[SRPG Studio] Demon King's Heir (Full Game)

Greetings, I’m Lgarabato and I’m the creator of Demon King’s Heir, a complete and fully playable srpg studio game with original assets designed by me!


In the realm of Heldenland, the Dark Forces lead by the evil Demon King have been terrorizing the citizens for ages. Fed up of all the injustice the Dark Forces brought to his home, a young hero departed with his friends on a quest to free the kingdom of them, ending up fighting the Demon King himself and slaying it with his weapon, the Evil Slayer Legendia.

300 years later, the world ha
s experienced great progress and Heldenland has become a prosperous nation, having banished all monsters to live in a wasteland and using military force to keep them there. However, the monsters may have a secret weapon, prophesied after the Demon King’s demise: the Demon King’s Heir.

    1. 26 playable characters.
    1. A story structured in 29 maps.
    1. Modern setting.
    1. Original assets.
    1. Weapon triangle and trinity of magic.
    1. Unlimited uses for weapons.
    1. Classes and promotions.
    1. A more casual adventure in which defeated units return for the next map.
    1. Bonus EXP depending on performance in battle.
    1. Chainsaw-swords and mechs.


The game is available on itch.io for free, along with more information about it.

Feel free to give it a try and enjoy it!


I have played until chapter 5 and the only thing that bothered me was Cancel being in esc intead of in X

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finished the whole game, except a bit of problems with the shop the whole game is doing great (2 mythrilsaw lance for sale, and thought laser blade is a final tier weapon? but it came out pretty soon so sword units happiness

well, from ch20 and on, I just benched nearly everyone and put olivia (buffed with a bunch of dumbells and sneakers, and her passive, which was a big reason I used her hadn’t been active even once lol) (yes another problem about the shop, statboosters are buyable)
and she single handedly stomps the whole game
final boss? -10 damage passive? doesn’t stop her from OTK it

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