to find people with both the experience you want and who will be willing to help out your project, especially considering right now you have nothing to show right now, thus not guaranteeing their hard work would be actually worth it.

If you still want people to help you with something like a rebalance, I’d at least release a demo of one to show why people should help you out, to get people interested.


Oh great! thank you for the advice skull servant