(Tactile) Fire Emblem Sacred Stones "Final Mix" Release 1

I am back with something “new”. A new rendition of Sacred Stones. When I got done with my 8 “port” (It is bad :[ ) I wanted to make something like this, and am pretty happy with how it came out, besides the custom writing that I did (not the best writer but tried). I tried to create something in the middle of fe8 and fe7x, I hope I captured that.

Credits and changelogs are in the download file. If this is your first time playing a Tactile Engine game, then make sure to go and get Fe7x and download the needed stuff to play it. (I will also post the latest versions changelogs on the post) Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword | Downloads

Download: Release 1

Discord: Discord

  • 8 chapters total (Up to chapter 5 vanilla)
  • Fe7x power level
  • 7 support’s (Instead of the base 5)
  • Skills
  • More weapons / items
  • Class changes (Franz is now a recruit)
  • Map saves



I really like the different items and skills in this one. The tactile engine is always nice to use as well. Great hack so far! Can’t wait to see more

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