(Tactile) Vestaria Saga Port Release 1

Hello I am back with a Tactile version of Vestaria Saga. I tried to make things pretty close one to one but some some things aren’t (not a huge list) and now I go back to working on (Tactile) Fire Emblem Sacred Stones "Final Mix" Release 1

If you see this and know Japanese, I’d like to have help with a directly translated version instead of using the English localization.

Credits and changelogs are in the download file. If this is your first time playing a Tactile Engine game, then make sure to go and get Fe7x and download the needed stuff to play it. (I will also post the latest versions changelogs on the post) Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword | Downloads

Download: Release 1
(Warning this game has adult themes and serious tones sometimes)

Discord: Discord



  • This uses 2 RN instead of 1.
  • Some events might not be in the game only do to my lack of knowledge of it. If you know then please tell me.
  • Better anims (GBA anims)
  • This release only has 3 chapters :/.
Known bugs
  • Worldmap events are kinda bugged right now, hopefully I can find a way to fix it later.
  • Ai is a bit different but should roughly be similar.
  • If you find any make sure to let me know :).

Uh, is this legal? This is a free remake of a commercial game that’s currently on the market. Unlike a romhack, you can play this without a copy of the commercial version. I’m not a lawyer but that sounds pretty sus

Uhh, I’m not entirely sure, however. The game itself is free, you only pay for the localization. I’m not to sure on the rules of that which is why I would love to use a direct translation. If it needs to be taken down then so be it. Theoretically, if it is a problem I can just make a gameplay port and cut all the story out.

I’m going to tentatively leave this up while I look into the legality of this.


I mean, it may count as a Demake, just like the FE3H GBA. And, as far as I know, demakes are legal providing they are free.

We talked this over; it’s fine. I’d appreciate it if you did not lift the (paid) localized script exactly, but otherwise you’re good.

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Alright, thank you very much. For versions past this one I’ll try harder to get a different translation. Maybe even make it a funny google translated game.


No disrespect to the project btw; glad to hear it’s all good!

No problem, I understand where you’re coming from and thank you.

Awesome job Ryn! Do the units actually have palettes in this?


Good luck

Thank you very much :] and Yes they do, or at least I tried to make them as close to them as possible.

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What exactly is this? Is it a rom hack? Is it a translation, a game? Can I even play it on pc?

It’s a ported version of Vestria Saga onto the Tactile engine.
All of the information is in the title and the opening post.

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Think of it as a rpg maker game, it runs off it’s own launcher. For dependencies go to that Immortal sword link and download the files required and you’ll be able to play it.

Yes, this is what I actually wanted to know. Thank you.

I’m confused about this:

I finished chapter 3 but, unlike the two times before, the next chapter doesn’t appear on the list. Is it a bug? Or am I missing something?


Believe it or not, I read it multiple times. You know that phenomenum that makes your brain skip some of the data you are reading over and over, as if it wasn’t there? Well, now you do :rofl: