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Im a dumb dumb, I got it to work

Would you mind posting how you got it to work?

I have written how to use it at the beginning of the thread.
If you say there is an error, please detail the error.


Hi 7743, I have been testing it, maybe My prompts are not very good, but I have a hard time getting different racial features in the results, any advice?

Forgot to post this a while ago

AI generated image:

And the portrait I made out of it: (2 versions)
Princess1 Princess2

Also, here’s a tip for everyone: Don’t put “Pegasus Knight” in your prompt or you’ll get some unholy creatures in your image, like this one:


If you can use webui, you can use img2img to get the feature tags from the image.

You can try to find tags from Danbooru, since Danbooru’s tags are the basis.

If you open a png image created by someone else with a text editor, you may be able to see the tags you specified when generating it.
However, since FEU reconverts the png, the tags will be lost, so this is effective for data distributed as zip, etc.


What are the funniest things you’ve generated with this tool?

Excuse me miss, what is that creature on your head

That surreal arm tho



That last one looks like something from Fear & Hunger cept more anime, lol!

Haven’t messed around with it in a while, but I got some weird ones a few months ago.

Popcorn hair:

Cool hairstyle:

And finally:

Nightmare fuel

I have no idea how the last one happened.


Some more Machine Learning Funny Moments
The higher the hair, the closer to Naga

Why is there a tiny human on your head

Haha no pec Steve


I hate to bump this, but it looks like the tool is down again. I know it was working last week.

Maybe it’s because is down.

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Does the tool not work anymore, or did something update that I have to do now?

Join the Repo server. There are more advanced AI tools now. You can ask there

That server is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

You need a good enough computer to run them. This one here is free to use.