Standardized Portraits and Animations

So I realized I never posted the standardized animations here so I am creating to this one all post for both portraits and animations. Will clean it up as I go and will even provide turtorials explaining what all of this is for to newcomers.

Anyway Master Sheet of portraits

Quick Notes for splicers on Portraits:

Hair is the blue block (yellow is the 4th hair color when needed, tried to stay consistent with this), Primary color is the reds, skin color is [25,14,7]/[30,20,11]/[31,27,17]/[31,31,26], secondary color is purple [13,0,31] and yellow [31,31,7], and the constants are white, border [11,8,12], and the shadow shading [14,11,11].

FE6-8 animations (dragon fa and monsters not included yet, will be done someday >.>)

Key for animations:

Blue colors = the hair

Browns = skin

Red/yellow = Primary Colors 1

Green = Secondary Colors 2

Constants = Purple is the transparency background/ White is [31,31,31]/ Shadow is [5,5,5]

All sprites/portraits came from FEplanet if you wish to see the original and to give credit. Hopefully this helps people create more custom shit for the community.

The exception is the enemy mamkute animation sheet. That came from Bonzai at HTTP://SDB.NEUROPOD.NET (this site domain seems to switched hands since then and it is now, anyway gave credit because his sheet requested it)


fwiw here’s the site’s current domain

holy shit thanks, will edit the credit.