Tart's Tasty Splices (and more)

I’ve been doing splicing for quite a bit now as I’ve been toying around with FEXP and other smaller projects. Here’s some stuff I figured is pretty enough to show to the rest of the world:


Nothing much to say here. These are all original characters, minus the blone-haired guy in pink, which was a self-portrait I whipped up for Mangs’ FE8 Patreon PME. If you wanna use them, do remember to give credit.

Battle Sprites:

I did a dab edit of the mage animations once. No comment there. Also I meant to start working on some dread fighter animations using some of Hector’s sprites.


I like the splices, good job.
Also, I hope you continue to make the Dread Fighter animation, I don’t think there’s ever been one before this.


Look soooo goodddddd man. Keep working, I like your sprites


Dug out a few more older mugs I did a while back.

You see those warriors from Valentia? They’ve got curved swords. Curved. Swords.


Wait a minute. Isn’t that a ninja? Man, you keep making me surprise,

It’s a dread fighter

I mean it could just as easily be a ninja, all of the dread fighter’s appearances considered. This one’s based more around the awakening design, though the animations will be similar to the ones in echoes.

So for this one, I added the talking frames, but whose eye frames should I use?


your own

I do have talking frames for all the sprites, though they’re in FEXP format at the moment. This one’s missing the blinking frames, but I vaguely recall using Limstella’s for her.

mini needs cleaning aka fixing broken outline simple face and simple eyes

Two newer sprites and an older one in the middle, which I did for a friend of mine. Don’t ask why he wanted it to look like that.

Also I happened to watch the recent episode of Mangs’ patreon PME and

Am I famous now?

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That’s actually me.
I go by HP Drain on Discord and YouTube, but MrGreen3339 elsewhere.

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Haven’t really had any inspiration to whip up new mugs in a while, other than a few minor ones for memes and whatnot.

So have a Venom Batta, because why not.


So here’s a concept I might work on in the future: GBA villagers, using the FE8 journeyman sprites as a base. They’d have access to swords, lances and axes but would likely be unable to wield anything better than bronze or iron weapons. Promotionwise they’d have access to most basic classes like cavaliers, mercenaries and fighters.

I’ll see about adding some details on the sprites to make them a bit more unique.


Nice! I look forward to seeing the end result whenever you get around to it. I’ve always had a soft spot for offensive villagers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty sure about 60% of my characters are various degrees of angry blonde dudes in black and red.


Ares and Eldigan confirmed?

I don’t think so. He must be Roberto with black costume.
@LemonTart by the way, can I use your mug on my project?


Yes and yes.