Tale of Ternon - CANCELLED

Tale of Ternon
Romhack of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones

Set on the land of Ternon in 1153, Tale of Ternon tells the tale of the Empire of Novingale, the Kingdom of Seraphyn, and the Republic of Hevursa. Follow the story of one of three houses: Rodin’s Red Lobsters, Vergil’s Purple Jaguars, and Elle’s Amber Bears, and watch how their actions will shape the future of Ternon.

Tale of Ternon is an extensive ROM Hack of FE8, featuring many new mechanics, such as Equippable Accessories, Personal and Class Skills, and a Strenth/Magic Split. It is built off Circleseverywhere/StanH and friends’ Skill System.

This hack gives you the choice between 3 storylines: one for each house. Along with different chapters depending on the route you choose, this hack tries to immerse you by giving each house its own identity doing things such as changing map sprite color depending on the unit’s faction and the route, and changing the menu style depending on which route you chose.

As we wish to make Tale of Ternon a replayable experience, we have decided to allow you to customize each house’s specific units’ classes from a pool of 4 classes each; as to not softlock you, the game will also give you neutral units on every route that are not customizable.

Every route will feature 15 chapters each: 45 chapters total. Because of the shorter than an usual FE game length, units start at level 10 unpromoted, and level up faster than in normal Fire Emblem.

Current Release:

Demo 1 Hotfix 1:
Fixes most glitches spotted in the first day.

Old Releases

Demo 1:
This demo contains the first three chapters for all three routes.

More Screenshots:


-Arch for kickstarting the project.
-Darrman and Ganzap for being the other 2 main hackers behind this.
-The Under for being our base of operation, Peerless for the original idea.
-Circleseverywhere, StanH, Leonarth, Sme, and every contributor to the Skill System.
-HyperGammaSpaces for most Menu Graphics
-Everyone who made their own mugs for their characters, along with other artists who contributed.
-A_Reliable_Chair and Sme(along with Runa) for composing original music tracks for this hack, and porting non-original ones to the GBAFE soundfont.
-Everyone else I’m forgetting about, credits lists start getting pretty hectic when working on community projects.
-Pikmin1211 for motivation.
-Everyone supporting this project.

The Tale of Ternon Team.


Nice hack. When is release date?

Tale of Ternon was featured in this year’s FEE3 video! We have 3 videos available, one for each route. Please note that the videos were recorded on older builds of Tale of Ternon, and showed content might not reflect how the hack currently looks.

This is about it for us today, be on the lookout for more content(including a demo!) coming soon.


I’m going to say a thing, because I’m one of the developers. Development started around the tail end of August this year, when Arch got drunk and started talking about ripping off Three Houses in a hack. From there, a large group of people came together and contributed something or another towards the project. The fancy new GUI was made by Hypergammaspaces, and portraits were created and touched up by a large group of people. Blade and RandomWizard come to mind, but there are certainly more. Kirb created all of the impressive new ASM, such as the route selection and colour choice options. I myself did a lot of behind-the-scenes grunt work, and Ganzap also did some work on the source. Chair composed some original tracks and worked some midis for usage in GBAFE, and Sme did some music touchups for the source.

This was meant to be a dev history, but it turned into a credits list instead. We’ll have a proper one soon.


Can Arch be drunk 24/7? Pretty please. The good stuff always happens then and maybe we can change reality to where we have an official FE4+5 remake announced when he is on a high enough level of drunk.

Ok now this is epic





> me
> contributing portrait maker

I spliced the first boss of each route, and a couple Purple Jaguars maps. That’s literally the extent of my contributions to ToT (aside from maybe a couple memes).

Hello there! I’m here to bring you the first Tale of Ternon round of suggestions, and this one’s gonna be entirely public due to its nature. The theme today is Accessories.

As shown in the main thread, Tale of Ternon features Equippable Accessories with a wide range of effects. They can go from a simple to stat boost, to giving the unit a skill, to an entirely new effect. So today I want to involve the community in this project by letting you propose entirely new accessory concepts!

Please post your propositions in the thread, 5 accessories per reply max.

By the end of the week, I will put all of the propositions into a poll, and the top 10 by the end of the next week will be added into Ternon.

So have at it!


Wow, 3house gba version’s

Anyway, congratulations on your release.
Edit: Why lobsters? Kinda understand Bear and Jaguar but not Lobster.

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Blame the drugs we were on while making this


Please stay on topic.


Aegis Shield - gives a chance to halve any incoming damage, and maybe a little bit of a stat boost a la Three Houses

my real suggestion is to release accessories so i can give my boys in armour the shields they deserve :open_mouth:

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Actually, the Aegis Shield is already implemented in Tale of Ternon.

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Okay then make the Aegivenoshits Shield which gives negative resistance and defense and has a chance to double incoming damage :wink:


Suggestions? Here you go, then. A whole bunch of half-formed ideas. Feel free to modify these as necessary.

  • Melee Quiver: Unit can counterattack at 1 range with Bows, but is not effective against flyers.
  • Rune Shifter: Unit swaps Strength/Magic and Defense/Resistance for all battle calculations they’re involved in.
  • War Pennant: Grants Inspiration to the holder. Maybe something involving battalions too.
  • Leg Ring: +1 Move. -5 Defense, Resistance.

These are probably horribly overpowered, but I hope you get at least some use from them!


I’m not familiar with all of the available skills, so basically if there already is a skill for the effects I’m suggesting, you can use that skill.

  • Phantom Cloak: allows the unit to move across impassable terrain, including Walls. If this is too overpowered, you can add something like a stats penalty.

  • Choice Band & other variants seen in Pokemon: gives a huge boost to one stat, but as long as this item is equipped, the unit cannot trade/ switch weapons or use other items such as Pure Water or healing items.

  • Hazard Suit (call whatever you want): when equipped, the unit is immune to status effects such as Poison, Sleep or Berserk. Also prevents damage from traps, if possible.

  • Berserker Helm: Allows consecutive attacks with any weapon, but also comes with Devil effect.


Neat, thanks for sharing Kirb.

Few things that come to mind for me:

  • Accessories that boost growths if equipped, like a crusader scroll but without the ability to stack.
  • Immunity to specific status effects, like berserk, poison, etc.
  • Healing skill item (renewal ring?)
  • charm / charisma accessory
  • increases effective damage given and taken from x3 to x4 (?)

few things that came to mind - have fun!


Call it the Risk Ring.

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