SUMMARY OF PORTRAITS [here I will have all the portraits that I do, finish, or fix] YOU CAN ALSO SHARE


I like the marcus but the cape need an outline. I see nothing wrong with the Oswin.

The Raven could use some work though. His hair id to poofy at the top and his collar could use some shading. His right arm (our left) that could use some cleaning up.


thanks for the advice, I will continue to work with them those details


You’re welcomed. Practice makes perfect.


black%20Zelgius Zelgius

I am still arranging zelgius to be able to use it optimally, this is what I have for now :slight_smile:


old%20ephraim%20blue%20barba old%20ephraim%20green%20barba old%20ephraim%20green old%20ephraim%20red%20 old%20ephraim

2 versions of a mature ephraim
with different tonalities


The bearded one looks okay, but his face is exactly the same, sans the hair. This means he doesn’t look older, with worry lines like Fado. He still has the face of a teenager.


Yes, you’re right, I think I worried a lot about his face.
I did not want it to be the same fado

thanks :smiley:


another retouch, ephraim/ erika, little by little I will implement more things, for now I have this: D!

old%20ephraim%20blue%20barba%202 old%20erika


oh eirika looks great as granny :smiley:
But I think a few wrinkles below the eye would make her better. I had to zoom in a lot to notice the wrinkles near the mouth