Tear Ring Saga Kaizo/Lunatic Mode by April

DISCLAIMER: Because of technological constraints, I don’t know that I would actually call this a kaizo like my other hack SGW kaizo really is. Put simply, I can’t edit enemy placement, so there’s only so much I can do without requiring you to TAS rig or something similar. Think of it more like lunatic/lunatic+ than true kaizo.

Also it’s a buggy mess but not in a way that makes the game unplayable, a few things just don’t work as intended. Will fix in future patches.

Hello FEU,

For those of you who don’t know, Tear RIng Saga: Yutona Heroes Saga is the first game made by Shouzou Kaga, the creator of FE, after he left IS. Its development underwent a lot of controversy due to copyright concerns and a legal battle which Kaga won ensued, but it sold pretty well in Japan. Despite that, it’s a largely unknown game, especially in the West. To the best of my knowledge, I am the first Western person to have actually finished a hack of TRS(please correct me if I’m wrong I love TRS and would like to play more unique TRS-based experiences), although my tools are rather limited. If you’re clicking on this and didn’t know what TRS was beforehand, please play the original, unmodified game first. It’s excellent, definitely my favorite FE game; at least give it a try.

So what is this project exactly? Well, for all my praises of TRS, it’s pretty damn easy if you know what you’re doing. Most of the draw of the game comes from the story, characters, and world. So I decided I would make it a lot harder. The difficulty increase is a curve, so the earlygame is still not too bad, the midgame starts getting quite dicey, and the lategame is really difficult, culminating in an endgame chapter that you’ll probably feel more relieved for completing than satisfied. Overall, though, you will find that it is a completely different experience from vanilla TRS - player units are drastically changed too, and any units you liked using in vanilla you will probably love using here. Even if you don’t particularly like difficulty hacks, there may be something in here for you if you like TRS or kagasaga at large.

So what does TRS kaizo change exactly?
  • Virtually every character is changed slightly from a stat growths/bases perspective. Part of this is due to me extensively changing class bases to alter promo gains; in vanilla TRS Narron has 3 skill but now Cavalier’s max skill is raised by 2 which also raises its base skill by 2 because only 15 in a stat can be gained. So, he now has 5 skill although I never intended to buff his bases at all. The most striking one you might notice at first is Garo’s +2 personal move stat. Also, every character now has at least a 1% move growth - people who like to rig, go crazy.

  • Changed skillsets. Here’s a spreadsheet of all the characters’ skills and when they are learned, along with their growthrates, plus other misc. stuff TRS kaizo info - Google Sheets P.S: I removed all the stupid shit from the base game where skills were locked to being in a certain class to encourage delaying promotions. So Maruj isn’t incentivized to have a delayed promotion and you can insta Pegasus Flute Sasha, for some examples.

  • Changed promotions. A few of them. There is a tab in the character skills spreadsheet as to what they are but I would just recommend you use units you like and be surprised. If someone has a different promotion, they might use a different promotion item. If someone is a Mercenary, for instance, but they now promote to Dracoknight, you’d use a flute on them rather than a crest.

  • Classes in general are also changed, mostly a little bit statistically but some classes have special class skills. Gold Knight has Sol/7th Heaven/Heaven Saint as a class skill, for example.

  • New prfs.
    Julia - Rukuud
    Krishna - Main Gauche(it’s also buffed a lot)
    Attrom - Paragon Sword
    Tom - Chu-ko-nu(well, not exactly. Artillerymen now have a base WPNLVL of 25, which just makes Tom basically the only player character that can use one until late late game with its increased WPNLVL cost).
    Rebecca - Anti-Evil Staff
    There are some others that I’d like the player to discover, but this should give you an idea.

  • Enemies are much stronger and have better weaponry, often having better classes, especially in the mid-lategame. I am not capable of editing enemy placement so that is all the same. In particular a big focus is put on making enemies faster and stronger rather than being extremely bulky, although I did buff bulk on enemies(plus enemies in TRS already have decent bulk by midgame). This is to a) make enemy AS not a joke and b) incentivize player phase paradigms of gameplay.

  • All enemy thieves(enemies with locktouch and/or steal) now have an increased EXP factor. I always liked that in other FE games so it’s in TRS now. Enemy Chiefs(Maerhen and Poem) also have an 80 EXP factor, which is 25% more than a mummy’s EXP factor. In other words, they will virtually always give you a full level when you kill them.

  • Weapon weight, might, hit, and crit is variously changed. Just check items and don’t calculate based on vanilla TRS numbers you know. Most of the weapons in the game have buffed hit, so don’t expect to dodgetank.

  • Some names have been changed.

  • Some shops and all random chests have been changed.

  • Supports have been changed variously, check the sheet for specifics.


  • Shouzou Kaga for being my one true god
  • Whoever made TRSmodify(seriously couldn’t find a name)
  • flasuban, for creating some files that actually made TRSmodify usable. He graciously shared them with me personally when I searched for him to ask him about how he was able to edit TRS enemy army past the 5th unit, thanks to me seeing his unfinished TRS hard mode hack in a past FEE3. Without him this wouldn’t be possible, thanks mr flasuban!

Please feel free to give any feedback. I consider this just a “1.0” release, so while I’m pretty happy with it I could always change things.


finally posted, epic stuff yo


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Did Marco lose Mug? It isnt in the skills section, but the supports page notes Katri and Marvin’s support was buffed to offset Mug.
With that said, definetly gonna check it out later, i fucking love TRS.
Would it be possible to post the files you got from flasuban? Modifying TRS always seemed fun, could be neat if those doors were opened.

I guess it just isn’t in the skills section. He definitely still has mug. Will update spreadsheet.

Yeah if enough people want I can add the dats to the links section. If you personally want them, dm me on disc I guess. I’m in most big FE servers, April#9563. if u cant find me in any of them, u can just join the disc link in the post.

While this mod is doing a good job on balancing, it’s not too overdone. I can’t in good faith recommended it cause it has game-breaking bug. It can’t be helped because there’s not enough interest for people to play and test the mod thoroughly.

In addition some of the changes is just weird and break the rules of the game, like how Repair staff, the only way to repair your Unique weapon is locked onto Katri, and she is unavailable for 1/4 of the game (and completely un-useable on Runan side) make all the Unique Weapon have a low usage count on it. Which is kinda lame for me, personally a challenge is when i get to use everything in my arsenals and still hard, not handicapping myself to make it hard, there is no need for a mod in that case.

For the bug, it happen with no warning and once you has it, you lost progress and just stop you from advancing completely, and you can’t even save to change to another Emulator also.

I tried with 4 Emulator, pSX, Duckstation, RetroArch experienced crash, ePSXe seems fine (did not play on ePSXe a lot, only for 1h so can’t say for definite). If you still want to play, the point you should be warily of crash is Chapter 2, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Morse Tower 5F-6F, be sure to have multiple save before those map and frequently save on those (in game save, not save-states). I did not finish the game due to Morse Tower bug so there’s could be more after.

Hey this looks really cool! I hope you update it and fix the bugs sometime. I would like to try it out once I finish my vanilla playthrough.

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