Sus Emblem [FE7]

Hello Humans, I have created a romhack for the first time here and I was looking to publish it here.
This hack is a bit similar to Dorcas Emblem, but it replaces everything with Amogus instead, Now you may be asking “Why did you create this abomination” and my answer is yes.

This FE7 hack replaces every portrait to Amogus (except 1) and a few names as well as a few minor changes.

Now since this is my first hack, there are likely to be many issues with it, and if you ever play this hack for whatever reason, feel free to inform me of the issues/bugs if you find them.

Anyways, Here it is:
(Note: In order to download, copy the above link and paste it into a new tab of your browser and make sure to cut the space between www and the dot, I had to include it because for whatever reason I can’t post links nor hyperlinks.

And if you do decide to try this out for yourself you have my thanks.


Have you considered adapting the screenplay from the among us musical to hackrom format?


yeah im not quite sure what you mean
(im not good with hacking terminology)

I recommend putting up some screenshots, that way, everyone will be able to see the beans in action.

also, once you’ve participated in discussion more on FEU or after a certain period of time (not sure which) you’ll be able to post links, I recommend embedding it into text just to make it look pretty :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you if I spot any bugs, this is going to be a playable shitpost generator and I’m here for it

thanks for the feedback, ill put up a screenshot or two (since like there aren’t many screenshots i can post without removing the shock factor for one chapter i edited)

thats weird it doesnt actually let me post images

it’s most likely a permission granted through activity on this site, you should be able to post images soon enough.

actually thinking back on it, i maybe shouldn’t have posted this hack now, i maybe should edited more dialogue, since what this is, is basically just the base game portraits and names (and something else) changed to among us and not much more. hmm ill try to incorporate it into an update if possible

where were you when the body was found?

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i was at med bay, doing my scan, i swear

Quick update regarding the hack, I had been working on adding some dialogue alterations for every chapter (excluding lyn mode and gaidens) and I have finished it up to chapter 22 or 23 not quite sure, but unfortunately my laptop broke and doesn’t work anymore preventing me from working on the hack, so if I ever get the chance I’ll finish this hack and post an updated patch.


amongus, I will definely play your hack, I love these nice concepts.

Computer’s dead? Dead Body Report!!! :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy: ඞඞඞඞඞඞඞ
Now seriously, that really sucks. Hope you fix it soon!