Stupid child me!

What is this about?
I thought it could be funny to remember and write down some old stories of us playing FE as children or noobs.
Our first stupid experiences.
Scenarios we encountered before we knew websites like Serenes Forest, before we knew everything about FE games in general.

My story:
FE Path of Radiance chapter 9 (the beach chapter, which allows you to finally recruit Marcia):
As a child I was super certain that I could recruit the pirate “mini boss” Nedata, that eventually joins the map as enemy reinforcement. So I tried so hard to recruit him by checking for a talk conversation with all of my units. Tried defeating him. Tried restarting the map and let him survive. But eventually I had to accept that there was probably no possibility to recruit him.

Your stories:
Maybe some of you have tried the same or have a similar story or something completely different and would like to add it here.


At the moment, I can think of only one story. I was playing Fire Emblem Awakening, my very first Fire Emblem game. I was at the chapter where you rescue Maribelle and Ricken. I completely wasted all uses on my only hammer. Back then, I did not know that those things dealt bonus damage. I knew that the mechanic existed but I thought that the hammer was just an ordinary weapon.

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I didn’t want to use any Sacred Twins on the Demon Lord. They’re valuable weapons, wouldn’t want to waste them. I lost nearly all my units to counterattacks, slowly chipping away health from the Demon Lord, until I finally beat them! It felt truly amazing, that I managed to juuust pull off a victory. Funny thing is though, I knew this was the final chapter, which is why I was willing to sacrifice my units which I had reset to keep alive oh so many times. Yet I still didn’t use the Sacred Twins, possibly because I forgot they were there, in my convoy.

This was my second playthrough.

On the third playthrough I decided to use the stuff I had for a change and noticed how trivial it was to defeat this boss using Sacred Twins.

On the first playthrough, I quit once I realised the ~5 or so units that died in previous chapters were actually gone. I never noticed they were missing until I started looking for Arthur. I couldn’t believe that permadeath was actually a thing, after years of playing Pokémon.

All in Sacred Stones normal mode.


In PoT I always thought that Stefan was non-playable character until I checked Fire Emblem Fandom that he can be recruited by either Lethe or Mordecai in chapter 15.

Mia was close to his stats but still…(Muffled Screaming)

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Let me guess: You were/are also a stat boost hoarder?

“I’ll just save these boots for when I’m in an otherwise impossible to solve situation, yeah!”

Man, I played Sacred Stones back when it was part of the ambassador program for 3DS. I must’ve been at least 15 back then. More like stupid me, me! But yeah FE was just entirely new to me back then.

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First time play Fe7: “Wow Marcus is so strong let him carry everyone else” until Nergal 1hko him then realize that no one can even face him without getting killed after that.


Oh that actually sounds very frustrating.

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Did you not have Athos for dealing with Nergal?

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“Wow, Athos is so strong!”
Sends him against Uhai. Uhai promptly one-rounds Athos

One of my many FE7 gaffes. I didn’t figure out how double attacks work until some time later.


Aren’t we all?

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PoR, 6th grade.

I tried to do a perfect run using all the characters.

The game was ridiculously hard for me after chapter 9/10 (the one where you get rolf and mist) and I slowly made my way to chapter 17. Once I got there I said “forget this” and beat the game in around 5 hours doing the solo ike challenge.

Then I went back to my original saved game (around 37 ingame hours, 70+ realtime at this point), let most of my team die, and beat the game using prepremotes, and it was stupidly easy.

It was then I learned, in 7th/8th grade, that the best way to play fire emblem is to cheese it.


First game was Sacred Stones, and younger me managed to fall into a enough pitfalls to remake the entire bridge map from Tellius.
Featuring classics such as:
-Refusing to use Seth for the first 7 chapters for balanced exp distribution
-Promoting Franz to great knight instead of paladin for that sweet class diversity
-Iron weapons only. Ever.
-I’ll probably need that stat booster later…

None of these are unique, or even uncommon, it’s the sheer quantity of them.


My first game was Binding Blade, and I didn’t know anything about how to play Fire Emblem, so…
I would:

-Have no knowledge of the weapon triangle.
-Overuse and rely on Dieck because he was strong.
-Let Shanna die and not reset because ‘‘low stats = bad unit’’
-Try to kill Rutger, which took me about 4-5 resets before I could finally do it.
-Let a good chunk of my army die, just because.

Those are the few things I can recall of my first time playing a Fire Emblem game, and I just… kind of left it there after clearing chapter 5 and went to play Awakening, where I (kind of) learned how to play properly.


I literally did just not get how playing fire emblem worked at all, like how I did not get that bosses would attack you on their turn even if you did not attack them first. And I always did the stupid thing of not resetting when a unit died and then managing to save over the death. Yeah, I really managed to lose units in the tower first floor while grinding. And because some died in the mainstory, the only semiviable units I had were ephraim, eirika and grinded up amelia. And they just were too weak to kill the demon king before they were killed first.


First time playing FE
Garcia and Ross got obliterated
Ch. 4 and they don’t return
More units got obliterated
Ch. 18 and Seth, Natasha and Eirika are the only survivors
Still waiting for fallen characters to return
Natasha somehow survived without being promoted
Finally promotes and carries the team until the end
Final Chapter
The fallen characters are not going to return, right?

In my defense, 13 yo me didn’t know english that well


Natasha carrying. Now that sounds unique.

Good thing: I alredy was a tenager when i played FE and i have played AW so i understood base mechanics
Bad thing: I also are a retarded, so i did some shit anyways

My first FE was Shadow Dragon and since i played in english and i was very bad with english i sold all my Master Seals because i didnt understood how to use them.

My third FE was Sacred Stones and i just managed to visit every Village with Eirikia, cause i did the same in Awakening (Was my second) because i think it was like in Shadow Dragon.
Also Canto was the most strange thing because a didn understood why it sometimes trigger xD

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My first was awakening and this story was i believe chapter 18 or 19 (first walhart chapter in-front of the palace gate. And at that point i had early promoted robin and i think i kept using an extremely under-leveled Fredrick that i should have probably never used past chapter 13, and had so much trouble getting through the chapter with my weak units that the save has been lost to time. This might be part of the reason why these days i make sure i pick out units early on that i will then grind to LVL 20/1 as soon as humanely possible.


I remember playing FE Awakening and feeding kills to frederick like crazy because I didn’t know what is a jagen.
Then, I get to about chapter 15 or 16 and I realized that, despite having like 10000 kills, Freddy is just level 10 when all the others were promoted lv5 and said “Lower leveled” units had better stats.
At that point I knew I had wasted ridiculous amounts of experience and got traumatized to the point that, until last year’s october, I never, ever touched a jagen again. Not even Seth.