(EA) Help with patching Teq's FE7 QoL hacks

The hack itself:

I’m using EA V11.1.3 on Windows 7, and I get an “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application” error when I try to patch it to a clean FE7 rom. I have “FE7-Qol.event” selected under “Text”, clean FE7 rom selected under “ROM”, “FE7” selected under “The Game”.

I followed the Ultimate Tutorial v2 project folder structure:
-----Event Assembler V11.1.3
-----The rest of the files and folders that came with the QoL hack

Am I doing anything wrong?

EDIT: I also found the QoL hacks inside FeBuilder’s “Patches”, but I can’t get it to work either. Selecting the patch throws up a “The ROM has run out of free space” error. Clicking “Write” crashes EA core.exe, then throws up another error message.

Are you sure your fe7 rom is clean? What’s the filesize?

Did you change the FreeSpace definition?
If not, you probably should.

I don’t think many people use Core.exe directly still, most people use .bat files to run EA, I’m not sure how well running Core.exe directly is going to go nowadays.

16,384KB (16,777,216 bytes)

Sorry, what should I change the FreeSpace definition to?

Am I doing anything wrong?

You are doing wrong things.
That is to not send report 7z.

If you have any problems with FEBuilderGBA please send report 7z.

As long as there is no report 7z, I can only guess the possibility of countless numbers.

  1. Possibility that EA is broken.
    If so, re-download EA.

  2. Possibility that ROM may be broken.
    The reason is unknown unless you check ups.

  3. Other possibilities.
    I do not know without error message details.

Therefore, without report 7z I can not do anything to help you.