In your opinion, do you think in battle or out of battle supports are better in an FE game? Personally I prefer out of, as they are more realistic and I dont like wasting turns in a chapter just to see them.

  • Out of Battle (in base, menus)
  • In Battle
  • No supports

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out of battle supports are simply more convenient, between chapters you can read the supports you want to without having to go through the trouble of making sure you can do it in battle, the in-battle supports were the most annoying parts of echoes for me, plus, if a chapter has a lot of units deployed it can be hard to notice if two characters unexpectedly get a support convo.


I never understood the point of having a support relationship during…a battle.
I think that a quick talk event fit better.

Yeah let have a nice friendly conversation after we just murder a bunch of soldiers.

I think out of battle support is a poorly thought out parasitic system that replaces the original gba support system. They essentially interacts with no other part of the game, wastes development resources, and wastes your time if not done right (see three houses/dark deity support dump). The positive is that they are fun some of the time and deepen the lore of certain characters, but that doesn’t change the fact of it being a parasitic system. My ideal version of this would be GBA supports, that doesn’t halt the game, but instead having voice acting, so you can listen to the support convo while playing the game.

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Idk for Dark Deity but even compared to a lot of the rest of the series Three Houses had some good supports. Some of them were bad just like the rest of the series.

Also when it comes to development time, at least for hacking purposes it isnt that difficult to implement depending on the engine. For Lex Talionis its basically as simple as toggling an option.

It is a pity that there is no other option.
There is no place to vote.

I made it so that in the base map (town) you can get support points about 30 times faster.
But I also made it possible to run support conversations during battles.
And in the city, I’ve implemented a function to discard support (divorce).
All these are available as patches in FEBuilderGBA.

In other words, I recommend support conversations in town, but I also make it possible to support during battle because sometimes you can’t go to town.
In order to encourage conversations in town, I make it so that you can gain support points 30 times faster in town.
This is because it is a waste of time to just put them next to each other and proceed with the turn.

We also support divorce because sometimes you may have put on the wrong support or want to change your support partner.
You can dissolve your support by paying a fee of 1000 gold.

What I want to express in support is strategicity.
By arranging the units with support close to each other, you can advance the game to your advantage.
As a result, the combination and placement of units is strategic.