SUMMARY OF PORTRAITS [here I will have all the portraits that I do, finish, or fix] YOU CAN ALSO SHARE


I did some basic retouching :sweat_smile:



Uh Lyn is great. I like her new hairstyle ^^
But something is wrong with her eyes. her right one is wide open and her left one is more serious.


thank you, I did a little fix



way better :smiley:
what other retouches do you have in mind?


@Limstella If you’re going to be making various post like this It may be best to just make one topic and use that as the base for this.


It’s true, for the next
I will create a summary theme :smiley:


I want to make an older or mature version of the characters FE 6 7 8, but in a way that looks good, not as ruined as some, I also plan to create portraits of characters for FE 6 7 8 that are not there or improve them. :smiley:


do you plan on creating some custom portraits of your own charackters?


W-why is lyn-chan so angry?

I prefer this Lyn more. She’s kawaii.



hahaha I like the most serious styles :blush:


That sounds great. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 10/10 so far.


Today I decided to work with dart and I thought about his relationship with fargus and that’s how this was born that ended up being something more sentimental.

his heritage and memory, Rip Fargus



Old lilina and sue

test :

lilina has 2 versions with sonya base.
and the other 2 are based on the armor of hector.

lilina%20adult%20w lilina%20adult lilina%20armadura%202 lilina%20armadura sue%20prueba

If these ideas can be improved, they are free to contribute :smile
hope you like



with mustache and without mustache !

old%20roy%202 old%20roy


clarine1 old%20klein

Although they look like their parents when they were young jaja


Their must be someone that had hurt her love, that would make her angry.



that’s how I imagined PENT really after FE7 jajaj



test raven



There is something in Oswin that does not convince me, but I hope to improve later



a retouch of marcus