Tactician Unit FE8

Is there some patch or even without one, a way to name and create a tactician for Fire Emblem 8?

You can check this out here below. If you’re using FEBuilder I think a patch exist in it but not able to check myself.

Yeah that’s one of the patches by circles I already saw, though I’m not sure if it’s a patch in FEB? (I have seen some including names & strings linked to it of that sort). Don’t know if that one is in FEB either tho.

Edit: Also looked in the world map events to try and insert it somewhere? I’m not an expert, on these matters tho. So I can’t seem to find anywhere to insert it in general and if I did I doubt it wouldn’t just break everything.

You can add the name input screen in FEBuilder, and using patches in FEBuilder you can name a unit, give the tactician a default name and have a unit with the tactician name

I installed the “AddEvent: Set name of tactician by copy from text”, but I don’t see anything about an input screen. Nor am I getting the screen itself.

You have to edit events to add the Input screen

So add the input screen via some event? But how? Just somehow insert it before the world map starts?

Still haven’t found a way to insert events, as they seem to contradict one another when I try to insert something. Still have no idea how to do it.

Still found no solution, I’ve tried to add the event right before the world map using Direct Edit. However, this didn’t result in anything whatsoever. I don’t know how to name the tactician or place them in the unit placer either?

find this patch and install it as well as the Anti-Huffman patch Afterwards find any spot you want and change the ID