Tart's Tasty Splices (and more)


Can you draw mug for Reiden and Belf too? They are same team with Roberto :slight_smile: Because my hack have Camus is the main character, I don;t see any reason that I can;t bring his fellow knights with him. Thank god, you are my savior


Sure, I can fix up Roberto’s eyes to be more Roberto-ish while I’m at it.


love to hear that, and love you too


Wow, your sprites are really good!!!
The shape is so well done! The only thing I’d have to say that needs improvements is the shading. aside from that I believe you’re going great! Keep up the good work! :DD


No new mugs for you on today’s update, as I recently went back to school.

Instead, have some maps I’ve put together over the past few months. You kids still think maps are cool, right?


That first one gives me Thracia Chapter 14 vibes
Here’s a picture of it for comparison


Might do so, because I very much used it as a reference.