Super Hit Post Contest

So a very funny thing happened to me this past weekend:

Therefore, in my pristine and unaltered state of mind, I’ve decided to put forth a third (so far) hacking contest for the year: the Super Hit Post Contest. My aim is to bring back the Ragefest-style design of ye olden days, with a bit more clarity and less sanity in the rating system. Here’s the deal: anyone who wants to can submit a 1 OR 2 chapter hack, and I will record and/or stream myself playing it and assign it a score. As long as it is genuinely possible to beat, I will continue to go at it until I complete it. The goal is to create something that generates amusement for someone, whether that be me or the viewing audience. The deadline will be the end of this year; therefore, if you plan on participating in MAPPY or FEE3, please by the gods get your shit done for those first.


First of all, let it be known that unlike other contests, I will be the sole judge, jury, and executioner. With that in mind, here are the (extremely stupid) grading factors.


You will not be graded on engine chosen, but you will receive a single bonus point if your entry is created using FE6 as the base rom. This point cannot take you over the maximum score.


Gameplay will be scored out of a total of 20 maximum points on the following criteria:
5 points - Fun factor. Something about the game should make me want to keep playing.
5 points - Sadism factor. The game should hurt the player on a mental level. Note that it’s easy enough to go for just max fun or sadism, but the goal of the challenge is to try for both.
5 points - Duration. Your project will be assigned a score based on how long it takes me to complete while commentating. Your goal is for the project to be completable in either 40 minutes per chapter or I give up on a day and try again a subsequent day. I will record/stream at most one entry per day. For every 10 minutes I take shorter or longer than this par time, I will deduct 1 point from your gameplay score. If I give up after a session and try again the next day, you automatically get 5 points for this category. If I give up and do not try your hack again on a subsequent day, you will lose all 5 points (and probably your fun factor as well).
5 points - Stability. Every crash or unintentional glitch will deduct a point. If this happens more than 5 times but I somehow feel the hack is fun enough to continue, I’ll truck on but deduct points from other gameplay categories as compensation.


Writing will be scored out of a maximum 20 points on the following criteria:
5 points - Premise. You get 5 points if I like your premise. Since this is an extremely easy 5 points, I will not tell you what I’m looking for. Do some research, hit the books. If you @ me or post on this thread asking, you will receive 0 points for this category.
5 points - Character writing. You get 5 points if your characters have funny interactions with each other. I’m looking for goofy boss quotes, on-map talks, hidden events, anything goes here.
5 points - Sheer coverage. I want to see everything you can write on scribbled on. Guides, R-texts, the GORGON-EGG if you can manage it, whatever. You can fill these with jokes or actual lore, I like both. I will not give you points if what you put in these is boring.
5 points - Cohesion. If you have some sort of central gameplay gimmick, I would like the story be connected with it somehow.


Aesthetics will be scored out of a maximum of 20 points on the following criteria:
5 points - Cohesion OR lack of cohesion. Everything should look like it’s from the same game or be a horrible mismatch of assets. If I see like three FE8 units and then Big Chungus, you get a 0 for this, but three repo mugs from wildly different artstyles and then Big Chungus would get you a 5.
5 points - Map beauty or chaos. I would like for the map itself to either be visually appealing or damage my mind directly.
5 points - Music. I want the music chosen to be objectively good but also inflict pain upon me if I have to listen to it for forty minutes. Those of you with music theory knowledge will have a good idea of how to accomplish this, but for everyone else, aim to have a map theme with a short loop and extremely high intensity (that’s still good).
5 points - Controversial. Inclusion of an asset that has been discussed on FEU or FEUcord but has not been removed from either will net you up to 5 points. If you include something that has outright been removed, you get 0 points.


The following criteria add up to a total of 20 points and are sort of a grab bag.
5 points - Touhou. Continuing the tradition set forth by Markyjoe, you get 4 points if you include a Touhou reference somewhere in your project. You get the fifth point if the reference pertains to one of my favorite Touhou characters, which I will not be disclosing. As I have mentioned before, direct usage of Touhou assets is copyright-safe, but I’ll leave the specifics to you guys.
5 points - Speed. The first five entries done will receive 5 points in this category. Every subsequent entry will receive one fewer point, down to a minimum of -1 points (yeah you read that right). This is only worth 5 points, so don’t push yourselves too hard. If 10+ people actually submit and you care about losing the point that much, hack in FE6 lmao.
5 points - Being a TRPG. I’ll play blackjack if you make me, but I will dock 5 points for it.
5 points - Bribe Rivian. I will award these 5 points to up to 3 projects that Rivian tells me to, but no more than 3. Being awarded these points can cause you to tie for first place, but not surpass first place.

DQ Conditions

Your project will be disqualified if it requires me to do something esoteric to complete, like the enemy control glitch or some rescue staff exploit. I have nothing against these; I’m just stupid and don’t want to learn any new tricks.

You might have noticed by now that these criteria are dumb. Yes. You can work in teams of any size, with the caveat that any user can only be on the team of one project for this contest. Please hesitate to message me if you have any further questions.


Q: are you for real
A: yes I will actually play everything submitted, please do not send me anything illegal or genuinely traumatizing

Q: who’s rivian
A: ur mum

Q: How do I actually submit something?
A: I dunno, as long as it finds its way into my hands, I’m gucc

Q: in true ragefest spirit, do you have a mug for your self insert people can use?
A: (made by TheBlindArcher)

Q: I had a hack lying around in my garage, can I submit that?
A: As long as it hasn’t been submitted to a previous contest thread on FEU, yes.


Sigma, what the fuck are these categories?


Will my hack be penalized for requiring the usage of esoteric mechanics if I bundle it with a hint file you can crack open if you get stumped?


Auxiliary reading materials are fine, but if I forget to read them the submitter will be penalized anyway lmao


erm, what the [fuck are these categories,] Sigma?


what the sigma


what if I just submit vanilla darkling woods but without warp or fliers

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I find these categories about as sensical as any other contest. You have my stamp of approval As much as that’s worth lol

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The deadline will be the end of this year


Anyways here’s my project for SHPC called Any% Speedrun

I’ll also be taking my freestyle points as well

5 points - Speed. The first five entries done will receive 5 points in this category.


5 points - Bribe Rivian. I will award these 5 points to up to 3 projects that Rivian tells me to, but no more than 3. Being awarded these points can cause you to tie for first place, but not surpass first place.


Hacking is just so easy.


I refuse to bow down to Rivian.
I already put Shadow Puzon into MF because of them.
They get no more of my pride lol


Just a quick placeholder post to note that someone has DM’d me the second submission of the contest lol


I have said in Discord that I’ll YouTube stream whatever wins. So I guess it being streamed by a smol FEtuber who focuses primarily on fangames can be the ‘prize’ (@BigMood you’re welcome to add this to the OP if you want lol), tho obvs as Sigma said, it’s the sole judge here, so I’ll have zero input on that

If you’d like the YouTube VOD to continue to exist for posterity, no music that will get the stream taken down lol (demonetised is fine, no one earns anything from ad revenue anyway)


Doesn’t being demonetized still make the algorithm show your stream to fewer potential viewers?

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I have DM’d Sigma my submission, I hope he suffers.

Here’s proof that Rivian gives me free points:



wait a second


@Rivian I think we need you to verify every post from now on just to be safe or to make sure someone didn’t forget you validated their submission


I’m still waiting on a bribe, Emmett…
Why did you leave all my 695 messages on read.


as someone who has played this
he was cooking
cooking fuckin anthrax.


Submitted. These rules are dumb as hell