Stable diffusion KlokgenFireEmblemStyle on google colab

I made KlokgenFireEmblemStyle created by Klokinator work with google colab.
Unlike gbafegirl, this AI is characterized by its ability to create frame-like objects.

prompt: solo focus, (quarterbody, frames:1.2), saturated sprite, simple background, 1girl, blue hair, long hair

The “solo focus, (quarterbody, frames:1.2), saturated sprite, simple background, 1girl” part is fixed.
Change the “blue hair, long hair” part and play with it.


prompt: solo focus, (quarterbody, frames:1.2), saturated sprite, simple background, 1girl, blue hair, long hair


While it does generate GBA-style portraits, I just wanted to say that I think this one really shines with Tellius-style at the moment. To those interested, change the (quarterbody, frames:1.2) prompt to tellius-style, halfbody, no frames.

Some examples


Holy shit this is amazing! If those frames mostly align then I bet even someone who doesn’t even have an ounce of talent in spriting like me could get a decent looking portrait! The progress of ai art is both fascinating, useful, and a bit terrifying altogether!


This is absolutely amazing and I’d love to use this as an additional tool to add some portraitless characters to RD in my mod!
There’s a few named characters by Lucia for example, that could do with an appearance.

Another question; Since you got Lyn as a Tellius portrait, would it be possible to RD-ify existing PoR portraits? Such as the feral tiger portrait as an example? Or some PoR bosses that could have survived the war? (Danomill the prison warden for example does not have to be killed to clear the map and thus could have survived)

This is totally awesome! Any other thing I say can’t describe how cool this is.

I’ve been messing around with this tool and am very impressed with what it can do so far. Here are some AI-made versions of Sanctaea Chronicles characters.


Well, I know few people here use or care much about Srpg Studio, but here is an in-game test using one of the Tellius style half-bodies that resulted from the model. No cleaning was done outside of removing the background and downscaling the image to 1/2.

I have to say it again, this is such an awesome tool.


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Welp, finally pulled myself to do something to try this one out.

Obviously another foxgirl to test it out because why would i do something stupid like be original.
That was rather fun, but the frames in the thing are a bit pointless if being resprited anyways. Ah well.

As with the other AI test sprite, free to use as you will and all that. The properly formatted one to come at some point’ll probably replace the pink in her hair with blue, probably. Might do a non-foxgirl variant.


This is cool, but how exactly do I use it? Do I just type the prompt into the box on the linked page? I tried that, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of executable? Do I need to download it?

The usage is the same as this one.
Please read the text as it is explained.

Thanks. I’ve got it working now.

I’m trying to use the Colab again, but it keeps getting stuck on this line with the green arrow next to it:

Scroll down and you will see the log.
Do you see anything written?

Maybe allsync server is slow.
I would like to see VAE also post to civitai, but the author only publishes it to allsync, so it is a difficult problem to deal with.

The log manages to reach this point before the program simply gets stuck